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  1. A lot of it, yes to a certain degree. It depends on the time frame you're talking about. Biden was clear in his answer last night that the US needs to move off of fossil fuels by 2050. So in that sense Trump is right that Biden has been in favour of banning fossil fuels. But Biden has been clear that any ban would be phased in over the next thirty years, not during his Presidency. Unfortunately for Biden he's never articulated this fact well. He stumbles over his policy that makes it easy for people like Trump to take him out of context. As I said in a post from last nigh
  2. I felt it went the other way. Biden started out strong but faded the second half. His best areas were at the beginning of the debate on covid and healthcare. Both candidates did poorly on the issues of race. It's sad that discussion of black americans almost always gets framed around the issue of criminality. On the issue of fracking and oil/gas, I know conservatives and Republicans want to believe that this will somehow hand Pennsylvania to Trump. But the reality is there's really no oil in Pennsylvania, and fracking is actually opposed by a (slim) majority of people living in
  3. I've seen all of those clips and they are heavily edited to exclude Biden's longer point that he would ban new fracking on federal lands and eliminate subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. The last clip is especially egregious because Biden ends his statement by framing it with respect to subsidies. I do think Biden has skirted around the issue during the primaries. The funny thing is that every time Biden came close to the line his campaign would walk the comments back soon after. The reality is that it is not possible to ban any fossil fuel in the near to medium term. Biden
  4. Do you have video of Biden saying he’s going to ban all fracking?
  5. Might be because he has a stutter; has had one since childhood. Trump was better tonight. But on the issue that people care most about (Covid), Trump did himself no favours. More lies and takes no real responsibility for what has happened to the country.
  6. Trump is better behaved and better tonight. He’s still speaking nonsense, but at least he’s not coming across as a deranged asshole.
  7. The interactions between Hunter and Bobulinki happened in 2017. Even if Joe was involved, how is this corruption or a crime? Biden wasn’t in office at the time.
  8. "I take full responsibility – it's not my fault." - Donald J. Trump
  9. Billions? Says who? And what political influence did Biden have in 2017? He wasn’t in politics. Also, what is the difference between what you’re accusing the Bidens of doing and what the Trump family is currently doing with Donald as President?
  10. What’s remarkable about this ad is that it’s attempt to tie the Republican opponent to Trump. That’s remarkable since the race is in a Texas county Trump won by 14 points in 2016 that now looks to be a toss up:
  11. If Trump had been able to keep his margins close with white voters and women, then the small movements in the black and latino vote would mean something. But yeah, a whole lot of noise about nothing.
  12. I still don’t understand how any of this matters. Even if we accept what this report or Hunter’s former business partner says is true (which, is still not a given), what does this say or prove? Moreover, how is it any different than what Trump does with his kids with respect to communications about the hotel/resort business?
  13. The polling shift between 2016 and 2020 is dramatic, to say the least:
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