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  1. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    As I wrote before, I don't think Guns are underrated or overrated, because they're a great band who made it big. I think they fulfilled their musical potential with the Illusion albums, but didn't fulfil their social potential; they seemed like social revolutionaries to the youthful me, who were going to tell the establishment how it really was, and liberate free speech and social equality, until grunge killed it by warring against them, and decades before metoo criticised Hollywood; due to breaking up. I think bands like Faster Pussycate and Love/Hate could claim to be underrated, because they put out some great music but didn't make it big. I think bands who are created by record companies or get a lucky hit are overrated. Underrated definition: underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something).
  2. The UFO thread

    Interesting article about how light affects brain consciousness: https://www.lifecoachcode.com/2017/09/21/scientists-discover-biophotons-in-the-brain-hint-consciousness-light/?fbclid=IwAR3VE8HPHspWlwJNb6x9vPB17omicwPtXKKF0JPvy4t0z0UXi8ORRGIZF0Y Is National Geographic still a good serious source? I didn't know they did UFO docs until seeing this clip:
  3. The UFO thread

    There's a place in the USA where people go to see 'lights' that appear regularly. It was the Marfa lights I was thinking of.
  4. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Did the Wimbledon crowd love 'Coco' Gauff because she reminded them of cocaine? She lost to the first top 10 player she played, vindicating my view that unseeded Putintseva beating #2 seed Osaka was the biggest story of round 1, but was ignored by the media. Gauff seems like a good player and person, but all the hype seems a bit weird... and because of her age, unsettling!
  5. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    Heilung have shown the way:
  6. What Are You Listening To 2019

  7. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    They are one of the best, but not one of the most underrated, because they've received a lot of acclaim and media coverage (cos they know Guns sell!). Some people claim they're overrated, cos the classic(ish) line-up only released three real albums (AFD and the two Illusions), but I think quality is more important than quantity. They rose out of LA Metal (AFD was the best street story album) and took it to a different level - that higher level of epic ballads mostly cos of Axl's vision, life and obsessive meticulousness apparently. I think Motley Crue have released more good songs, but Guns have created more great ones.
  8. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    My latest couple of drawings have an enlightenment theme (the first is also about [my/multicultural fascism] censorship), which Axl and Duff might relate to. I remember Axl was into it way back, while Duff got into it while detoxing. Don't know about Steven and Slash. Izzy seems to have been the most on the straight and narrow for the longest time, and in the slow lane. While I don't feel I can 'preach' to young people because I wasn't always on the 'straight and narrow' Greta Thunberg can, and can continue to if she keeps it up. It may be too 'boring' for most people, for even 'festival goers' are breaking lots of eco enlightenment rules?
  9. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    True about it having nothing to do with feminism, which is kind of my point too, about those who don't care about the real issue/cause, but use it for themselves. I'm arguing there's a difference between feminism and feminism (more the metoo movement to be more precise) being used by some for personal/movement gain. There might be some girls who jump on the grooming bandwagon now, and that would be wrong. As the media generally ignoring it for 20 years was wrong. I think some women probably have genuine complaints against famous people, but there are others who may now be jumping on the bandwagon - seeing an opportunity for money or fame - or just to get one over on a man they don't like!
  10. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    No, it doesn't and shouldn't. There does seem to be a trend though, with footballers (Ronaldo and Neymar) and politicians (Trump etc), and the Guns allegations emerging again here - maybe as retaliation by Trump supporters? It's all becoming a bit of a circus - like race claims to get compo or whites out of jobs/power - and a long way from what it should be: general equality.
  11. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Text book (care, respect, prayers etc) there's an argument about whether halal-style is more humane In reality, there's been lots of cases in the UK where slaughterhouses have been infiltrated by animal welfare people, and awful treatment of animals has been filmed/. Thankfully, slaughterhouses are now required to have CCTV.
  12. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Good overview. Yes, Sterling's got a gun tattoo etc, so should expect more criticism/scrutiny by the media. If you want a nice media coverage, don't play the bad boy!
  13. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    It's when it becomes a 'requirement- a fascism', like in Orwell's 1984, or the McCarthy anti-communist witch-hunt in 1950s USA. It's like Gordon Strachan was suspended from TV work for giving his opinion on an opinion show - his opinion that people should be free to give their opinion!
  14. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Exactly, that's why it's all become a bit 1984 now, with everybody having to talk as the system deems, with the threat of being ousted from polite society for anybody who resists. It's the same with feminism. I support gender equality, but when it becomes a McCarthyist withch-hunt, looking for any male indiscretion to oust him from his job etc, or making up rape charges, then it crosses the line for me, and becomes a parody of itself.
  15. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    Yes, that's one of my gripes with what's happened since Blair's New Labour in the 1990s. The media/Estsablishment have turned the class issue into a race one, without resolving the class issue. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks its 'punishment' for the 1980s strikes that might have spooked the establishment, culminating in the miners' strike. The media tend to focus on race instead of class, whether in the UK or USA: turning things that effect all poor into race issues, omitting the poor whites, such as the Hurricane Katrina aftermath and police shootings in the USA, or Grenfell in the UK.