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  1. This case is very interesting for my work. In line with my current evaluative understanding; that the Axl is a contrarian law unto himself paradox; I propose that the doctor told him to rest, so he played. Seriously, I think it shows that Axl and Guns want the best for the fans, and doing a normal length concert for most bands under the circumstances, was fantastic. Seriously with some psychological profiling from reading the others' autobiographies, there were times Axl just didn't turn up for concerts, or didn't turn up until very late, and I think that was probably because he felt that he 'had' to play. If people had told him not to play, he'd probably have made sure he did!!
  2. British Politics

    I think Faster Pussycat foretold the Brexit story in their Wake Me When it's Over album. I was just going to post the album title at first, but then saw a lot of the songs fit the Houses of Commons and Lords, and Brussels and EU governments, story too!:
  3. British Politics

    You're wasted here!
  4. British Politics

    In the future this age will be known as the wasted years. I will remember them well.
  5. British Politics

    To remember the pterodactyls, watching Warbirds is not enough. To remember the pterodactyls, you must be the pterodactyls. Then, and only then, will you be the grasshopper who remembers pterodactyls.
  6. British Politics

    Grasshopper, how is it you don't remember the pterodactyls?
  7. British Politics

    BOC: Blue Oyster Cult?
  8. British Politics

    I experienced one last night, watching Warbirds: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1047544/ It's a pretty good TV movie. It only scores 3.3 on IMDB; bit of rhyming 33-DB beat poetry (Kerouac was my hero!); continued with poetry; but I'd give it 7.5.
  9. British Politics

    I want Beowulf back! AAA research note: Ritchie Blackmore is perhaps the closest guitarist personality to the Axl vocalist. Can you imagine trying to manage a band with them in?
  10. British Politics

    I wish! In most respects, but not the whale-hunting!!
  11. Victoria's Secret is...

    Thanks for your responses. I searched VS on here before posting and the only previous mention was in a Woman's Group discussion about Stephanie Seymour. Had forgotten that link. Another thing Axl and me have in common! I also recently found out Axl liked Moby's Animal Rights album, and messaged Moby to tell him he'd been listening to it while driving around at night; included in the latter's Porcelain memoir. There's also a discussion about it on this site, after I searched here after reading it. Surprising what you find out about people when you become their agony aunt!!
  12. Victoria's Secret is...

    … the topic for my latest poem, mixed with guilt for environmental conservation, but no guilt for admiring the beautiful women. What do you think? Human Beauty Secret Guilty, Distraction from Njörðr Horror slim female blondes are my gods in human form sun of storm shining light worth the fight to live on, our dying planet watch it corrode destruction code waves carry waste fishy bad taste we kill life plastic pollution knife https://fmpoetry.wordpress.com/
  13. British Politics

    Sounds a winner, especially the Mario hat; make your fortune before launching the revolution, so you'll be one of the 'comfortable equals'!
  14. British Politics

    Yes, Cowell will have been 're-educated', and be in the middle of the judging panel with fellow re-educated capitalist bad boy Philip Green. Corbyn and Abbott will be either side, looking smugger than ever, in their 'I'm rich but hide it better, holier than thou way!'