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  1. I don't think the average reader of nme, blabbermouth, RS know that when Slash says something about releases he isn't in charge of the timeline. Most people would assume if Slash says something that there's pretty firm plans in place that Axl is on board with.
  2. I want to hear vocals that he can reproduce on a live stage. What's the point in hearing these crazy vocals from 20yrs ago if when it comes to playing any one of the songs live he's struggling? IF he could sing the way he does on those old recordings then keeping makes sense, beyond that I don't get it.
  3. The record isn't scrapped, we know nothing, but we know that much. There's no way it's scrapped and Slash is out doing interviews stating that he's "hoping it's released in 2021". By saying that he hopes it gets released in 2021, as flimsy as that is! it puts a delivery time on the record, when 2021 is over with and the record isn't here, more damage has been done than the alternative of just saying "We tried to get a few songs together but it just wasn't happening". One thing I hope is that Slash and Duff have contributed on more than just a recoding musician level. I would have been ove
  4. I get why some people here are wondering why there's a discussion on Axls ex-girlfriends son that had zero to do with Axl or gnr. I get Stephanie's significance to the UYI videos and some lyrics on CD, and of course losing a child is obviously terrible. I get the empathy, but I also agree that this is kinda in the 'gossip column'. It definitely has no place on the main discussion page IMO. Not a huge deal is poor wording. It's not huge news in relation to gnr, this is definitely in the realm of news that only obsessive fans talk about / care.
  5. 2.5 albums of material, doesn't mean 2.5 albums of releasable music. Regardless, I don't think we'll ever hear what Axl initially intended, but maybe Slash and Duff can improve some of the songs, make them a little more stripped back or add a new riff that gives it a more traditional GNR sound. After 12 years since CD, a double album would be nice! But my preference is 8-10 quality songs, anything less than amazing that they really want to release can be bonus editions or B-sides. A new album by GNR should be quality over quantity.
  6. 3 gtrs again, very controversial! But It would be funny to hear Richard completely change his tune on Bucket or even Bumble IF they were brought back into the band (not happening obviously).
  7. Oh yeah I agree the chorus could be a old guns left over! But the arrangement and most of the other parts don't really shout "classic gnr", that's what I meant.
  8. Guaranteed appearance then I'd pay 200-250 max. Still have to contend with what state Axl is in.
  9. Well you can be a wishful thinker, and a realist! Wishful thinking - I'd love new music and a band that sounds good live. Realist - I'll probably not get either. But I agree with the vote with your wallet sentiment!
  10. There's A LOT going on here🤣 Ass kissing of GNR? I haven't come across much of that in the last few years here, it's fairly to the point forum! although there's clearly a few nutters😄
  11. Absolutely NOT a song Slash / Old gnr wrote. It's possible he wrote the main riff!? but structurely it is so far removed from what Slash likes, this has all the calling cards of the CD line-up. If you can point me to one rock song by Slash, Duff that has as experimental sound I'd be shocked. I guarantee if Slash has had his way he has gutted the majority of the song and added a far beefier riff, and much less bloated alt / NIN noodling.
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