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  1. Win win in my book! Metallica were terrible for playing everything way too fast for years, but in the last year during the live streams they've brought back tempos and everybody including lars is sounding better (not perfect, but but better). Gnr may as well do it. It would make the band tighter overall, not saying to go on a click, just ease up a bit
  2. Axl definitely doesn't sound excellent to me, but he's definitely not awful here either. I think it's a passable vocal version. I think the rest of the band are to blame here, tempos too fast, some of the placement of the bass drum hits are off and Slash has decided to change what I considered a perfect solo adding 25% more notes... god only knows. Would love to see them pull the tempos back on a lot of the songs in the set. Heard Paul Stanley talk about how he likes to play like the studio and Gene likes to play faster for energy, and they constantly argued about it during the 80s. I thi
  3. It'll be entertaining nonetheless! We all know what was up with Phil in '83. Same shite that happened in 2015! he's nuts!🤣
  4. Wow! I didn't realise you could be labelled enemy of the state for discussing something, but OK🤣 Not just discussed either, there were links to find it on reddit. That's just a batshit crazy thought process, wonder who he learnt that from😋
  5. I would love it so much more just for the fact it would piss a lot of people off 😄
  6. There isn't one, there was a phone clip that I think is still on youtube. Fernando is apparently going to try and upload a pro shot if they have it in the archive. Side note, we should also ask him for the CDII album that was ready for release in 2014, while he's in a user friendly mood😄
  7. Strange choice of camera angles but overall it's just fun that they threw it up out of the blue! Nice to get a positive surprise from GNR😄
  8. Those final residency performances of Yesterdays were fairly smokin' I'd love to see a pro shot of that! if he's willing to upload that sailing vid, then maybe we'll get other CD era live footage and or UYI live footage... which would be the holy grail!
  9. Yeah that would be pretty fucking cool if he follows through. That version is so cool, and Axl and the band were really cooking! Side note... can't Fernando have a place on Nightrain or even (god forbid) here where he grants wishes like this? Reddit is a really strange choice considering the concentration of fans on both the official and unofficial forums.
  10. Well... it's ideas / concepts on guitar that I've heard from some of the best in demand musicians I've seen. You obviously think I know know nothing but some of these musicians are top of the food chain in session work worldwide (Tim pierce is a famous example of someone who shares this view). I can safely say the majority know what people like to hear considering it's their entire job. I'm not saying you aren't a great musician too, before It's suggested I'm saying it... But you're also saying what ALL those people believe "makes no sense whatsoever" so I do have some concerns for the listene
  11. Cool, but I think we've more than reached the point of not agreeing. You can move along👋
  12. I think in general it's that a new album would get so much exposure, whereas a live show will only get that kind of exposure if he causes a riot or sings REALLY bad. I think 20yrs of therapy should have evened him out, but I guess not. I suppose it's just not that much of a pressing issue for him, I don't even think it's work ethic. I think he might just be over the idea... although he may eventually be in the mood and release something.
  13. Less pressure playing old material, less expectations, less eyes on him - 80000 vs the entire music industry, the crowds are now always positive too. I've only ever had very mild anxiety, but I think if I had the amount of interest/hate that Axl has and that I'd probably still create but be very shy about releasing anything.
  14. As much as I want the material, if it's going to institutionalise Axl in the process, I'll manage without it. I'd really, really like to get new material though, before the guy kicks the bucket. I don't really agree with estates releasing music that wasn't intended to be released (like the Prince estate).
  15. I cannot see him spilling the beans about what happened on his end with AC/DC on the Rock or Bust tour, but I think he'll go a little deeper on the time between being told to sit on sidelines watching Axl, and then coming back after Mals death. End of the day, he's thinking "I'm back now" so, he'll be fairly easy going about it. He's not a gotcha type anyway, the true nicest guy in rock n roll... move over Grohl. Looking forward to this! One of those albums I've never sat with. Gonna check it out, cheers!
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