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  1. State of Grace is definitely a demo.....like a few of the other leaks has fabulous potential for a final mix. It's a bit of a departure for GNR but makes perfect sense considering the line up and where Axls head was at musically at the time. Fact is CD could have been a fucking masterpiece had tracks like scraped, rhiad, shacklers and a few other tracks been swapped out with Atlas. Perhaps, State of Grace and Hard School.
  2. Cool track....reaches for similar airspace as The Blues, & Estranged. Definitely can see a Bowie/Elton/Glitter Rock influence on this track. Has potential with the right final mix but seems to be lacking somehow. Was in a way similar to what I'd expected with this track. Hard School>Atlas without a doubt.
  3. Imho there's nothing boring about Hard School. It sounds like it would fit alongside YCBM & Estranged nicely on UYI 2. In some ways HS sounds like a mix of those two song's vibes. Guitar work is totally sick, especially the solo and outro and when Axl turns it up, the song evokes more YCBM and OTGM vibes I dig this song lots. A finished mix would likely sound cool as hell.