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  1. Is anyone selling any lithographs?
  2. This might have a better mix maybe
  3. I'll try and upload tomorrow
  4. The sound system at download was pretty bad anyway
  5. So they played it's so easy and welcome to the jungle, i'm surprised they didn't close with Paradise city
  6. It would be interesting to see Axl on the Graham Norton show haha
  7. Sounds better than Rock in Rio
  8. https://www.sky.com/watch/channel/sky-arts/download-festival
  9. It says highlights so i presume a song or two
  10. Fernando was in charge of everything to do with the boxset right?
  11. Where's all the people who were moaning about Axl's vocals now? ha
  12. All you people moaning about Axl's voice should go get a life because he sounds amazing.
  13. Axl sounds amazing atm This i love sounds amazing
  14. Has Axl been reading the mygnr comments because he's starting singing the "That's the spot where you might linger" line aha
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq0TeWUeSOE Awesome
  16. Anyone got the Guns N Roses Making F@kin' video's?
  17. There's no wonder why this forum gets a bad reputation, it's just full of trash talkers who don't have all of the facts or barely any at all haha