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  1. CD Red Book standard is 74 minutes. Hence too short.
  2. If you don't have 4 minutes left on the disc, a 4 minute song is too long. Simple math.
  3. Lol @ the people who think it's fake. Lol @ the people who think it's about Slash. As if everything Axl wrote was about Slash... Did you know Sweet Child O' Mine is about Slash too????
  4. No, and there's no pattern to the takedowns.
  5. DVD is outdated. An SD Blu-ray release would be much preferable. Now if the videos on the included Blu-ray for this release didn't suck (especially It's So Easy), I might have higher hopes of their competence in future video releases.
  6. Fuck Bagelboy. He's behind all this, yet he still fervently denies being involved.
  7. If it was deleted, then it's gone. You can thank the Bagelboy for that.
  8. Does it have the lyrics printed on the back?
  9. Screw Bagelboy to hell and back. A sad little POS.