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    Cheers Luke, good luck, and shake of hands!

    I couldn't see any references to mygnr fantasy soccer leagues (one for USA football), so set some up at https://fantasy.premierleague.com. If you wanna join, with scoring starting from week 2, as only few hours to deadline, under the Leagues header, go to join or create new leagues, and... The code for joining the classic league (total points over season) is: 748978-921559 The code for joining the head-to-head (play a game against another league team each week) is: 748978-923166
  3. If anybody does the official Premier League fantasy football or wants to start, I created a couple of mygnr leagues, with scoring starting from the second week, as there's only a few hours until the deadline for week 1. The league is at https://fantasy.premierleague.com. Under the Leagues header, go to join or create new leagues, and... The code for joining the classic league (total points over season) is: 748978-921559 The code for joining the head-to-head (play a game against another league team each week) is: 748978-923166
  4. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Wise words, yes, casting couch always been there, and still there in many industries and institutions. Axl seemed narrow minded, selfish, self-obsessed and dictatorial in some ways back then, according to the others' autobiographies, but they were young and in extraordinary confusing circumstances, so to be expected I guess. Also good points, such as being the most dedicated, considerate and faithful at times. Sometimes he didn't see others' needs or complaints, and that meant he didn't understand their rebellion against him, and saw it as treachery!
  5. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    I agree Wasted, Appetite was a pretty fast punky album, reminiscent of other previous 70s/80s rock albums, with Crue a local example, with one ballad among 10-12 rockers, with SCOM the ballad. I disagree with Forbes calling the Stones classic rock. I think they were more pop rock, or blues rock, a whole of the 60s eclectic band like the Beatles, Faces etc. I think classic rock is consistently heavy, starting with Cream, Hendrix, Led Zep, Purple, Sabbath in the late 60s and those who followed in the 70s.
  6. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I play 'soccer' fantasy if you'd/anybody'd be interested in setting up a mygnr league.
  7. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    Sympathy was one of Guns' first covers, seeming to showing who they revered and hoped to emulate; although could also have been the song's social criticism lyrics and theme; same for other songs. Wings: Live and Let Die other U.K. Mama Kin for Aerosmith. Dylan's Knocking another American. Then for Aussie rock Rose Tattoo's Nice Boys and AC/DC's Rosie. Lots of punk etc on Spaghetti too.
  8. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Do you think it was just intelligence? Musical intelligence at least? Or just slack attitude?
  9. Lyric writing tips?

    Yes, agree still been a lot of euphemism around. Is Tutti Fruiti a flavour of My ding-a-ling? Thought second episode of WIA was pretty rad, and as good as SBC's early stuff, even if sad and cringeworthy at the same time at times too.
  10. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    Looks like you hurt Marilyn's feelings!: https://www.loudersound.com/news/marilyn-manson-cancels-toronto-show-due-to-an-unforeseen-illness Eerily, Rob Zombie covered for Marilyn, and it was his documentary I saw about Marilyn's Charles inspiration that dispelled the Helter Skelter myth. More seriously, I think it's good when the 'counter-culture' does something constructive like that, finding the truth in social myths; rather than just wanting to create new lies and myths, or destroy and kill everything, which seems the way its generally going in the social media age! While it may seem an eerie coincidence, they happen all the time. On yesterday's news they had a writer from Salisbury who's in the middle of writing a book about Russian spy poisoning... when all the poisonings happened there... by somebody, with Russians suspected, but I know nothing!
  11. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    Talking of real women, or one woman, Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless have looked promising, with three good bluesy rock albums, although she seemed to have succumbed to anti-white racism on the last album ('I wish I was black'), and a bit too much apparently real devil worshipry, which seems more common than ever now; hopefully it's just the Stones-style rebelliousness! The Amorettes know their rock n' roll history, but are more straight-a-head metal rock. This song's reminiscent of Joan Jett's great I Love Rock n' Roll to me:
  12. Lyric writing tips?

    Jagger talking about lyrics included in BBC doc on last night. Said there was too much euphemism until Dylan and the counter-culture, when he started just saying what he really meant - from want to hold your hand to can't get no satisfaction. Don't know if available outside UK!? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bcmmvl/mick-jagger-whistle-test-special-its-only-rock-and-roll?suggid=b0bcmmvl
  13. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    Yeh, Stones were 60s/70s, Aerosmith 70s/80s, Guns 80s/90s. Maybe grunge killed the bloodline!? Or electronic music (I went to dance for a decade, for some happy hardcore and uplifting trance to escape gloomy grunge, although I liked a lot of the grunge music!). Or industry changes; end of big contracts and publishing deals (don't think Illusion albums would've happened if self-financed - would Axl have crowdfunded?!). There have been lots of good bands since Guns, but for me and how I've viewed it here from a UK perspective, I'd put Kasabian as their closest heirs: for good music, controversy (Manson connection, named after one of the 'family', Linda Kasabian; not that I agree with the Manson family! A recent documentary I saw said the Helter Skelter story was mostly lies and exaggeration by the prosecuting lawyer, who made a mint writing a book about it, although the 'family' did do the murders, although for more menial reasons, showing up society lies and dispelling the Manson genius myth) and impact. Kasabian's first two albums were great rockers, like early Guns, and then they've mellowed since. Unfortunately, for me their mellower stuff hasn't come close to matching the Guns classics though. But still good.
  14. The whining thread

    It's already got an accommodation shortages problem, which is quite amazing considering its location and traditional weather!
  15. Yes, there is a snowboarding route at the moment on the melting icebergs. It is subject to weather conditions. The forecast is for more melted icebergs providing an easier route... until they melt as well !