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  1. British Politics

    Your discussion might have unconsciously inspired my latest Folding Mirror poem. Thanks! Armistice Soldiers’ Centenary, Community Politicians’ Buffoonery keep on depressing with all your messing pushing down, down, down no more playing the clown keep straight face now do nothing might raise brow hide your emotion, restrain joyous commotion still in basement without exit despite sign marked Brexit people voted to restore identity democracy, democracy, democracy sincerity we are not amused you seem confused https://fmpoetry.wordpress.com/
  2. Guns N‘ Roses Tattoos

    Got this in 1984, so not GnR inspired. Think it was Rose Tattoo inspired though, as just explained on their Facebook fan group: Got my first tattoo when I was 18 (paraphrasing Scarred for Life)... in 1983. The first two including a snake, but I don't think too Rose Tattoo inspired. This one was in the second pair batch the next year, and was inspired by RT, who had my favourite tattoos of the time, and were the only rock-metal band I knew had it as their central theme. I didn't go for a RT tattoo, and just chose off the wall, but pretty sure they were a part of my choice.
  3. Joy: Jennifer Lawrence

    I wouldn't have gone to the movie theatre to watch it, but I haven't been for years, and just went to big special effects ones towards the end. Agree it's not very Chrismassy, although quite a heartwarming story; if the end had them all around a Christmas meal and opening presents it might have done it; as Die Hard just had him going home for Christmas really!

    No surprises next week, international week, so no games! Should beat Leicester next game. Chelsea v Man. Utd should be interesting! Torreira supposed to be good as holding player in Arsenal team. But still work in progress, as you say.
  5. Joy: Jennifer Lawrence

    Thanks soon. Yes, to keep believing in yourself and trying. Sometimes you don't reach your intended destination, but you enjoy the journey, and find somewhere better for who you are by the time you arrive.

    Yeh, I think partly that, since Bosman ruling; and partly owners or franchises that want it as their toy, or global business franchise. The quick fix works sometimes, like Palace last season, but doesn't others, like Sunderland. I think there's always been a bit of both, but now the quick changes are the norm, whereas years ago they were the anomalies: like Clough at Leeds! Hopefully Bielsa is doing a good job now at Leeds, but Monk's doing well at Brum, so could have still been doing well at Leeds, after he left when they just missed the play-offs! But then he didn't do well at Boro, and was out quickly. Like most things in life, I don't think there's a golden rule, and it's a case by case basis really. I think the norm should still be a couple of years though. I think it takes that long to build a team and your philosophy.

    I did the same with Kane! Transferred him in instead of Hazard, partly because Aubemyang a doubt, and partly cos home game. So transferred Kane for Aubemyang: Kane didn't score and got booked, Hazard got goal and assist, and after just getting bits and pieces in the league all season Aubemyang came on looked why I had him in from the start: got 2 goals and an assist!! I've been raving about Hazard for years, and thought about bringing him in before their Cardiff game, but would have cost extra transfer, and didn't have any injuries so didn't bother! In real football, yeh, Chelsea starting so well under Sarri after poor last season has been a surprise. Still think City have too much of a squad to lose it, although Chelsea not being in Champions League helps them.
  8. Joy: Jennifer Lawrence

    Joy. Another strong working-class female role by Jennifer Lawrence, like Winter's Bone; the USA's Jodie Whittaker (new Dr. Who tonight). Good entertaining movie too, providing inspiration, although don't know how often such success stories can happen! Good role model though.

    Yes, I think so usually, like in the old days, but not like that at most clubs now.

    Yeh, he's a decent manager, done well last season. Victim of circumstances a lot of it, as you've discussed elsewhere, owners just buy and sell who they want. Villa fans like those from about 30 clubs who want to be Premier League top 4 or 6: like Ipswich with McCarthy last season, and now he's gone they're in relegation zone!

    Maidenhead United? Currently 16th in National League after home 0-3 loss last game!
  12. Big Slash Love-In Interview on Louder Sound (Classic Rock)

    Thanks, I hadn't seen that one.
  13. Big warm interview on Louder Sound (formerly Classic Rock) with Slash talking about old times, the reunion and future. Said Axl's recorded loads of stuff they want to get into, and they could continue endlessly, taking over from the Rolling Stones, as discussed here on this forum this year: https://www.loudersound.com/features/slash-interview-rejoining-guns-n-roses-lemmys-last-days-and-the-metoo-minefield
  14. Rose Tattoo in Fine Form

    Tatts have returned to Oz and played a great homecoming gig at the Corner Hotel last night. Just found this older video of them playing Whole Lotta Rosie. Guns of course have WLR and Tatts' Nice Boys as staples of their sets, so here's one cover band covering the other of Guns' favourite Aussie bands to cover! The vocals are a bit disrupted at the start, but improve:
  15. British Politics

    Canada is where the British patriots went in North America after American War of Independence, and still part of Commonwealth, so probably the most British country outside UK. French were also there of course, and some parts still very French: Quebec has a history of seeking French independence, with French the first language. I've only been to Vancouver, which was really nice. Weather there is also quite British. Gets colder further north and east. We're at about the same latitude, but Britain gets warmed by the Atlantic gulf stream. I don't know if you'd get benefits in Canada, or maybe even a work visa, as I got for Australia in 1989, and I think you still can, if right age - under 25 it was then I think. I think that unless you've got a job, or are looking to work hard, or desperate to see other places, you're better off staying in U.K., and your locality in the U.K. Life's usually easier where you are, and used to being, unless you've got some local troubles, and need to get away!