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  1. Led Zeppelin wins Stairway to Heaven case

    there is no court verdict hat can change the opinion of what I hear with my own ears. no court needed there
  2. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Matt is a great guy and probably best fit for GNR ever (that UYI + TSI sound was the most ideal IMO). I met him during VR 2005 tour too. While all members were escorted to the cars through security guys, Matt came out to the parking lot and took time off till every fan got pic, autograph, answer to the question they asked or whazever it was they needed/wanted. IMO with Gilby, the most modest GNR '85-'93 member
  3. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    I have no need for 1992 Axl, 91 or 93 would do just fine. However, I would be really thankful for unpredictable setlist or 1992 line up.
  4. soooooo let's put it this way...you play a guitar, right? write music, form a band and you put everything on a dice in order to suceed. you become an addict/get clean, play in the biggest band on the planet, play stadiums earn millions and you decide to be the first in 37 others who leave a crazy singer. Few years and like 37 members down the line the singer says 'oh, he didn't like touring'. I mean for real... do you buy that shit? Slash was always my fav Gunner, but if I had to belive the truth, it would be the one from Iz/Matt/Gilby.
  5. don't know bud. I liked UYI's more. All around. AFD was more sophmore, UYI more mature, more powerfull, better mix.
  6. and you never screamed 'wheeeeeereeeeee is Izzzzyyyyyyy'?
  7. North American Tour Dates Announced

    what is the new fav word in axl universe...not in this lifetime?
  8. North American Tour Dates Announced

    ...Iz had much greater role in AFD - UYI era studio than he had on stage. Although, Dead Horse Rio intro will never be topped, unless Iz returns. There is no Rich who can fulfill those shoes
  9. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Drummers, songs...it is a matter of taste. I consider Matt + Adler = GNR. Everyone else - revolving door. For me GNR stopped with UYI and TSI. CD was (failed) solo project. But anyone can have the opinion they want. Peronally, Slash and Duff if they release the album, they need to make the one of AFD or UYI heights, which iMO requires old line up, as I said, it is not random the only post 'renion' song was SOYL, the one from very GNR begining. Now if they want a propper GNR album - comes down to Izzy and Matt (Steve, we can all agree on, for mental and physical reasons, is not a long term solution. Unfortunately.). If that wasn't so, slash and dufff would have stitched up an axl vault song a long time ago and slash would not go record and tour with smkc in his free time.
  10. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Axl was always there but they still created 4 masterpieces in like 5 years. And nothing authentic since coming off UYI tour. Now it is still Ax/Slash/Duff for 4 years ,yet the only new stuff - a song from original line up. A plain will just ain't enough. Can they do it? Yes, but IMO it requires rebooting to '87-'93 era.
  11. North American Tour Dates Announced

    that is fair, but there is always a BUT...song idea is one thing, completed song requires the input from the whole band and a chemistry a band does or does not have to complete the song/album from the basics. Neither song of UYI/TSI would have sounded the way it did was Matt not on the album. YCBM, Breakdown, Coma, DTTJ, Dead Horse, Back off...you name it - killer drums through and through. Neither song of AFD/UYI's wouldn't have sounded the way it did was Izzy not on them. Could someone else have played? Sure but the result would had not been same. After all, these albums are the reason we are all here, surely not Lies and definitely not CD. There is a chemistry that a band requires to have, when they have that flow - they can record magic in any freakin basement in a weekend time. When they don't - we have what we've got now - Slash goes and creates stuff with SMKC in his off time. Take a listen to TSI and the flow that band had. The energy you hear in Slash/Gilby playing. Hell, Canter adressed how all GNR albums were made here on this forum years ago, go dig it and you will figure out why nothing is happening.
  12. North American Tour Dates Announced

    don't you think there might be a reason there is no new album with this line up in the first place?
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    ...Dave Koushner...what a badass guitar player!! It is one of the biggest unjusticies that guy got to shne on the music scene for like 4 years. Seriously a badass guitarist. Much worse guitarists out there are labeled as 'legends' and 'icons'.
  14. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    When VR was came around, my first thought was 'how bad of a fit Scott was live to Slash/Matt/Duff combo'. Now with ridiculous singing Axl, who can barely move on stage, Scott looks like totally different universe energetically compared to Ax 2020. Slash/Duff/Matt was GNR, Dave MUCH better fit to Slash than Rich (although he is not Gilby/Iz) and Sctt was talented cool frontman, despite the demons he fought with. Although, frankly, VR was neither GNR nor STP. First 3 STP albums were much more Scott than VR was. It was like 2 different styles combining to create a third. When it comes down to Slash, his ideal style for me was UYI/Snakepit sound.
  15. North American Tour Dates Announced

    unfortunately, it will tak A LOT more than just Slash and Axl to record a UYI standard album. This line up doesn't have it.
  16. Dust In The Wind

    I woul have preffered more if they played part of Kansas version...Kinda like they did with Imagine
  17. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Maaaaaybeee, just maybe they keep their members until they leave on their own terms or unless mutal break up is inevitable, where GNR have the best line up possible and become a revolving door for 30 years. Also, Stones have the best fitting members possible, where anyone can play in Gunners as long as they don't cost much. As you see, I didn't even go into Axl's and Mick's vocal abilities or Not in this lifetime ending setlist... That is the short summary
  18. The "New Album" Thread

    cause only then even Ax would have to admit publicly that only Slash is on the heights or better with the 85-93 line ups
  19. The "New Album" Thread

    I said it in the previous post and there is no need to repeat myself. As for trolling, scroll back and rethink who is trolling who (not only on this topic. 90% of my post have your reaction. so much for trolling). Guess delussion is the word.
  20. The "New Album" Thread

    you really like to give yourself importance, don't you?
  21. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl, you were never a good comedian, but I hope you feel better now defending your puppy...
  22. The "New Album" Thread

    again...it is the basics...pretty selfexplanetory causing the problems
  23. The "New Album" Thread

    Ok Frank the click, what are you buthurt now about!? you didn't get the basic, I explained it and now you feel bad for not understanding the basics? its ok, if you didn't learn preautomated drum parts for 15 years, on eversame setlist, I didn't expect you will get / understand what said in that upper post, still, no reason to be offensive. as long as you hear the clicks...
  24. The "New Album" Thread

    glad you figured
  25. The "New Album" Thread

    I thought it was pretty selfexplanetory...but I will explain it further. Frank is so shit, imagine what he would sound like w/o click track. ie. Unlike Sorum/Adler, it is all automated and planned out and Frank still manages to sound like one of the worst drummers the world has ever heard off playing in a half serious band. Good now? Frank, there had been stranger things said before, though, posters now do know who is hiding behind the nick.