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  1. It's called double-blind testing. @SoulMonster provides a great run down of what that means. The CDC doesn't make up numbers. Anything they released is based on studies and research. We limit our exposure to people who have been vaccinated. We all wear masks in large outdoors social situations or in all indoor social situations. We have at home rapid Covid-19 antigen tests that we take regularly. We take it seriously since it's a serious virus and we respect and have concern for everyone else. We also respect the fact that our actions can affect others, which can't be said about those who shun the vaccine based on nothing more than ignorance or ego. Agreed. But it was almost certainly avoidable had her Mom been vaccinated. It's rare, but so unnecessary. The experts don't know everything, but they know a fuck more than the guys who use to have their science tests returned to them face down and now insist on doing their own research. The nature of science is that it is always in flux based on the latest findings. It works towards to truth as a goal. In no way are anti-vaxxers concerned about truth. They only concern themselves with serving their own ego or living in denial. You can make the decision for yourself, but your decision can affect others. Viral outbreaks is a collective action problem. They don't get solved by only considering your own needs.
  2. Check out the screen grabs and try your best not to shake your head in response.
  3. I read that one of your hospitals is getting slammed, with many ICU eligible patients waiting in emergency rooms and some in their cars due to the lack of available ICU resources. Stay safe! Meanwhile…
  4. September 17th (tomorrow for those still in North America) marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Use Your Illusion 1 & 2. Figured it appropriate to start the discussion now since 30 years ago there were kids across North America lining up to buy their first copies at midnight. Curious how people perceive the albums 30 years on. Did you buy both on the first day? Did you buy one and a friend buy the other? I didn't get my first two copies (in CD form) until six months later in April of 1992 (they were birthday presents from friends). I relied on the radio to hear new songs and some mixtapes I made with some friends. GNR was always something I was aware of, but it wasn't until these two albums that made me become a huge fan. People often cite Appetite as their best creative output, but for me it was the Illusion albums. They are still my favourite Guns albums to date. For the many reasons people criticized the records are the reasons why I love them. They were an attempt to be something more than your typical blues-based rock band. Both albums helped cement GNR's company amongst their legendary predecessors. Hearing and watching Axl play November Rain made me want to learn how to play the piano. I've been playing for almost 30 years now, still play an hour almost every day. For me, Axl's legend grew to almost mythical like status with UYI1&2. I couldn't understand how one man could have so many different voices. His vocals sounded so different on so many songs. How he would weave melodies over long and sustained chord progressions (like Coma and Locomotive) was stellar. The videos for each single were astonishing, if not insane. These albums and their accompanying videos helped to create an otherworldly aura around the band. I truly feel bad for the fans of the band who were born too late have experienced this period. These albums made them feel larger than life. It was a great time to be a Guns fan. #wheresizzy
  5. The forum won't be limiting viewership to Club Members ever again. You guys came through to help cover costs of August plus any increased costs for the next few exciting moments.
  6. Best of luck to forum members from Tennessee…
  7. It was all predicated on the hope that 50 percent of those who voted chose to recall. If Republicans had put forward a viable alternative (not a disgraced radio jockey who plays nice with the anti-vax crowd) then maybe. But once it became clear that Elder was the likely replacement, the recall effort was doomed. The best thing for Newsom was the elevation of Elder.
  8. According to the latest research the vaccines provide three times the level of infection than those who choose to remain unvaccinated. So you do get some level of protection from infection, but you're not bulletproof. So there's that. Moreover, many people can't get vaccinated. My wife and I make our best efforts to balance the risk and social needs for our daughter, who is too young to be vaccinated. She still attends school where teachers are required to either be vaccinated or be tested weekly. But we don't allow her to play with other kids without masks who belong to parents who are not vaccinated. Just last week a four year old died of Covid. She caught it from her mother who chose not to be vaccinated. Finally, I just have little respect for those who believe they know more than all the medical researchers and experts who advocate the safety of the vaccines. If someone wants to be an idiot, fine, have at it. But I really don't have the time to spend with people I lost my respect for. The ego and presumption of some to think they know more than the experts is something I want to limit my interactions with. When you're potentially putting the health of myself and my family in jeopardy because of absolute nonsense, you're not going to get much time from me.
  9. Spotify maybe one company, but it operates within individual countries and regions differently. As do all streaming services. Content licensing is often region specific. This is less so with music. The issue either has to do with GNR/Universal not having got things rolling in your specific country (say, Canada) or enough people in that region are searching "Hardschool + GNR" in a given country that Spotify's algorithms are limiting the results for that particular country.
  10. Looks like Newsom will keep his job for at least one more year: To think that Newsom has dinner at French Laundry and it cost the state of California $276 million.
  11. Remember it. Saw the documentary. Kind of brutal with what happened to the players and that team. Artest absolutely deserved a suspension, but the rest of them got hung out to dry. I still can’t believe the guy in the crowd was able to chuck a full drink from 40 feet away and have it land on Artest. Talk about a million to one shot that changed the course of almost everyone on that team and destroyed Miller’s last real chance of a championship. That drink misses by a foot or two and how things could have been different.
  12. Thanks Russ. Merged and kept the thread in the Movie/TV section.
  13. He was easily one of the funniest and most unique voices in comedy. Sad to hear he passed. His show on Netflix was amazing and I was looking forward to future seasons. This is easily one of the funniest moments in late night television of all time: It still kills me every time I watch it, nearly 25 years later.
  14. I’ve never celebrated nor revelled in someone’s death, but this piece of shit dying brings me little sadness:
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