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  1. If he seriously called Axl a tenor, you can go ahead and dismiss the rest of the video immediately.
  2. Respond to them asking for the evidence that the "representative" is indeed from the RIAA. Call the bluff
  3. REQ: Ritz '91 proshot

    You're not mistaking it for the Ritz '87 show?
  4. The future for Guns?

    Oh yes, because they're known for that
  5. Sure seems like it. It's too late to announce shows for the gap.
  6. No doubt the audio cuts replaced with the audience source was done to lessen the quality, and used as a "watermark" by whoever shared it.
  7. But does your phone even have a music player that can play 5.1, and do you even have a headset for your phone, that can play 5.1 too?
  8. Sounds like Foobar2000 is messing stuff up when downconverting the 5.1 DTS track to stereo WAV. Wouldn't you be better off transferring the 24/96 stereo tracks instead, if you're listening on your phone?
  9. Hey people, I'm wondering if anyone has an original / raw broadcast of the Rock am Ring '06 show? I already have the Freezed version, but I'm looking for an original broadcast capture
  10. I'm not going to share official stuff (that was just released), but I'm sure you could find it on the internet if you look around.
  11. ^Keep in mind folks that this clip runs a semitone too fast
  12. How can people be fans, and not hear that it's Axl singing this?
  13. A bit strange that they made a new video for it, rather than using the one from the Blu-ray