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  1. Do you have an example of a social media platform censoring someone because they advocate for less immigration? Again, what I'm having a hard time understanding is where this concern about big tech censorship is coming from. I just don't see it. Facebook is dominated by conservative commentators. You or anyone else can still post conservative view points on Twitter. AWS didn't boot Parler off their services because it hosts strong conservative opinions. In its legal response, it illustrated numerous examples of Parler failing to curb calls for violence against politicians. This has
  2. I don't disagree with that sentiment. But is Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon so monolithic that their current operations deny or prevent people from starting their own sections of the public square? As I mentioned earlier, AWS accounts for 32 percent of all internet traffic, at least I believe in North America. That's a lot, but is it monolithic? In Parler's legal filing, they accused Amazon of cutting off service to give their competition (Twitter) an advantage. But as Amazon pointed out, they don't host Twitter. I think the problem here is that people conflate socia
  3. The idea that conservatives are being "silenced" on any platform is ludicrous. Fox News is the largest cable news network in North America The fastest growing cable news networks are both conservative (Newsmax and OAN) The most popular pages and most engagements on Facebook are conservative commentators. Yesterday, 8 out of 10 of the top performing link posts in the US on Facebook are to conservative news sources (this doesn't change very much): In radio, conservative programming doesn't just dominate, it's almost monolithic. In reach, scope, quantity, and quali
  4. Could have posted this is several other threads, but considering the political tie-in to Kris Kristofferson calling out Toby Keith (who was just awarded the National Medal of Arts), figured this thread was appropriate
  5. Think of Amazon as Invision and Parler as MyGNRforum. Imagine if we allowed people to post violent threats towards other members or members of the public. The software we license from Invision and the hosting services they provide require some form of moderation. It is part of the terms and conditions for both software licensing and hosting services. If we fail to provide such sufficient moderation, we would be in violation of Invision's terms and would be in breach of the contract we signed for their services. They would be well within their rights to pull us off their servers and de
  6. If you held a gun to McConnell’s head he’d tell you he wants Trump convicted. But he represents too many assholes who love Trump so has to play the game. But I think deep down inside he’s mad as fuck for what Trumpers did to his Senate and would to see Trump pay a price.
  7. New thread for General Chat and Random Musings for 2021! We're two weeks in and I'm already looking forward to 2022.
  8. Likely he wants to thread the needle of doing something but also doing nothing. It’s what McConnell does best. ————————————————- The one downside to Trump’s removal from Twitter is we can’t look back and see all the dumb shit he wrote and throw it back in his and his supporters faces. Thankfully there’s DJTJ:
  9. Wow, who didn’t see this coming? https://www.thedailybeast.com/after-all-that-donald-trump-told-aides-not-to-pay-rudy-giuliani-for-his-legal-services-wapo?ref=home Trump stiffing Rudy with his legal expenses. I wonder if this is the first time this has happened? I mean, how could Rudy know that this incredibly unforeseen circumstance was in the cards? Honestly, if there was one “lawyer” who deserves to be stiffed by Donald Trump, Rudy is it. 😂😂😂
  10. They may not. It’s only 2/3 of the members present. If some Republicans were to not attend to vote, the threshold would be lowered. Not saying that’s likely, but it could require only 10 Republican Senators to get cross the line if another 10 or so sat it out.
  11. You got me. But then again, I’m not that familiar about God’s plans like some other members. We’ll make that happen for sure.
  12. The old thread on U.S. politics and elections had become too large to keep active. Please use this thread to discuss any and all U.S. politics and election related issues.
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