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  1. Buenos Aires!!!!! Gooooood fucking night! Yeeeeahhhh!!!!!
  2. Well, it seems like cell phone networks in Buenos Aires are crap. I had the same problem in Lima, last week. They just don't have enough towers for he amount of people gathering at the same time in a relatively small area. It's gonna be a rough night...
  3. They tricked us with the LA litho because Izzy was a skater. We got Steven instead. If I'm not mistaking, Steven was a surfer. Are they trying to trick us again by giving us a Steven clue, but giving us Izzy instead? Thoughts.
  4. He used it in Orlando, during Attitude.
  5. When is The Cult starting?
  6. For Slash's birthday, they should open the show with Nightrain. Anybody remembers his obsession with opening with that song?
  7. I know it's only 5 minutes so far, but they're late!! Finally!!! The real Guns n' Roses are back!!!!!
  8. Fede sent a link right before I clicked reply!!
  9. Periscope, anyone?
  10. Guys, we are being played. None of this is really happening! It's all fake!!! The government is trying to distract us again. All of the people going to the shows are "crisis actors", yes the 50,000 of them. They're all watching old videos on the big screens and those pictures are photoshopped. The reunion is not really happening. Use your instincts. This can't be real!!!!!
  11. Sound travels slower than light. We can se his singing on the screen before we hear it, depending on how far away from the stage you are. In a big stadium, the natural delay can be very impacting.
  12. Angus young is exactly the third party I was thinking about. Let's hope for the Ac/Dc thing to be a positive influence on him.
  13. I've been noticing Slash's tempo problems for a few years now. He has been flying through the PC intro. He's naturally a really nervous person. Back in day he used to be on dope during every show. That slowed him down and made him play slower and more relaxed. The sad truth is that his being sober has a negative influence in his playing and tempo sense. They have to be telling Frank to push the songs. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Frank's playing. He's too busy and gets in the middle of the vocals and guitar solos. But, I don't think the tempo is solely his fault. He's not fully innocent either. There's a difference between playing fast and rushing the hits. He sounds anxious and nervous. He's hitting ahead of time and struggling to keep a steady tempo without speeding up the songs. A third party, they trust and respect, needs to sit down with them and make them understand something is wrong. They are all pushing too much. The adrenaline, nerves and pressure of the situation is playing against them. Now, I rather see a rushed GnR than no GnR at all. I've been waiting for this moment since I was 13 years old. I get goose bumps every time I see those two in stage together. I'm not gonna let some tempo problems spoil the moment. But it still needs to be addressed. P.s. Before anyone starts bashing me, I'm a professional musician who has been earning a living playing live for more than 20 years. If there's something I know is that when playing live, even though the drummer is the most capable of affecting the speed, the tempo is every band member's responsibility.
  14. Fede, thank you so fucking much!!!!!!! You made my day, bro!!!!!!