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  1. We, the party that campaigns on ending cancel culture, would like the following terms canceled:
  2. The reviews so far have been fantastic. After the debacle of its initial preview, I wasn't very optimistic. I haven't played a Halo game since Halo 3. Not planning on buying a current gen console for another year or two so might have to wait (unless it's available for XBOX1X).
  3. I don't have anything against teaching young adults/teenagers how to shoot in certain contexts. Take them to a range and showing them the proper ways to handle a gun and how to shoot. Nothing wrong with marksmanship as a skill or hobby. But what we see with the 15 year old in Michigan has no connection to responsible gun ownership or parenting. There were warning signs blaring that were not taken as seriously as they should have by the school and utterly ignored by the parents. The principal or someone in the school's administration should have immediately checked the kid's bag and locker. While I think it would be difficult to charge anyone at the school for negligence, I think convicting the parents of negligence causing death is an open and shut case. Manslaughter might be a high burden for the prosecution. It's hard to argue that the parents were being negligent. Whether their parenting was "reckless" could be difficult to approve since it's a relative concept.
  4. Well, it's been three or four months since I last turned on my Xbox. Think I might try to get through The Witcher III over the Christmas break. I've owned it for a year or two now but haven't been able to "jump in." Also waiting for Xbox Game Pass to go back on sale like it usually does this time of year. If it does, I'll spend way too much time with Forza Horizon 5.
  5. There's a lot more to it though. It's been reported that the kid was drawing graphic scenes with descriptions about how he can't control his impulses. That there was a (or several) drawings with people dying of gun shot wounds. This information was relayed to the school administration, that then relayed it to his parents. They still gave him access to a gun.
  6. That's a completely different matter than hospitals falsifying covid-19 infection numbers for the sole purpose pumping up revenues. Are all stated covid-19 deaths directly the result of a covid-19 infection? No. But the experts have made clear that a person with a pre-existing health condition who dies while suffering a covid-19 likely died because of that infection. In other words, there is a high probability that a person who died as a result of, say, heart disease, would still be living absent a covid-19 infection. Moreover, there were many who died at the beginning of the pandemic from covid-19 that were not included in death statistics due to a lack of testing. Most experts believe that if anything we are undercounting the number of people dying from covid-19, particularly among less developed nations: https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/coronavirus-excess-deaths-tracker Those are the numbers. Feel free to figure out another way to explain them that does not include Covid-19. But understand you'll be arguing against people much smarter than you and I. Is there any indication as to whether he's making any progress? Do they have him on a ventilator?
  7. But that’s also true in healthcare systems where the profit motive is absent. I don’t believe it’s in the best interest of hospitals to commit state and federal crimes. If hospitals were truly misrepresenting covid deaths for the sole purpose of padding their bottom lines, there would be whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork. No, I just don’t believe hospitals in the US are willing to risk legal prosecution for the sake of widespread and systemic fraud, one that would require near universal agreement and coordination by every operating hospital and health clinic in the country.
  8. I get hospitals get paid more for treating covid. That I’m not disputing. What I’m asking for is evidence of hospitals deliberately inflating covid numbers. Just because there is an economic incentive to treat more covid patients or possible falsifying diagnosis (a crime, btw), doesn’t mean that’s what is happening. Again, do you have any evidence that hospitals are fraudulently inflating the number of covid patients at the risk of criminal liability?
  9. Yes, they are more prone, but 1) we shouldn’t minimize the virus simply because it shortens the lives of those who are already struggling with health difficulties and challenges 2) many of those dying of covid had no health issues and were not nearing the end of their lives. Personally, I know of five people who passed away as a result of the virus. Two had health issues, three did not. And of the two who did have health issues, there was little indication prior to their infection that they were on death’s door. This is to say nothing about the nearly one-third of people who become infected that suffer from longer term health complications. The damage of the virus should not solely be limited to those who have died. So your claim here is that numbers are inflated because it’s in the economic interest of medical providers to label something as covid even if it’s not. Interesting. Do you have anything to back any of this up? Moreover, you are aware that covid has hit other nations rather hard as well, right? If what you claim is true, we would not see similar numbers in other countries where there is not a financial motive to associate health issues with covid. But it doesn’t take much investigation to see that other countries are suffering from covid infections where the profit motive has no basis for the diagnosis or care a person receives. “Was swiftly obliterated.” It’s being litigated. Far too soon to say whether it was “obliterated.”
  10. Other than dontdamnme, who and when else is anyone claiming the sky is falling because of covid-19? Children are the least likely to die. True. But 1 in out of 10 kids suffer from long-covid. Just because they're least likely to be affected doesn't mean many are not affected, some dramatically so. 2 percent of the US population is nearly 7 million people. Just to put that into perspective, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. It kills 660k Americans per year. So 7 million deaths isn't something to be concerned about? The US is over 800k deaths from Covid and will likely pass 1 million by late winter. Again, 2 percent of the US population is 7 million.
  11. Finished it last night. The first part felt like a bit if a slog. I love the songs Don’t Let Me Down and I’ve Got a Feeling but a few of the outtakes could have been cut. That said, it was really cool to see them working through song concepts and lyrics. I always assumed that most songs came fully formed by either Paul or John, but at least with many of the songs that ended up on Let It Be that doesn’t seem to be the case. The highlight for me was watching Paul coming up with Get Back (while George and Ringo watch on looking incredibly bored). Anyone who has written a song or two will appreciate this spark of creativity as Paul sits on a chair and works his way to the melody line of the verse, which allows him to find the rest of the song. It’s one of those rare moments of watching genius in action. It really seemed like John was high out of his skull throughout the first episode. I guess that was good for Paul as it gave him a little more real estate to run things, which The Beatles apparently needed. I thought Paul was being as diplomatic as possible and he definitely came off best in this first episode. And I found myself agreeing with most of his takes through this bit. George did not seem like a happy or fun guy to be around and it’s not at all surprising he felt he needed a break. I felt it picked up a bit in the second episode. You can see the mood of the band shifting once they transitioned more into making an album than some intangible production. Christ I could have done without hearing Yoko singing. Good on Paul for at least indulging Yoko and John in that nonsense. I would have walked out three seconds in. The performance on the roof in the third episode was glorious. I had never seen the original film so watching it unfold the first time was great. The film definitely makes it feel like a celebration of sorts. It’s really cool how several of the takes they recorded on the roof made it onto the album. It’s probably one of the coolest things a band has ever done. It’s hilarious how it only really occurs to the band members after the fact that the police might be stopping by. I always just assumed it was one of those last minute things they decided to do. Also interested to watch how grounded they were considering they were the biggest act in the world. George driving himself to the studio, John helping to load in equipment, Ringo fixing his drum kit on the roof once he realized it wasn’t setup properly. Considering the prima donna nature that rock stars were taking on (which Axl became notorious for a few decades later), it’s really nice to watch the four biggest rock stars in the world act the way they do. The three part film does a wonderful job of pushing back on the seriousness of each member. For most of the film they are goofing around, having fun, enjoying each other’s company. It was an amazing moment in time that felt both joyous but also conscious of how fragile it all was. It’s crazy to think that they were back in the studio six weeks later recording Abbey Road.
  12. You mean the fight over efforts to reduce transmission? What partisan fight?
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