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  1. Don't Cry Cover

    woaah they are really good buddy, are you a professional singer ?
  2. Don't Cry Cover

    oh do you have your own covers? if you do you should share them
  3. Don't Cry Cover

    oh ok got it now. it was pre-recorded sample that we used. we did not play it we just placed it in song.
  4. Don't Cry Cover

    Thank you ! Well, actually i don't understand your question ? I really don't know anything about drums, my friend just did it i just recorded vocals and acoustic guitar, then he did the rest. we recorded it part by part, instrument by instrument.
  5. Don't Cry Cover

    Thanks again ! acoustic guitar and vocals belong to me. electro guitars and drums belong to my friend
  6. Hi guys, me and my friend just made a cover of Don't Cry. We don't have a clip or kind of a video, this is just audio. this is not karaoke by the way, all instruments were recorded by us. I hope you enjoy it, thank you
  7. Ask Staff Anything!

    Thank you !
  8. Ask Staff Anything!

    hi guys, i made a cover for don't cry and i want to share it. is that allowed in this forum ? if it is, where should i post it ? thank you.