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  1. Yeah they call it ‘variable pricing.’ So lame...
  2. Yeah I think they sold a certain amount of the $400 ones then when those ran out they started selling $495 ones. No difference in perks from what I can see.
  3. I could use a nightrain code too if anyone else isn’t using theirs. $475 us rediculous for early entry but I’d do the $175 if I could
  4. What’s the $495 early offer? I’m seeing a $400 and a $495 option...
  5. Both me and my buddy got waitlisted. Knew it was too good to be true that I just happened to be in LA from Chicago for PWG’s BOLA and they just happened to be taking a day off Saturday between shows.
  6. GnR Pinball Machine

    If anyone is interested in the poster I’d entertain offers. Would certainly look cool framed next to the actual machine for those who have one.
  7. GnR Pinball Machine

    They’ve got the machine at the pinball hall of fame in Vegas and they were even selling an original poster advertisement of it they had for charity. Picked up this bad boy:
  8. Not to pry, but how certain of that are you? I can book flights for $49 each way right now I’m Thursday out Saturday and I’m tempted to pull the trigger.
  9. Is the day of the week known yet? I might fly in Saturday out Sunday one weekend and just buy a one day pass if they play on a Saturday.
  10. According to Blabbermouth they are playing the first weekend. Not sure if they have that wrong though.