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  1. thats good to hear, i was at the main merch trailer outside at 2pm and Im not sure how many they had they did have a big stack of them and they sold out quick, pretty much everyone in the line i was in that early was getting the lithos and they lasted about about 20min and were gone. I wondered if the other merch tables had them or not.
  2. Im so glad I read this thread and learned of "warpig" on ebay. I have considered buying a print and didnt know. I go to a lot of shows and collect art from all them and just art in general and didnt realize all of this. Thank you for all the information.
  3. I will comment on the litho's in Winston-Salem,NC. I went to that show and I was able to get 2 lithos from the official merch trailier. They are nummered both numbers x/x and you pretty much have to be there when it opens to get one. The trailer opened at 2pm that day and would say the lithos were gone at 2:20 they need to do like other bands and put a limit on how many you can buy. I watched a guy in front of me buy a stack of them I would say he had at least 10 at $50 each. Basically if you are not at the merch trailer when it opens chances are you are not going to get one, in NC there were 275 and it looked like the merch trailer had them all if there were prints inside the show at the merch stands there could only have been a few. IMO i dont think there were lithos at the merch stands inside. When there is only 275 prints and you almost 40K people at the show thats not many your lucky to get one so they shouldnt let one person buy 10 prints. I did buy 2 but the others was for my friends wedding gift that was at the show with me and most bands put a limit at 2. Im going to the Nashville show in November cant wait hope im lucky enough to get one at that show. Good luck everyone
  4. 11/13/17 - Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN

    I am will be at this show, I went to the Winston-Salem,NC totally blown away. Nashville is ony 4 hours away so I had to get tickets. cant wait