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  1. 3 minutes ago, W. Axl Kev said:

    I enjoy all the excitement of never-before-heard songs being dropped but if I could only have one it would definitely be bringing out Matt Sorum for a prolonged, unenjoyable, 26 minute drum solo.

    That's just me.

    But my brain is already turned into mashed rice. He can't mash it even more, can he?


    1 minute ago, Gunsdrummer63 said:

    Officially GnR Instagram just posted a 45 second pro shot clip of Absurd so something is in the works I’m guessing

    That's absurd

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  2. On 9.1.2019 at 11:45 AM, Kelmi said:

    No Rocket Queen? Thats a bummer.

    Thank god
    Hopefully he keeps it that way. Nightrain or Out Ta Get Me (w/ Todd on vocal) is for sure the Guns song they should be playing.

    It is an extended solo on Nightrain though, but at least it's not the ultra boring noodle mania that Rocket Queen has become

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  3. On 30.9.2018 at 7:36 AM, igorsr said:

    This is the proof...Omly man who standing is me lol


    People like you ruin the concert experience for people who buy a seating ticket.
    If you're going to stand at a concert, buy a standing ticket.

    For the concerts I went to, it is Madrid '17 that had the wildest crowd. Massive experience to witness it, especially on the classics.

  4. 12 hours ago, DieselDaisy said:

    I'm tempted to go but buying tickets is so complicated these days. I remember the days when you used to walk to the box office and ask for a ''single please''. 

    It is awesome to walk to the box office in the freezing cold rain + the 40 minute round trip with car + finding parking space in the city (or 1h30m with bus). Love it.
    Hate it when I order tickets online and have them as e-tickets in my email two minutes after.

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  5. 20 hours ago, BadApples99 said:

    You get a pre-sale code if you pre-order the album from the official roadrunner store. I don't know if that's the only way to get a code.

    Btw I just noticed this: When i go to ticketmaster.nl via google search it says that the sale starts september 17th. But if i go to slashonline.com and click on the concert, it redirects me to ticketmaster.nl and it says that the pre-sale starts September 14th. Guess I'll just give it a shot tomorrow morning.

    It was the same for the show in Norway. Got my tickets today. 
    Strange that it hasn't been mentioned a single spot that there is a pre-sale.

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  6. 1 hour ago, nikothebellic said:

    Let me be curious and take a guess: you’ve got tickets to 25.11 LA show as “for the last on the tour”? But then they announced a couple more, suppose you were pissed off a bit. The same with Sweden 2018 - the last show in Iceland was announced later. So unlucky, huh? 

    Yeah, no. Of course, it would've been cool to have been at "the last show", but it didn't piss me off.
    I would've went to Iceland if they had announced it at the same time of the rest, but not just for GnR. Never been to Iceland and it would be cool to go there for a long weekend.

    The LA shows was booked from the hotel in Gdansk the day after the gig in a GnR-high and we couldn't stand it to be "just" 3 more shows, and "what if Forum is the last GnR gig ever".
    Quite an expensive impulse decision :D

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  7. 4 hours ago, Gavin82 said:

    @Snytefant come on dont keep us in suspense what countrys did you see them in??

    I do have it in my signature, but here it goes :) And of course, I count Europe + USA as "Around the world" :D

    04.06.17 - Madrid, Spain
    07.06.17 - Zurich, Switzerland
    13.06.17 - Munich, Germany
    20.06.17 - Gdansk, Poland
    27.06.17 - Copenhagen, Denmark
    29.06.17 - Stockholm, Sweden
    10.07.17 - Vienna, Austria
    24.11.17 - Staples Center, LA, USA
    25.11.17 - The Forum, LA, USA

    03.06.18 - Berlin, Germany
    01.07.18 - Barcelona, Spain
    19.07.18 - Oslo, Norway
    21.07.18 - Gothenburg, Sweden

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