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  1. Bump for good fortune?
  2. Appreciate the reply, but that takes me to a Vegas litho instead of the San Fran one.
  3. I've been scouring the internet and have only managed to find images (nothing for sale). I thought I would check here to see if anyone has this litho available for sale?
  4. GnR 2016 Tour Lithographs for Trade

    Anybody have the 8-9-2016 San Francisco litho for sale?
  5. 11/21/17 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

    Bump now that it's closer to the date...anyone?
  6. When looking at GNRs' Instagram, I noticed the the tour date list that was posted yesterday has 3 fewer dates when compared to the list posted on their Instagram when they first announced the 2018 tour. Does anyone know why they would camcel / remove those dates this far in advance? Dates removed: June 15 - Firenze Rocks (Italy) June 21 - Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium) July 1 - Estadio Olympico (Spain)
  7. 11/21/17 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

    November 21st will be my 40th birthday, anybody willing to pick up a litho for me at this show? I'll of course pay for it and your trouble!
  8. Looking for two GA pit tickets for the DC show. (apologies in advance if this is too soon to bump, I waited a week)
  9. Looking for two GA pit tickets for the DC show.