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  1. That would be the easiest option, but they could also write and record some new songs, or work on those already written. I guess Axl's angry at previous material being released early, or thinks everyone's gonna listen to it free, which is against his principles - which are correct from a working man's point of view. They are making a lot of money from the live shows though, so Axl could give a little extra back, although he probably rightly thinks they give value for money at the shows. Previous material being released early also takes away the elements of surprise and control, that seem important to Axl, trying to be innovative and spontaneous with his live performances; and sometimes resulting in being late or awol; and trying to keep his life and Guns on track during others' severe heroin problems.
  2. Surely they can get a few songs together, even four for an old style EP; supposed to be so many written etc. Otherwise I'm only going if they invite me, and provide a little of their fine living!... Although I enjoyed it this year, and should be another great show there. Don't know if they'll have enough time to play the full 3 hours plus set, going from the norm of being limited to about 2 hours.
  3. L.A. Guns Interesting Song and Video Good Enough for GnR?

    Yeh, all sounds good, with sharp vocals, and slick musicianship. I liked them behind GnR and Crue back in the late 80s early 90s, but haven't followed them much since. Baby Gotta Fever sounds similar to Speed but both good fast-paced songs. Think it's mainly the intro of The Flood... sounds very similar to House of the Rising Sun.
  4. Pretty good new song by L.A. Guns. Wouldn't be out of place by GnR?
  5. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    My latest Guns N' Roses relevant blog post: Up the Duff: Criticising Guns N’ Roses Reason Readers who don’t know or understand my writing over the last decade at the greenYgrey, fmpoetry and here might think I don’t like Guns N’ Roses, and especially Duff McKagan, after my last blog post cited some criticisms. However, they will have missed the point, and one of my biggest motivations in my writing: that everything is criticisable, including your biggest heroes. Kill Your Idols: Just Be Open to Criticising Them Really In fact, I’m following the advice of Guns N’ Roses, or Axl at least, as he once wore a t-shirt with Kill Your Idols (metaphorically, I’m pretty sure, as it featured Jesus on, who’s not around any more; I think Axl’s a Christian too, as he wears big crosses now!) on; a punk message I’m sure Duff will understand, and probably support. I’m also probably influenced by my decade in university, when I was taught to look at issues from all angles. I was always a bit of a contrary rebel anyway. I was at a young impressionable age when punk started, followed by Pink Floyd’s The Wall, then a full on Metal and Rock headbanger, so I don’t know if it was nature or nurture. Unfortunately, Western culture seems to be less open now, partly because of political correctness (somebody’s very offended about everything), and partly because of the openness of social media leading to more crassness and less eloquence, volume rather than quality, therefore making more censorship seem reasonable (I accept that some people may think the same about me; and that I could also sound snobby writing that!) Duff’s My Closest Guns N’ Roses Life Comparison Out of the three autobiographies I read, I think Duff was my most comparable life, as he went to university and took up endurance sports to escape the excesses of the rock n’ roll life, or at least to give him another dimension to his life. Duff has also been working as a journalist, and he and his wife have also been supporting animal welfare issues. Of course, our lives are not equal or comparable really, as he’s one of the stars of Guns N’ Roses and I’m one of the fans, and that’s the way it’s always been; and always will be as far as I’m concerned. Dreams do Happen, but so do Nightmares While it may appear I have an Eminem ‘Stan’ relationship to Guns and other stars, I’m completely in touch with reality; but try not to let it box me in. Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame was a fan who did travel to California (from Denmark) chasing the rock n’ metal dream, and it worked for him! I’ve written several books since becoming a Doctor of Philosophy, achieving my initial ambition to be published (against those who want to make me a failure), and had a little success (for the nice people who want me to be humble), but I know my place in rock n’ metal music is just as a long-term and not very fanatical headbanger. Lars Ulrich went to the right place at the right time. Music and writing are both struggling now, due to the internet, but there are still opportunities, and I’m still doing it… because I love writing, and especially writing about things I love, such as rock n’ metal, and its culture of freedom, openness, escape and dreams…
  6. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Here's some more photos from my time in 1987, and the first page of my diary, previously previewed on my https://travel25years.wordpress.com blog: The passport photo I carried, which was from about five years previously, when I was about sixteen. The first page of my diary, when I write of listening to Guns N' Roses the night before leaving. The cover of The Guns N' Roses Worker-Traveller, published by small press mental health specialists, Chipmunka.
  7. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Thanks Jan. Yes, good to relive the old days, and hopefully there's more new developments to follow... I was there in '91 by the way, and was at Monsters of Rock in '88. I only went on different albums tours, so wasn't as big a fan as you in that way.
  8. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Thanks Jan, Steven was born in '65 too. Duff's a little older, born in '64, while Axl and Izzy are ancient, born in '62!! I read Duff's autobiography last year and thought we had a lot of similarities, as he went to university and took up extreme sports to get him out of the rock n' roll lifestyle: I was of course copying people like him's rock n' roll lifestyle, and was also aware of Aerosmith and Motley Crue going to the gym to recover. When did you get into Guns, and what do you remember from the classic era?
  9. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Yes, for sure, more the better. Hard to believe it was 30 years ago! Never imagined I'd be discussing them on something like this then. Thought I'd just have a concert video to remember them!!
  10. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Thanks soon. Yes, it was special period of my youth, although I regret not being in L.A. when they were emerging, along with all the other great bands there at the time! The U.K. was big on them though at that time, thanks largely to Kerrang magazine, so it seemed like the U.K. was their second home, and quite special to them. At least now you have all the concert videos etc from that time, which weren't around much then apart from in their singles and on MTV; I probably saw most of them the same time as you on YouTube.
  11. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Thanks Gracii
  12. Remembering Guns N' Roses on the road in 1987

    Was reading my 1987 diary again recently as part of blogging it again, and was delighted to see I'd written about being reminded of a Guns N' Roses song over a month after leaving home, having only had Appetite for about a month before leaving, and having been into other rock in a big way for seven years: https://travel25years.wordpress.com/
  13. Are we too hard on Guns?

    Being the coffilosopher who created greenYgreyology (greenygrey3.com) I love both the above comments, and think they are both correct and viable. Having been a fan of Guns since the 1980s I think it's great that they are doing as well as they are, with Axl and Slash playing together, as jmapelian writes. However, as Ronin writes, they have become too much of a commercial band for most people's liking - especially considering their original bad boys street rebels against capitalist exploitation image. Like me, Guns are now middle-aged, and I think they probably think like me. We've taken our minds to the edge, as Van Halen sang in Runnin' With The Devil, and once you know how far you can take it, and if you survive, then in the end you know you have to get out, as Duff, Slash and Steven's autobiographies say; and as happened with the 1950s Beat and 1960s Hippy countercultures. Then the rebellion/counterculture changes with the generations, starting for Guns and similar bands with Seattle Grunge killing most of them off. Now the biggest global conflict seems to be between Western 'capitalism' and Islamist 'religion'. So, I'm not surprised if Guns are choosing to support Western 'capitalism', even if it's not what they really want, but it's the best option available. Plus, records don't make any money any more, because of freely available music; as is the case with writing for me. So, c'est la vie mon Cherie (paraphrasing Pepé Le Pew, Looney Tunes hero, and another thing I like and share about Guns; they've never taken themselves too seriously, even if some of their music has been seriously epic) and try to accept it like me... we've come a long long way (Fatboy Slim 'Praise You') from Paradise City... together... and apart... but always somewhere in memory... for this post has been an example of Guns-inspired coffilosophy!
  14. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I agree with you. I've been a fan 30 years, and I think it's great they are still playing. I was at the Olympic Stadium this year, and while I had mixed feelings watching it, thinking back to when we (Axl, Duff and Slash and I) were young and it seemed like Guns were going to change the world; or die trying!; it was still a great concert with 3 hours of fantastic music, and seemed to be enjoyed by all around me. I only got around to seeing Black Sabbath for the first time at Download last year, and it's probably a similar experience to Guns today. I know Ozzy would have sounded better in his heyday, and been more mobile, but I still loved seeing the band live at last, and hearing all their best known songs. I do think this should probably be the last Guns tour unless there's some new innovations: new music, or Izzy/Steven rejoining. That's my opinion anyway, and I won't be going again until then, but there may be millions of fans who still want to see them, so it's up to the band; it's their life and music, and we have the choice whether we want to share it with them....
  15. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Thanks Nico, I might have got carried away with the general expectations consensus, with the marketing making it seem like a special gig for AFD's 30th. As you point out, it was never clearly promoted as only an AFD anniversary show. I think L.A. would have been the right place for that anyway... or/and London, remembering they were bigger here when Appetite was released, according to the band's autobiographies etc.