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  1. Exactly. The singing suites the song. It shouldn't be any other way. The vocal delivery is perfect.
  2. Thanks for clarifying! The drumming on the leak still has a much better groove. Too many layers in general going on in the official version.
  3. The drumming on I'm Sorry is much better than Frank's CD version. Listen Frank's 1/8 high hat pattern vs Brain's 1/16 pattern. Brain also throws in open hi hat notes. Brain's drumming has a lot more soul. The strings in the background and louder echo/reverb effects on the drums give it a Portishead meets Pink Floyd vibe. Too many layers of Axl on the CD version, too many layers of other things… should've kept it simple and stripped down. Only a guitar accompaniment on the verses is missing from this version. I like the loud synth effects ebbing and flying through the verses as well.
  4. CD 2008 vs CD 2001

    2001 with the rockers: Oklahoma Me & My Elvis Quick Song D Tune Circus Maximus Prom Violence Curly Shuffle The Rebel Zodiac Devious Bastard
  5. Exactly. A solo option was the best.
  6. Should've just released this as a solo album and it would've been smooth sailing
  7. All the songs on this version sound way better. There's breathing room and the right elements are more pronounced. Thanks to the mix, the transitions in Atlas are smoothed out compared to the previous mixes, making it much more coherent. Best versions of Rhiad, Catcher for sure. Adding Bumblefoot and more layers were a big mistake. This mix is great
  8. Agreed. They spent too much time polishing turd songs pre-Bucket rather than building the band from Bucket onward. They should've deleted pre-Bucket rockers such as IRS, Chinese Democracy, Rhiad, etc. Keep some of the Axl ballads and mid-tempo songs
  9. The opening guitar chord sounds like the same chord from Quick Song at 0:54, but transposed. Some similarities between Quick Song and Soul Monster
  10. Soul Monster, Zodiac and Quick Song sound like compositions originating from Buckethead.
  11. Scrap the previous stuff… should've done albums based on Bucket material… aaaah
  12. Obviously unfinished. A completed version would be a good release in the mid to late 90s. This whole period should've been published as an Axl Rose solo project. It would've been successful and well received à la Ozzy or even Foo Fighters. Could've published a lot more music and forged a new path. Should've called the band Killers n' Kings.
  13. Agreed. 1st minute is very strong, then a plate full of copy pasta. That combined with a key change makes for a really jarring transition.