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  1. Considering Trump might have to pay back the $72 million tax refund he’s been fighting with the IRS about for a decade, this move makes a lot sense:
  2. I actually agree with you here. Let Trump be unhinged. Why try to force him to behave? This feels like putting the gutter blockers on the bowling lane for little children.
  3. If you read the Mueller report (which I doubt), it was a genuine concern. It's a fact that Russians interfered in the 2016 elections.
  4. This was taken prior to last night’s debate and the release of Trump’s tax info: I’m not saying Trump is going to lose South Carolina, but he won the state by 14 points in 2016. If Trump in 2020 wins SC by only 1-5 points in 2020, he’s likely to lose most other swing states. Trump losing would be great, but seeing Lindsay Graham lose would be almost as sweet. I think both scenarios are unlikely, but a boy can dream.
  5. I’m not sure it would do much good unless they put each candidate in different rooms. Trump will still heckle to throw Biden off. Viewers likely won’t hear Trump, but Biden and the debate audience will. The next debate is a town hall format. Candidates will spend most of their times directing their answers to the citizens asking them questions. If Trump wants to interject himself into every question to Biden, I say let him. It does him no good and will only frustrate voters who want to hear what Biden has to say.
  6. Clinton conceded the following morning when it was clear that she would not make up the difference in absentee votes in the three states Trump won by a combined 77k votes. It is an utterly insane false equivalency to suggest this delay is anything close to what Trump is suggesting in 2020. Trump is within his right to contest any election result so long as there are genuine concerns. Claims of fraudulent ballets to the degree that it would swing a Presidential election is not a legitimate concern absent any valid evidence. Trump has none because currently there is none.
  7. Ugh... No. Sorry GG, not even close if you knew what the polls suggested just prior to the 2016 election. Predictions based on polls speak in probabilities. There was a higher probability of Clinton winning in 2016, but it was not a foregone conclusion. A twitter poll has no scientific basis whatsoever. There are no national polls suggesting Trump is winning. There is maybe one poll from a couple of weeks ago that Trump might win in one of the swing states he needs to win re-election. Not even close.
  8. @DieselDaisy - Looks like you’re getting better odds after Trump’s performance last night. Now is the time to make some money from your belief Trump will win.
  9. One thing to note about debate polls is that they’re not all created equal. But I’m sure to the idiots out there a twitter driven poll means something.
  10. This is what most people who approved of Trump’s performance last night don’t realize. If America was nothing more than a WWE audience, then yeah, Trump “won” the debate. But there was nothing in his performance that won over the Americans who don’t look at Hulk Hogan as their primary personal hero. I think the Trump we saw last night is not the same guy we would have see had the NYT not broke the news about his taxes and wealth. That was a man responding from injury.
  11. Also funny listening to idiots suggest that Biden disowning the Green New Deal is noteworthy or will have any effect on the election results. As if that is going to determine the election. Thousands of Americans are dying weekly from Covid but Trump morons will have us believe that AOC’s Green New Deal and Biden’s disowning of it will be at the tops of voters minds. BTW, AOC is already giving Biden cover on the matter on Twitter.
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Clinton won New Hampshire by a few thousand votes in 2016 (it was under 0.5 percent). The conservative leaning polling firm Rasmussen has Biden up by 14 points.
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