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  1. Remove coma and get in the ring and you have a more to the point album. Anyway, I'm not talking about removing the song from history, I'm just stating that in my opinion it's a filler track😅 I know that not every song I dislike can be deemed filler in everyones eyes... but for me, and a lot of people I know Coma is an absolute snore. For me it has one moment of good / interesting music and that's the following part No one's going to bother me anymore No one's going to mess with my head no more I can't understand what all the fightin's for But it's so nice here, down off the sho
  2. For me yes. It just doesn't really go anywhere, and the main riff that it's built on is poor. Know among the die hards it's counted as one of the peak songs but it does nothing for me... I nearly put another fan favourite down too, but I in the interests of safety for me and the weak hearted MYGNR members I chose not to😄
  3. Both UYI and CD had filler moments, don't even need to name them but Rhiad, Scraped, Catcher, Right next door to hell, Coma, Shotguns blues all come to mind. Neither album is perfect, UYI is much more accessible, but that doesn't make it better or worse for me! I love CD, but I hope that the next record GNR release is a bit more stylistically consistent. Pick a direction and go for it! the experimental middle album is done, time to do the back to basics with a dash of the 'best of what we've learned from the past 30yrs'. But who knows anymore with these jokers.
  4. One meal, means that they only had one sound / style. I completely disagree, especially when you look at GNR up to CD. Even Appetite has a couple of variations of 'meal' SCOM is pure chill classic rock Creedence, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Out ta get me is pure early AC/DC. Then you have songs like Estranged, The Garden, November rain... then you have songs like Shacklers revenge, If The world, prostitute... It's a comment from a guy that really doesn't know the band that well (beyond the singles). If you judged Tool based on the their singles, or even some of their albums on the surface, you could
  5. This part in particular. SOD is one of my favourites... but I hope they don't bring it back because they will ruin in it with crap performances, I'm happy to have seen it three times with a capable band and singer.
  6. He said he did more, and that in the later copies of the album he has more credits. I think the Better riff is the only one I've specifically heard him reference though so I assume that's the only major one. Not exactly the greatest riff, but it served its purpose!
  7. No the SMKC weigh in on the main topic of the thread. Mygnr needs to hear what I have to say on the matter 😄
  8. I know Matt has his history with GNR and talks with Slash/Duff... but he's an egomaniac! and Slash and Duff know that full well. They are not confiding in Matt about not being happy in GNR 2016-present. He is not clued about GNR at all, backed up with how he found out about the reunion the same day we did. Matts pissed to this day that he didn't get asked for a spot in the NITL band, he proved how pissy he is by unfollowing Slash and Duff after the announcement. He put bullshit claims in his book A) because he was pissed B) because he needed something juicy to get some headlines... unfort
  9. Hemispheres is a different kettle of fish because Rush treated their fans great, and the fans are diehard. Hemispheres isn't the most popular Rush record but it was definitely received better by the fans. I get what you're saying I just don't see the market being big enough to allow for it. I would spend 3-500 on a boxset with the complete recordings of the cd era happily, but I know nobody else that would even consider it... outside of this forum😄 Also, I would hope they do some further research on the numbers too... 🤣
  10. 10k initially? Maybe 1-2k max!! I LOVE CD! but I'm also a realist! While it has its fans, there is no way there's that much of a market. It's incredibly niche and not worth the cost involved. I would love to hear all that stuff, but the majority of ghr fans are the people gnr management focus on, not the 1-2000 people that might go out and buy a deluxe extended Chinese democracy boxset. Big gambal for them. AFD and UYI were widely accepted records, and include the bands most famous songs that's why they get such grand treatment CD is beloved by some but the majority have decided it's no
  11. since 2011 it's been mostly a shit show, with the odd exception. NITL was a complete anti-climax. Am I going to let go of being a fan of the band? no... but where the rank in importance in 2020 is remarkably different to where it was 10 years ago, I enjoy the records they released up to 2008... but I can barely get through those shit selects, I don't really enjoy listening to the current band... I'm open to having my mind changed so I check out whatever happens but it really isn't looking likely that I'll ever be as into GNR as I was... It's like the 'watching how the sausage is made' thing. K
  12. It's pretty funny the different opinions. For me, I didn't love the song WOF when I heard it first, but it grew on me over time... it is pretty dumb😄 The driving rain song just didn't have a great riff, and for a Slash song the riff has to be there... kinda reminded me of that same feeling I got when herd 'Come on, come in' just blah!! I'm going to give it another shot though, sometimes a good breather makes all the difference... plus seeing as Slash is the closest to GNR music that I'll get I may as well get on-board. I Still listening to most of WOF regularly.
  13. Artistically bankrupt. With or without Izzy there would still be no new album right now. Izzy would not be pushing the band "Come on guys, lets go and make a new record!!!" it would be more like "Lets see what happens... I'll watch from a distance". Also, maybe the entity GNR is, but the individual members still release music regularly with the exception of Axl... so I don't really buy into that, also! we've heard from so, so! many people that Axl is always writing new material and that he has tons of material that he works on! that in itself (even without releasing it) proves that creati
  14. I think it's that the first single was so average, didn't really have much of a riff, the solo was 'meh' to quote David Crosby... first impressions are important. It also isn't as immediate as WOF, I think Slash comes from the Motorhead school 'Just get it out' and sometimes the material isn't as strong as it could be... this album is definitely that for me anyway. I think the nail was hit on the head with WOF.
  15. But if they release a bunch of shoddy live selects then nobody in their right mind would say "can't wait for the bluray". They should build anticipation by releasing good quality performances and recordings. But this is modern gnr...
  16. Gnr actively self-sabotage, but it isn't conscious. This is a really poorly run, lazy band that accepts 'good enough' as 'as good as it gets'.
  17. He reviews this stuff? And it still comes out?😲 wow!
  18. How do you know who Axl is and isn't friends with though? Judging by the pics we've seen, he's hung out with loads of famous people Mickey Rourke, Steven tyler, Lana del ray, Leonardo DiCaprio... loads of stories, he just doesn't go out of his way to be photographed. But yeah, anyone that talks that much and then offers extremely vague answers like what she said, is usually full of it... who knows may r she is close with Axl though... I mean he did have a spiritual advisor, so a whacky Monica type sounds reasonable😄
  19. You must have missed Richards interviews, he said there's great chemistry... best buds... sectioned off backstage away from each other, only meeting 30 seconds before the show starts, or if for some reason their catering order goes to the wrong room😄 I'm happy having seen them in what I consider a great period, where Axl sounded good and cracked great jokes... also the time he walked off, and was forced to come back on. If I see another show, it's in support of a new album... I can't say I'd refuse a free ticket or something crazy though!
  20. Not that far off where I'm at with them... although I am still interested in the concept of a new album😄. If they called it quits I could live with it happily enough though, I've seen them enough. That is however astonishing to me considering this is one of my most favourite bands. If Metallica said they were retiring tomorrow I'd be gutted. If GNR did it Id say that it was the logical next move, performances were shakey and there's no new material, so best to go out with some dignity and on a "high"... As for the question - I have no idea! they certainly don't deserve this kind of inter
  21. Ssure some of the ladies might welcome her in their dreams too, this a judgement free thread! let's hear it folks!😄
  22. I once had a dream about Axl and Slash burying the hatchet (not a euphemism). 2 months later Slash let slip that he was friends with Axl again... I am now the closest thing to an inside source on MYGNR, ask the oracle anything guys and gals🧝🏻‍♂️ I will use my powers for good! call me the macdaddy!
  23. Oh yes, I must have missed that! Where do I go for pre-order?😄
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