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  1. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Ha! Did a guy get escorted out from your row for almost passing out? You would have been in row 32 I guess. And there was a pretty cool dude and his daughters I guess in the row between us. If so, then yeah that was you guys haha. Nice to meet you both.
  2. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Just got back to the hotel. Here's my review / experience: Took my wife to her first GNR show. I've seen them in '06, '11x2, '12 and '16 (Philly) but she's never been able to make the trip. I was super pumped for her to experience it. Luckily I read the forum late in the afternoon and saw the info on the curfew or we would have missed the first 30 minutes. As it was, ISE started as we were walking to our seats which was a bummer as we couldn't really concentrate on it. Could not believe they were starting at 7:20 - like it was twighlight zone level odd. Settled in during Brownstone. The band sounded fantastic. Axl was on point. Anyone at the Philly show last year probably thought he sounded great then, as did I, but I think he was better tonight. Had no major hiccups and his voice was strong throughout, rasp or no rasp there was strength there. My wife knew the whole Mickey thing and also that some videos of his voice are a bit "iffy", but multiple times she was like "woah". I knew the songs that might sound questionable and he pretty much nailed all of them. Raspy screams throughout - one particular change I thought was the LALD scream seems to be lesss of a "woah" sound and now legit raspy "roar". Axl got an A to A+ from us. Same with the whole band really. Slash was incredible, wife said he stole the show. She's not a huge fan of long guitar jams but she was blown away by the DTJ, Godfather, RQ solos, etc. 2nd time seeing Slash for me and it obviously doesn't need repeating that he's completely incomparable in this band. I enjoyed NuGNR and like ChinDem but Slash is another level altogether. Duff is the man of course and he had good interaction with the band. Melissa sounded really good on backing vocals. I have nothing against frank, but I never saw Steven or Matt, but he seemed fine - doesn't add or take anything away for me. Setlist was great. Black Hole Sun got a warm welcome, as did Rosie. I have the same feelings on the covers as many of us - would prefer taking out a couple and including OTGM and/or Madagascar, but it's al good. It's a long show and people get their money's worth, covers or not. "No one" there wants to hear Perfect Crime, per some comments I've read to drop covers and play deep cuts like perfect crime as an example. I'd love it but the average fan would probably rather hear Rosie. I still think KOHD could be 4 minutes instead of 10, but I digress. Setlist is good. I will echo the sentiments of someone else's post who said the crowd wasn't the best. I didn't have any issues with people being rude, but apart from 2-3 guys near me who were rocking out with me, there was not as much energy as other concerts. Everyone seemed happy and lots of people were dancing, but, for example, the cheers after even some Appetite songs were just lame. The pre-encore cheering was pathetic. Maybe it was just my section (Section A on Slash's side 30 rows back) but it felt a bit.... subdued. But the band didn't let it stop them. So in summary: good setlist, great sound, pretty decent venue, somewhat questionable crowd. Wife was happy, so I'm happy. Done and done.