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  1. Exactly. If he says anything about gnr then his album is overshadowed. If he discusses hardskool and Absurd that will be the quotes used for headlines. I think there's more to come but when is the question, and I don't believe it's gonna be as early as when Slash finishes his first leg of touring.
  2. Slash is back to GNR in June until the end of the year. Myles is supposed to be in the studio with AB by April. SMKC are touring again Jan/Feb 2023 according to Slash, so a GNR album in November??? not so sure! but who knows. End of this year or very early 2022 otherwise it's miles off ready for release... speculation of course, but I'm guessing HS EP was just a stop gap to say "we are doing stuff, but just give us a minute longer".
  3. Better than HS and Absurd. Imagine if this was the gnr single. Production isn't incredible, but I appreciate that this was cut on the floor and they wanted a more grainy sound than say WOF. Fitz's hats always sound a little bit like midi
  4. I'm sure right before Axl goes on he's in the zone and isn't fully aware of his surroundings kinda preoccupied... or just being a dick that day.
  5. I don't know whether it gets released but the last line up definitely rehearsed the song so I see no reason why (if Silkworms made a comeback) that OMG wouldn't too. Reasons why it shouldn't 1) it was already officially released 22yrs ago...whether that was a "demo" or not, the full bag of cats is empty on that one. 2) if they are taking stuff from the vault it's a better plan to take what we don't already know because there has been a backlash over them not writing as a band... at least if it's unknown it would be speculation at first whether it's fresh or old material and people could enjoy it for what it is before letting biases ruin anything.
  6. Not a big fan of it either, it's fine. However "doesn't sound like a GNR song" doesn't really hold up. If in 1987 you heard Estranged you'd have said "That doesn't sound like a GNR song", bands sounds change and develop. Also, it's a standard rock song that has a direct line to songs like It's so easy or any simple Izzy song. It's not as good as a lot of other GNR songs, but it 100% does sound like GNR.
  7. There wasn't a reunion in the works when MSL claims the album was rejected. I used to think the label declined the record, but now it's pretty clear they didn't. Axl sat on the follow up record waiting for the right time, waiting for people to wake up to Chinese but in reality by 2013 he should have retreated and come back with a new album. He had the material ready but he chose to wait it out being sure if they toured Chinese enough, they'd turn the tide of on public opinion, which would then make life a lot easier on the follow up release. I'm sure during that time Axl was at points in negotiation with the label about the next move... but GNR could barely release Appetite for Democracy without a disaster and that wasn't on the label trying to prevent it, it was 100% down to mismanagement (not to get into TB bashing), lots of other acts even ones with cantankerous singers who love suing managed to work with rockfuel and get releases ironed out within months of recording/filming.
  8. Navarro is a good inventive guitar player but he's too much of a camera whore / Hollywood socialite / careerist, I don't think he'd have lasted long being under the shadow of Axl. He seems to like being the star, he's probably chilled a lot now that he's older though. They probably wanted Dave but he declined and in an effort to get someone like Dave Axl got Ashba, who had all Dave's worst traits and none of the playing ability. Um.... so that new album😜 this thread is way off the rails, think it's the catchy title😄
  9. When I saw them they played for 1hr 30 My show was a bit weird, it was probably for a more hardcore fan, like I wanted to hear the hits and some deeper cuts from BSSM and they skipped a good few of their biggest songs. Show was sold out and the band just didn't seem to give a toss. Hope your show is better though! Not true, GNR have way more energy and Axl even as is now sings better than Anthony.
  10. 65 minutes of excellence? RHCP? Nah... those guys have periods where they give a shit, but a lot of the time they look like they are punching a clock (similar to GNR in 2019). Next big thing is Anthony sings flat for a lot of the show. John might give them a shot in the arm for a while, but I think they are just tired and that's fair enough after 30+yrs but I found it a slog watching them in 2018.
  11. Half power🤣 Sorry but you're really wrong. What he did with AC/DC is only comparable to the early 90s. He was going for it 100% and he didn't do that since the 90s although he was fantastic in 2007/07 and he sounded very good in 2010
  12. But there is a difference between artists like Beyonce, Saylor swift and even Bowie releasing surprise albums compared to GNR. If GNR did the surprise album and promoted half as well as Bowies album (once it was out) or the others then yeah! great idea! but if they release something without build and then don't promote the music then you're in the same scenario as this EP where half the fanbase have no idea there's new product out there!
  13. I saw November floated by some fan who said they had some inside info... I don't know, it seems unlikely, but not impossible. Biggest question from me is why go to to effort of a physical release of Hard Skool if you're releasing a full album in November. Clearly people are interested in rounding out their GNR collections, and maybe the EP is a very limited release? outside of that I feel like it's a waste of time.... especially when it receives zero promotion.
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