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  1. Did you know they were full before you started shooting them?
  2. Everyone is going to catch covid. It’s an inevitability. The vaccines don’t prevent you from catching the virus, they are intended to help build your own immune system so you can fight it off yourself without getting really sick and needing medical attention.
  3. I agree. They are cool and I'd love to have a hand at different models at a shooting range. But the idea that anyone can have one is insane.
  4. Yeah, that doesn't happen at anywhere the same rate in other developed countries as it does in the US. It's not a human nature problem; it's a policy problem. Otherwise all developed nations would share similar murder rates when controlled for poverty, education, social mobility, healthcare. They don't. America is an outlier for the simple reason it does fuck all about keeping guns away from terrible people.
  5. I think this is my favourite thing you have ever written on this forum. I don't say that with any sense of sarcasm.
  6. America withdrawing all US forces from Afghanistan by September 11: https://www.axios.com/afghanistan-withdrawal-biden-911-56895f33-b1b8-4483-94df-a7a50f2fb695.html Not the May 1st deadline that myself and many hoped, but at least there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. If it's still a problem replace it with the original:
  8. That really makes me wish I could cross the border. Likely won't be until July before I get my first shot.
  9. Going to lock this thread until at least more than one person can verify this exists.
  10. Apologies for the service interruption.  Apparently this forum was confused with another that was in violation of its hosting obligations.  

  11. The point of my post was to provide context to @RussTCB’s concerns about rising cases Michigan; that Michigan likely wasn’t alone for states in the region. I also didn’t state any actual numbers. Just a comparative analysis that I read somewhere.
  12. What does any of that have to do with my post?
  13. Finally got a chance to watch the latest from Danny McBride. Probably up there with the first season of Eastbound and Down. Great performances from the entire cast, especially Walton Goggins. Highly recommended.
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