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  1. Perhaps Axl has changed, but I can't see it being anything other than everyone but Axl acknowledging their role in how and why the band broke up. To be honest, I don't think there's much mystery about it all. Both Slash and Duff have given their accounts in their books. Axl has given bits and pieces of how he believes things fell apart through interviews over the years. A "Friends Reunion" type show where everyone talks about what happened way back when likely wouldn't produce much groundbreaking info that we haven't heard before. My bet is it would be more like a televised "kiss the
  2. Not a great start for GB news in the UK:
  3. I think the consideration with respect to the focus on Russia is its proximity to America's alliances and obligations with western democracies in Europe. As John McCain once said, Russia is little more than gas station with nuclear weapons. Its economy is nearly 40 smaller than that of California's. But it does pose an existential threat to eastern Europe and has proven itself adept at meddling in the elections of most Western democracies. I think it would be detrimental for the US and other Western nations not to keep tabs on Russia and confront its efforts to undermine their dom
  4. Yes, some historians have that opinion. But many do not. Moreover, isn't that the issue with history in general. The author is generally including their own perspective and considerations into what story gets told. Some accounts are more valid than others, but viewing history from multiple viewpoints and angles can provide a better understanding of how a particular history has unfolded and how that understanding affects contemporary times. The problem with your assessment is that simply pointing out that some historians take issue with the 1619 project doesn't necessary mean i
  5. Trying to understand irrational people is pointless. Our problem here is supply. Canada blew past the US in terms of the number of people who has had at least one shot, but we’re still far behind our southern neighbours in terms of fully vaccinated. I got my first shot of Moderna in the middle of May and was told it would likely be four months before I get my second. My hope is that projection is way off with supply improving here. My parents got their first shots in early April and were originally given dates for their second shots in early August. They’re now booked for their second sho
  6. Anyone else shocked! that the DOJ under Trump was mining personal communication data of political opponents? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/us/politics/justice-department-leaks-trump-administration.html
  7. Maybe... Or maybe there's nothing in rock/pop music that's brought anything new to the table. I tend to share Rick Beato's sentiments that most new stuff that has wide-spread appeal is boring: There use to be real musicianship behind a lot of what drove popular music, whether you liked it or not. I'm not necessarily saying that new music isn't good. But that it's devoid of any real experimentation or complexity. Obviously there are some exceptions, but if you're only interested in bopping your head and tuning out, then that's an easy itch to scratch for any song wr
  8. My question is, if wearing a mask is detrimental to your immune system on a long-term basis (as you claim), why wash your hands? Wouldn't it be better for your immune system to like your hands after riding the twirl-a-wheel at the local carnival? I get that it's anecdotal, but I avoided getting a cold the last 15 months for likely wearing a mask in indoor public places. I wouldn't mind not getting a cold again if I could and if that means wearing a mask going forward, then so be it.
  9. I think porn was her backup if running for Congress didn’t work out...
  10. That’s all well and good, but if wearing masks helps to mitigate common cold infections, and absent previous infections to build up so called immunity, wouldn’t we being seeing more Japanese dying of cold viruses at younger ages? The argument by Ace here is that failure to expose yourself to the common cold over years and decades will yield a less robust immune system to the point where colds could be deadly. My point is that we don’t see that happening where mask adoption is high.
  11. Looks like Florida has some competition for this year’s worst state awards:
  12. Okay, so explain why the Japanese experience the longest lives on the planet but also are most likely to wear a mask? If what you claim is true, shouldn't Japanese people live shorter lives? Also, I assume then besides not wanting to wear masks to protect yourself from air-born infections you also refuse to wash your hands?
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