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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH3GwmlLmvk&t=81s
  2. this was informative - many thanks...
  3. Just found this short video....got me thinking about the influence which bands like Rose Tattoo had on Guns. I never knew that Hollywood Rose covered 'Nice Boys' They and Angel City were a big influence on Axl, no doubt...but how much do you think ? I welcome your comments...
  4. I have flicked through it - have yet to read all of it.....one for the purists...
  5. Dave Evans on recording AC/DC's 'Sunset Strip'

    I like it - shame AC/DC don't really dig into their archives...and release some of it
  6. Dave Evans recalls recording with AC/DC

    It would be great if Alberts released those original records with Dave Evans....