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  1. People grow older and change opinions, and maybe even political stances. This is just stupid.
  2. When was this recorded?

    Guns N' Roses - Tokyo 2012 - The Seeker- (IEM Source, Axl's monitor mix)
  3. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Yeah, but that's primarily because the stuck to singing the higher melodies/harmonies in the choruses etc... Which was a stupid decision if you ask me
  4. This. Some of the re-recordings on Live Era are very reminiscent of his '86-era self, albeit sounding a bit older. He didn't lose the rasp. He got rid of the husky tone of his voice, which is also why he could no longer do those crazy overtone howls. I see the cleaner tone as a deliberate change.
  5. Rock in Rio 2001 Video good quality?

    Yes, there were plenty of them on YouTube etc. But they've been removed by Wanker Alford
  6. You and everyone else reading too much into this.... Just stop please! You're hurting my head
  7. This. And even from people who call themselves long-time GnR fans
  8. I.R.S. 2005 demo redux - Buckethead w/retail mix

    Damn I may just put this on my phone instead of the final version
  9. If he seriously called Axl a tenor, you can go ahead and dismiss the rest of the video immediately.
  10. Respond to them asking for the evidence that the "representative" is indeed from the RIAA. Call the bluff
  11. REQ: Ritz '91 proshot

    You're not mistaking it for the Ritz '87 show?
  12. The future for Guns?

    Oh yes, because they're known for that
  13. Sure seems like it. It's too late to announce shows for the gap.
  14. No doubt the audio cuts replaced with the audience source was done to lessen the quality, and used as a "watermark" by whoever shared it.