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  1. Better, Rocket queen, You Could Be Mine ...I could go on
  2. I appreciate that you think gnr even showing up deserves gratitude, but I have higher expectations for the money I spend (why I refunded my tickets). It's a privilege for a rock band to have fans come see them 30+ years on. You're all kinds of mixed up.... but I hope you enjoy the show you're attending. Also... I said I hope they put on a great show??? How did you just look at that one ISE comment??
  3. I like it too. Only problem I had with it was that it was a regular song in the set that could have been PTU or any number of other rarely heard songs that used to get played. I'd love to hear a studio version of Witchita!
  4. Hard call🤔 I really enjoyed Don't let it bring you down while it was in the NuGuns set, Axls clean voice actually suited it! Would be a welcome return to the set to replace the seeker.
  5. Slash will be out promoting his record in late 2022. He's probably going from Jan-April and will likely do his last bit of touring after the Euro Guns tour wraps up. I guess the bucket has been kicked to 2023. Honestly, this GNR album should have taken precedence, but Slash can't wait forever. GNR fans will have to wait and then wait some more
  6. I like all. The bike is very plain, understated, but grim looking etc. Kinda works because the album is the exact opposite of understated, but it's also pretty grim in places. The grenade is cool, but I don't think it represents the album. The red hand is the best of the bunch. I just think it's a great visual, way more dynamic than the bike and looks way better on a t-shirt... where are the Chinese Democracy Red hand tshirts??? I need one😄
  7. Hoping we've all been wrong and they come out sounding epic with a refreshed set-list. I guess we find out very soon🤣 At this point I'd take the standard old set if Axl would just sound great on it. God if (when) they start with ISE, the crowd should turn on their heels and leave.
  8. It would be a great time to do a selects from 91-93. Axl sounded effortlessly good here. This was a nice tribute, I wonder was that woman part of the crew right through until NITL. Sad, but nice that they had that bit of footage.
  9. He was definitely mentioned in a more official capacity than Axls tweet, but I can't remember exactly where that was. Hadn't seen this, but it definitely goes against what a certain Paul Stanley tweeted. He clearly was working for GNR, but didn't work out because Stanley threw down the old tomatoe and he buckled.
  10. Wasn't Doc Mcghee mentioned as being backstage in one of the rare Axl interviews? I don't know if Axl made that up... but I'd guess Doc got scared when Paul called and said "It's us or them".
  11. Oh without fail at every show, even the indoor ones. Definitely tokers, but are they takers of the GNR brand?
  12. It does seem like a strange one. I know weed is legal in a lot of states in the US, but when I think of GNR fans I don't immediately think weed. I'd have thought a GNR beer, wine or whiskey would have been better ideas. I guess they'll just make these at limited capacity, and judge the market from there. I don't smoke so I'm not about to buy one and start in the name of GNR. If they released a beer that's a different story!
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