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  1. Agreed. Ripping on them for playing their hits? People would be pissed to buy a ticket and not hear Night Train. What a complete moron.
  2. New Slash's signature guitars

    The aged ones will be pricey.
  3. I bet that they all take time off to work on individual projects after the tour. I think Axl will release some CDII stuff under his own name while Slash does a new album and tour with Myles.
  4. What does that even mean? I'm sick of people throwing around the insult "snowflake". Fortus is a FANTASTIC guitar player. Is he as good a writer as Izzy? No. But is he a "snowflake", or in other words, some kind of pussy? What are you on about?
  5. For the KISS fans, here's an excerpt from Gene's audio book of his autobiography read by the man himself. This section deals mostly with his relationship with Ace. It is unintentionally hysterical and a must listen. Enjoy...
  6. To be fair, that KISS coffin doubles a beer cooler.
  7. The big 3 ARE Slash, Axl, and Duff. Izzy quit in the 90's. when he did, EVERYONE still considered the band GnR. If you think different then you probably weren't there. There was a GnR without Izzy then and there's a GnR without Izzy now. Deal with it.
  8. Because the songs are good, it's the production that sucks. Can you not see the difference between an over-produced multitrack recording and a live performance?
  9. UYI I & II were an attempt to clear out the vault. According to Slash's book, Axl wanted to release everything they had up to that point. So, yeah, there're some less than perfect tracks. I think of those records like the Beatles White Album: some are masterpieces and some are throwaway tracks. The White Album is still a classic though, just like the UYI records. as for Tommy, I've never met a Replacements fan that also loved GnR. Not saying they aren't out there, just that they're rare. It makes perfect sense that Tommy isn't in love with every GnR track. Big deal. Are any of you guys musicians? Don't hammer a man because he took a gig.