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  1. In an unanimous decision by three GOP appointed judges (with the opinion written by a Trump appointed judge), the federal appellate court in Pennsylvania strongly rejected Rudy’s appeal of last week’s defeat. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/11/appeals-court-trump-election-challenge-pennsylvania.html Anyone hoping that a Trump appointed judge will back Trump’s absurd claims and hand the election to Trump is beyond delusional at this point. No help from the Court is coming. My bet is the Supreme Court doesn’t even review the appeal. Why embarrass the highest court in the
  2. So why do some get both? Why do millions or billions get to walk through life relatively unscathed while millions or billions of other suffer unspeakable abuse and trauma. If most of us show up at the same place, how does one who suffered immensely through their physical lives not feel a tremendous amount of anger, hurt and resentment towards not only God but to others who lived lives of relative ease and comfort? You could then say this is not up to God. But then that gets us back to my original question of what is the purpose of prayer if God isn't going to get involved? And if
  3. Yeah, I agree that I'm uber guilty of thread derailment here. I'll likely move these posts to the religion thread soon. I guess one of the perks of owning the place. But you're right that these posts should not be happening in this thread.
  4. Right. Which brings me back to the question, if it's all on us to make our own beds, why bother praying? To your point, why would God get involved in a US election if he/she/it can't bother to tip the scales with respect to human suffering? It's absurd to think that God cares enough to involve itself in national elections, sports, or anything else people want to assign his/her/its divine providence when one considers all the misery and turmoil throughout the world. We can see this dynamic at play with people praying over their sick husbands, wives, parents, etc. Nick Cordero's w
  5. Then by that logic most Jews during WW2 must have failed his absurd "test." A God that gets involved some of the time but does nothing to stop torture and massacre of innocents is no deity worth praying to.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow American forum members!
  7. It doesn’t matter who you ask, the problem remains the same. If God doesn’t get involved then prayer is pointless. Or, if everything is preordained then prayer is also pointless. Or, God does listen to prayer but decided to take some time off when 6 million Jews were gassed to death and hence isn’t anyone or anything worth praying to. In any case it seems as though prayer is a useless exercise.
  8. It’s to any link where the source isn’t posted by the copyright owner (or someone who does not have the license to post).
  9. Sorry, what? I know we're about to go off topic here, but are you saying that God doesn't interfere with human's affairs because of what Eve did? If so, then what use is prayer? How is everything pre-ordained by God if he/she/it doesn't get involved?
  10. EDIT: Forgot we're not allowed to post youtube links anymore. My bad. Ricky Gervais' joke from the video: A holocaust survivor dies, goes to heaven, and tells God a holocaust joke. God says that's not funny. The man responds, "I guess you had to be there." And yet some think praying to find their keys to a God who couldn't do shit about the holocaust makes sense.
  11. I love that you believe this. I’m not against someone having faith (my father is someone who is profoundly guided by his religious faith), but should God somehow fail Trump and all your prayers if Biden is sworn in on Jan 20th, will you take this as a sign that perhaps your faith was misplaced? Will it cause you to question the notion that perhaps God wasn’t that into a man with three marriages, multiple bankruptcies that have shortchanged many, never attends Church, thinks the book is called Two Corinthians, and grabs women by the pussy whether they want it or not? Maybe @Soul
  12. Things not looking great for the AstraZeneca vaccine. It might eventually come to market, but it looks like approval will be delayed. https://www.politico.eu/article/questions-grow-over-astrazeneca-coronavirus-vax-trials/
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