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  1. Don't kid yourself. It's a ticket pass for a single concert of your choice. On the seats highest and furthest from the stage
  2. Did this ever leak as a DVD, or was it confined to the poor YouTube 360p clip?
  3. Correct. But even a new tape transfer, and some upscaling, would have looked better. SD Blu-rays are not a new concept :/
  4. It entered the Danish Album Top 40 chart at #35. It's #4 on the Vinyl Top 40 chart. I bought my copy on the band's German store (Free shipping, but what a nightmare...), so it sadly doesn't count towards my country's chart. I assume a lot of other people import as well.
  5. Funny thing about that " Notices@ifpi.org " e-mail... It looks fake. All the contact links on IFPI's actual website, contain an electronic formula for you to fill out. Not some generic e-mail adress that people can write to.
  6. If I stood behind the reception desk, the first thing I'd do would be to ask "Do you know where the fuck you are?"
  7. It's been up for at least 2 years. And there's no way to tell who flagged it. It only says it was "manually detected". I "only" got 1 strike, so lucky me that my channel is still up. I don't even care about the views - plus I still have the concert on my hard drive if I ever feel like watching it. But 900K views tells you that a lot of people don't have it on their computer, or a DVD. YouTube is where they find it, because that's the easiest place for finding it. That's what's bugging me. Stuff is removed so even casual fans can't access it, and there is no communication from the people removing stuff. It's pulled away from under your feet. So far, I still have my channel and my other videos. I don't care about the video itself. It's the lack of communication.
  8. I'm not a big GnR channel per se. I don't even have any rare stuff, but yesterday my Ritz '88 video (which was just shy of 900K views) was manually detected and taken down - giving me a copyright strike at the same time. No info. Nothing. It just came out of the blue. I've never had this issue with content from other bands (I've even had representatives contacting me before submitting copyright claims).
  9. That version is much longer, and was recorded during the Illusion era
  10. Shame on you! They were shot on 16mm, and the final edits were put on video tape for TV broadcasting. The ones included here are not even new copies from the TV master. But the same quality as on the old DVDs, bloated to 30Mbps H.264. A waste of space and bandwidth really.
  11. AFAIK it's pretty unusual for the lead singer to be introduced
  12. Oh without a doubt! It just feels like a wasted opportunity that they didn't re-master the original videos in HD :/
  13. They're not upscaled. They're only 640x480 sadly. A waste of bitrate actually, considering they're encoded in H.264 at ~30 Mbps