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  1. Can't see Locomotive making it out of the station seeing as Axl didn't really give it a good performance in the 2 or 3 times it was performed... if there's absolutely no fucks given about the vocal quality then it might be released though!
  2. For me, his work on Madagascar is my favourite, I actually think he made the song better with the heavy Zeppelin(ish) riff he put over the top of it! As for all the rest I'd happily scrap them😄 TIL is the joke of all jokes though, you can't shut him up when he's soloing and then you get a song like TIL with a huge solo section... and he pisses all over it! that song is prime real estate for a monster solo (like the original). As Russell Crowe would say "Deaf ears mate"... He should have played something epic like NV, Estranged or Fall to pieces I always wondered what Slash must be thinkin
  3. Smart moves🤔... you may have to email Fernando about such a crazy idea! you can now reach him directly on Tiktok! But yeah, it would have been cool to get the UYI anniversary selects, DTJ, Civil War, YCBM, NV, Dead Horse, Heavens door, Don't cry... ah well!!
  4. I totally agree that the mix is not excellent for all those reasons! But... I believe it should be left as is. if they release a remix as a bonus then that's cool, but the original mix should remain... obviously with a remaster etc.
  5. Yeah with or without the Zeppelin name it would have pulled in a lot of people! It's a shame that they pulled the plug on it! And it's much, much too late to do it now! ...outside of Jimmy just releasing a solo album with no intention of touring it.
  6. Slither should go... well if Axl decides to dramatically improve how he sings it, it should stay because ordinarily that song makes crowds go crazy! when GNR play it, it's the equivalent of running when you're in a swimming pool😄
  7. Yeah, next time Niven is interviewed i'd love for him to clear up exactly how many records are left over. I think the reason they split UYI into to two releases was to knock a chunk out of the contracted amount of albums. Anyway, we're aways way from new material, so get comfy!
  8. True. But all that NITL money doesn't go direct to their bank accounts, millions and millions goes to legal fees, touring fees (crew, travel, insurance, marketing and advertising, promoters, live nation)... so yes, they are all individually minted! but not as rich as if they took all those millions for themselves. Buying out of their contract would still be a hefty fee and a big headache and IF it is just one LP left then it's not worth it! Judging from what Axl has said publicly he has thought of GNR being an independent group, but obviously he stays with UMG because he doesn't to deal
  9. I'm not sure they could legally force it, and if they did try there's no way we'd ever hear anything GNR related again - outside of them suing and leaving the company with their recorded work! I think the band would take them to court and they would remain in court for years... in which time they could tour but that's about the sum of it! although, I guess they could do leak the record, think they know a thing or two about that! Axl might be the 'chill Axl' now, but put into a corner and told 'Do it now!!' the old dog with come out again, especially now with Duff and Slash at his side.
  10. First mistake thinking TB take initiative🤣 2nd mistake thinking GNR do too🤣 If it was up to Axl I'm sure he'd like to do some of that stuff! but in reality he would never finish it! he would probably start mixing everything, and then re-record everything! I think it's best the label runs the ship, so the band has zero excuses like "Our focus was on the remastered anniversary project"... their focus 'should' be on a new record. With bands with members located all around the world currently managing to either get together in person or record remotely GNR should in theory be able to ge
  11. I think that was his reason, but image vs money? it's a easy decision for a bunch of lawyers. track-listing and image are the reasons for Slash / Duff too. Yeah the GH was a piece of junk, but you can't argue with its success! and it did include all the hits... if it said best of that would be a different story.
  12. I guess that they hadn't released anything since 1994, and that it was stipulated in their contract didn't help! It probably didn't help that they 'probably' were made aware of the GH project months in advance and blew it off, only to get interested after the final track-listing was set along with release dates etc. Also, they probably couldn't prove that the GH release would harm the image of the band or anything like that, all they could say was that some of the song choices weren't as representative of what the band ultimately was. If the label decided to dig up c grade rough cuts etc
  13. This is it exactly. I'm assuming that there is a limit to how many records the label could put out though, and if they were putting out very poor material (Without GNRs involvement) I'm sure GNR could mount a case to prevent releases OR try to be released from their contract.
  14. You should send the link to Slash You can definitely get into the ballpark (I have played it a few times too), but the fretted guitar just has a different sound and feel that you can't really get around. With a slide that's as close as I've heard it. Send me a link though, love to watch it I don't even think Slash knows where the ballpark is located though! swing and a miss!
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