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  1. Anyone know if there will be some kind of behind the scenes making of the album video. Or magazine like they did before?
  2. There's a place in the uk that has the album early. Banquet records has it! They can ship. Anyone able to pick up a copy and send us a few songs?
  3. Someone on this forum said that slash said he'd release a third song before the album comes out.
  4. Shouldn't they be releasing another song tonight? By the way the times are also up for all of the tracks.
  5. can you link her account, I wanna hear a song or two
  6. Does anyone have the sample of call of the wild that they played on monday night football yesterday?
  7. Hi, I found this on twitter and I see that all of the songs have 30 seconds next to them, does this mean the previews are up in italy? Roadrunner records italy tweeted this lnk.to/livingthedream
  8. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I read somewhere that the pre order will happen on july 25. Does anyone know when we might get a single?
  9. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Production sounds killer
  10. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I know some bands do that. But no todd didnt have to say that. in a way world on fire was better than apocalyptic love with riffs like wicked stone withered delilah and songs like wicked stone 30 years to life bent to fly and battleground. He wouldnt say it unless he really thought that.
  11. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Did anyone notice todd said he thinks this is even better than world on fire, and he also said world on fire was better than apocalyptic love.