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  1. Was trying to log in on my phone just now. The menu button up top wasn't working. Managed to log in from trying to reply on a thread,manage to get logged in,but had no where to type a response. Tried emptying out Safari and same thing happened again,menu button not working to get to the sign in page  


    Logged in in and responding on an iPad now. 

  2. Marc,I found it odd with Del posting a happy birthday to Slash also. One reason being,I'd followed Slash for awhile. And when Del got his Twitter account and I started following Del,he was not following Slash at first. Matter of fact,I don't remember him following Slash,until the happy birthday wish. And I was like,HUH?!LOL That totally threw me for a loop!!

  3. Marc,it's always hard to work with friends/family. My dad,two of my uncles and my brother work together and sometimes it gets pretty heated. Same with my aunt's little diner that she had,that was my grandmother's,which was the same way also lol.

    It's hard to please a boss lol. And it's even harder when it's family and anything and everything seems to be going wrong and blowing up!

  4. Someone had posted the pic of Del N' Duff on Del's FB. So I asked about who the singer was and one of Del's friends had this response:

    Mistre Luz:"DEL JAMES sang and fronted the group

    It was a way for some of us to play our favorite songs




    I don't know

    I was a way to get free drinks and get away from big business protocol

    I played air guitar on EMMETT CHAPMAN's hand painted '57 NATIONAL

    I duck walked, played with my teeth, guitar behind my head

    all eyes on me while WEST wailed with no one paying attention to him

    Everybody sang a bit...but Del was the front man

    Don't ferget the DRUNK FUQUETTES"

  5. For what it's worth,Del had posted a pic of himself from the 90s. And of course,there was GN'R talk in the comments.

    And this is what someone asked/commented:Del...what about Slash last interview?They start a conversation?True?

    Well,Del liked the post. So who knows at this point?But why would Del bite the hand that feeds?Cause lord knows how such a teeny jester of Del liking such a post,could totally piss Axl off.

  6. what i REALLY want to see is the movie "Perfect Crime", the documentary they made about the UYI tour...

    I asked Duff about it at a meet n greet for Velvet Revolver back in 2007, and he said "oh man, that got shelved"

    Yeah, unfortunatley that got cancelled. Also the 2001 live at Las Vegas got cancelled.

    This is a good documentary though from UYI tour:


    Says this has been removed :(

    Is there another link?

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