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  1. Spanish music thread

    Joaquin Rodrigo, Concierto de Aranjuez played by John Williams (guitar)
  2. He's not the only one here who doesn't like this travesty of a band.
  3. Is BBF too "nice"/Generic for New GN'R?

    LOL Fortus... The guy who tours with Rihanna and FakeThin Lizzy
  4. The Jimi Hendrix Experience Santana Stone Roses Led Zeppelin
  5. He definitely should be bashed if he doesn't show up. As Wood and Stewart said : 'do it for the fans'. Only complete assholes wouldn't show up.
  6. Slash: "I'd love to have the original band play."

    This !!
  7. If Slash n'Axl get along again with each other, maybe they'll play music together in the future. That's why the HOF is important, even if they don't play that night. They can play later...
  8. A special edition of AFD would certainly sell more copies than the hypothetical CD2.....
  9. Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven will be at the ceremony

    The Hall of Fame made the right decision. It will be awesome to see Guns N'Roses getting this award so many years after the break-up!
  10. Tottenham Riots

    because i hate this society (the society of the spectacle in which everything is false)
  11. Tottenham Riots

    third world countries are exploited by the capitalist countries, that's why they are third world countries :xmasschef2:
  12. Tottenham Riots

    fuck da police! i support the looters actually
  13. ..there's one really sad thing...

    It's a great pity that Mr Reed's greatest hit (Silkworms ) hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread.
  14. Axl's thoughts on Contraband

    Expect the habitual rednecks signing it...