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  1. Mentions GnR band how Rose Tattoo influenced them, in this lengthy chat. This is an exhaustive interview for those who wish to explore the history of Rose Tattoo
  2. In this i/v with former AC/DC member and current Rose Tattoo bassist Mark Evans - he talks about how Mick Cocks was asked to replace Izzy in GnR....
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH3GwmlLmvk&t=81s
  4. this was informative - many thanks...
  5. Just found this short video....got me thinking about the influence which bands like Rose Tattoo had on Guns. I never knew that Hollywood Rose covered 'Nice Boys' They and Angel City were a big influence on Axl, no doubt...but how much do you think ? I welcome your comments...
  6. I have flicked through it - have yet to read all of it.....one for the purists...