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  1. any album released under GNR moniker with Slash on it WON'T have Frank on it. Take my word for that. will Fortus remain the sole post UYI era memeber left behind, I doubt but we will see. Fact, as long as they tour with Frank - they are nowhere near finished or near the studio.
  2. Funny how all these years Ax thinks of himself as this 'cool' rock star, who is untouchable and doesn't want to deal with the rest of the world, hence even give interviews... yet, every news that comes out about GNR is kind of news that 90% of the 5 year olds wouldn't do or make them look adolescent compared to Ax/band/TB...who not. on the side note...If CD is THE most productive Ax came up with '95-2008, I couldn't care f...ing less about leaks/no leaks or any other material he came up with in that period. That is like being a Pumpkins fan and wanting to hear unreleased Zwan stuff. I made it through listening to that cd TWICE, don't need anything else from that era that wasn't good enough to make it onto that cd.
  3. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    bring the on the band that has the b..ls to be the best in the world - as it once was. Ax/Slash/Duff/Sorum/Iz (Gilby)/Dizwald That band has power and edge. It will not have to hang on to 10 covers a night because it will have the power and knowhow to play every song off GNR catalogue better than any Frank/Fortus/Mel whoever. It will be the band that will have potential to let Slash explode even more and let Duff and Axl have less pressure and more confidance than they do now. It would be the band of cameradie and charisma, bottom line - it would finally be the band with no limits, band called Guns N Roses. No alibi, no excuse. Do or die. The band that has it and doesn't care. Band that turns to gold everything it touches because they KNOW. Saddly, Steve just can't put up. Too destroyed mentally for any long term plans. No guest spots, no circus. Just BAND.
  4. they did, but all GNR albums that had Loaded Duff had Ax/Slash/Iz/Steve/Matt too and we had what we had. On the other hand, Loaded had only Duff and it was what it was...
  5. 'the experience makes me wise'. and, oh, yes...Marc Canter telling how records were made, here on this forum did it occur to you who played on UYI II and the only record with GNR moniker post UYI? Sure they have unfinished business, but the puzzle ain't completed yet. ...or why do you think the only post (half)reunion song they released was again - the one with old line up? maybe, just maaaaybe they don't think the material they have has the brilliance of 85-94 stuff!? Slash (minus Myles) can be brilliant, but he needs more than Loaded Duff and chinese Axl to bring the band to GNR level.
  6. between us, themselves and brand GNR, I don't really know who was insulted most with this half assed reunion nostalgia pathetic tour. this is like watching a fuckin' bio pic with semi well choosen actors. the songs sound familiar, the singer doesn't look or sound like himself, the guitar player is Slash, Duff plays bass but what the hell is the rest of the scene!? 85-94 band had - ATTITUDE! ...and CHARISMA.
  7. Bottom line - there is a huge difference between how we 'the die hards' see the band and everyone else. Truth be told, all GNR authentic stuff that rattled the world had Izzy on it. Once everyone was gone and Ax thought he was GNR it resulted in an EPIC train wreck. When Iz left, happens, he left on his own terms - I could understand, they got Gilby and I saw 91-94 still as a band. Now Iz not being there and no Gilbym 57 guitarists down the line and Fortus in the band, I see them as Ax/Slash/Duff playing tributes to GNR in a revolving door/everyone gets a chance to play. If they could not make things work out with Iz, they should have continued with the band Duff/Slash left. I see some ppl argue Duff or Steve being more vital. Hell, on UYI's Sorum sound was more vital than Duff. Take a listen, YCBM, Double talkin jive, Back off, Perfect crime, Dead Horse, Breakdown, Locomotive... Nonetheless, I don't see this line up being able to pull together an album on the level of AFD-UYI and honestly, despite Du$$ money hunger - I think he kinda admits that. 4 years down he says for the first time 'didn't work out this tour'. On the other hand, between playing on or recording, I don't see them doing the later. whenever Ax tix sales went down - he always pulled out the line up trick.
  8. sorry 'bout that. didn't see the other poster. cheers!
  9. actually now.. Duff downplayed it quiet a lot. There was a march with a 100k+ nazis recently. You realize how big Poland is? https://www.euronews.com/2019/11/11/polish-far-right-groups-march-in-warsaw-on-independence-anniversary
  10. well...uhm...I do have all of Duff's solo stuff, but unlike Slash, other than Dark Days and Neurotic outsiders, his career is pretty mediocre to say the least... Pesronally Gilby had best post GNR stuff after Slash
  11. you do realize 'hated, lasted, 30 years...', you talk in past tense, right? everything here everyone is talking about is pure speculation. Fact Iz, when asked, Iz did not say I am not there because it is too big, I don't like them, I don't like touring - he said they didn't want to split the loot equaly and there we stand now.
  12. and what does that say about him not wanting to tour being fullfledged GNR member? NOTHING! it is one thing playing 200 cap clubs and pulling the band on your back, and totally other playing stadiums, earning millions and being significant part in a major puzzle
  13. where the fuck did that idiotic myth come from that everyone keeps repeating about 'Iz not wanting to tour'? LOL, Axl's mouth! Pay the man what he is worth and he will be there tmw.
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    that pretty much sounds like a diss. Just not sure whome. Matt? Slash? Duff? There was least interaction between Gilby and Duff post GNR years. On the other hand, always thought Gilby was least druged during GNR years. He seemed like light drugs type of guy. Maybe that stoned look in Move to the city Tokyo video +1
  15. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    they pretty much always relied on Flea - Chad axes. Kiedes lyrics rarely more than average, maybe 20 or so songs he really bothered going for more than heeeeeeyyyyy hooooooo, this is what I saaaaayyyy hoooooo'. Guitarists? Studio versions of Blood sugar, Soul to squeeze, Californication are decent, but the rest and live versions, rather meh.
  16. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Shitty band, Frusciante the MOST overrated player ever. He can't be placed in the same sentance with Slash, Sambora, Marc Ford, Rich Robinson, Joe Perry, Billy Corgan, Matthias Jabs...you name it... RHCP Blood Sugar + Californication (neither of which aged well IMO) + Raindance Maggie and about few hundred Heeeeeyyyyy Hoooooo this is what I say hooooooo' type songs. Rather irritating.
  17. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    Boy how much he hated Slash...I could never imagine him anything to do wth Axl, would Axl ever talk to Slash, not to mention play in the same band. He banned me once I posted a first hand story I was told by Gilby a night before about Axl reaching out to all in 2006. First he asked me for proof, when I said it was an 'first hand experience', he asked fr more proof, Then a guy said he happend to be a the same show and overheard this conversation too, few days later, he brought in one of his mods who ate ice cream with Gilby a week later in totally different country and they both said 'the story ain't true cause Gilby would have told the same thing to this ice cream guy'. Both me and the guy from the concert were accused of spreading rumours and our comments erased. Both from there on he hysteriacally jumped on every sentence I said till he banned me for good.
  18. Has Izzy retired?

    he did pretty much 1991. But do expect to see him back once tix sales begin going down and new record will have to be made. Is it coincidental that the only post reunion single was Shadow and not any CD left over.
  19. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    he is the biggest nut out there, hands down. One of the biggest goofs or clowns that you can see on any board anywhere. He had the board that had the biggest number of registered members out of all GNR boards waaaaaay back. He claimed his board is entirely 'neutral' and 'very pro Guns', with no connection to Axl. Around the time VR started, he seemed to have completely lost it. From ex members, he diverted topic to VR (seperate topic) and ex members (another topic), fair enough. However, from there whenever someone said pro former members and vs Axl, the guy would go crazy. Insult posters, band members, threaten to ban you 'cause this is my board and I can do what I want'. True stories began to be subject of bans and anything Axl ever said was a 'holy grail'. He still claimed all the way not to have any contact to Axl or management, although he begun posting backstage pics from Axl solo shows. He insulted Slash/Duff/Iz/Gilb/Matt/Steve beyond belief. Eventually he lost it one morning and banned everyone who ever took side of Slash/Duff/Matt/Iz/Gilb. He claimed to be happy because people lately called him - Hitler and now he got rid of 1/2 members. Complete psycho! I trully belive he began leading Axl life from a certain point. Amount of nonsense he said or did became EPIC! p.s. he earned the nick dictator around the time this shit started but claimed 'we live in democracy and he can do whatever he pleases with his board', so he began with bans to everyone who disagreed. He is really a douche... Jarmo(ron)
  20. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    the question I would mostly look foward to is if Slash would ask Steve about Neurotic outsiders sequel
  21. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I really, really, can't belive how many times a day pple write the words 'new music' and how many times a day they are devestated there is no news of such. Face it once and for all - there is no new music in forseeable future! When there is work done, there is usually some sort of build up. There is not a vague sign they are doing something other than rehearsing new covers here and there. This is solely a touring band that stands there to keep the cash flowing in. will there be new music? possibly. when? god knows. fact is, this line up can't produce anything UYI worthy, for there would be something here by now and they obviously don't want to record another epic failure just for the sake of touring when they can do that anyway.
  22. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    they can end it zillion tines - it is called NOT in this lifetime, ain't it?
  23. What Made Guns N' Roses Special?

    where do we start? - Axl performance in Berlin 2018 - Axl's performance in Rio 2011 - musicians wearing more make up and mascara than girls in the entire average club on friday and a guitar player putting a McDonalds fries bucket on his head - Frank's drumming - Mel's green hair - First 2019 Dead Horse performance Fuck 86-93 GNR, that was just rock, this is THE show! Doesn't get much MORE ridiculous than this Shit! ...I forgot...Team Brazil, my bad! That is THE key ingrediant + laundry bags