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  1. I’m a Slash fan as well and was at the show (and one this summer). I’ve seen him with his band a couple times the last 6 years and he has absolutely killed it. I think when he tours without GnR, his song selection and playing is through the roof. No lulls whatsoever and it goes at his pace.
  2. Really would like to hear Locomotive, Pretty Tied Up or Bad Obsession. Slash tears those up!! However, doesn’t look like they’re in the running.
  3. The last show at The Forum in LA. Row 3 almost seems a little too close with how high the stage is and the “podium” at the end of the stage extension. Doesn’t look too easy to see over it being that close.
  4. How far back on the floor were you? I have Row 3 and about 9 seats from center for an upcoming show. However, that stage looks pretty tall and I’m wondering how easy it is to see up over it on the floor.
  5. I’d love to hear Perfect Crime!
  6. I’ll be selling tickets to the last night (11/29) soon. I was able to get closer. The tickets I’ll be selling are great though-Floor Seats- Section E, row 6 on the inside aisle. Also, Section A, row 3 inside aisle.