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  1. I think he probably left because that very same reason. Album and tour being pushed furhter. So Buckethead's departure isn't the reason for the bottling, but vice versa.
  2. You don't seriously think any future GnR song is going to go no.1 do you?
  3. Well yeah, since nearly every song on Contraband is better than most songs on CD, Axl must've panicked and scratched some complete shit songs (Silkworms) and reworked others (The Blues) for the millionth time and wrote other new ones (Better). Though it didn't help a lot, since Contraband is still mostly better than CD, but it was definitely a factor, IMO.
  4. Bruno what part of me not wanting to argue with a retard like you didn't you understand? Stop following me around with your uninformed, idiotic shit. Stop mentioning my name or replying to my posts, please. THANK YOU! Brainsaber - I don't think you're right. Obviosly people have internet, but if you think 90% of the average folk are sitting at home googling Axl Rose, you're delusional. I would change my initial statement to - Most average CD buyers are not even sure if Slash is in the band.
  5. Man, the forum is definitely looking better every day and not headed in the shitter at all. Great job by the people in charge.
  6. Yeeeaaahh.... You're wrong, though. Most people don't. End of story. Have a nice day.
  7. Well a new album would sell well since most casual CD buyers don't even know Slash is out of the band.
  8. How Important Is Mixing/Producing?

    As a sound engineer - it's very important.
  9. Can anyone here play the Shacklers Revenge solo?

    If you think that BBF doesn't use any effects at all in SR solo, you probably are. Also only a complete retard can somehow consider a discussion about guitar effects as a negative remark towards the guitarist. You're an idiot and should go play in traffic and not pollute this forum with your idiocy. Have a good day, I'm done with you.
  10. Can anyone here play the Shacklers Revenge solo?

    Are you mentaly retarded?
  11. Tommy and Dizzy working with Ashba?

    I can't tell which one of the photos posted are of Tommy and Dizzy?
  12. Chris, Frank and Ron playing in Brazil next week

    Hurry, hurry, step right up and see a cover guitarist, a drum tech and a guy who plays barely audible parts on songs 90% of the world never heard! Only a nickel for your time!
  13. Do You Think NuGNR Members Earned Atleast a Million Each Already?

    They are in it for the artistic challenges and expanding creative boundries.
  14. Film Thread

    Anyone watch this movie? 'Cause you definitely should. It's not a horror film.
  15. So I just made a ass out of my self in front of dizzy

    Don't I remember that!