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  1. Bad apples was always a bit of a goof song, but I love it none the less. Love the riff, memorable vocal and great solo! Also that riff after the solo is great🤘
  2. Makes more sense than Gnr and Slash both releasing albums at the same time unfortunately... but the plus side. A full length might have better production and better songs. Only hitch Is the 'might'🤣
  3. Maybe, but it's a headscratcher if they do include these songs. I think it's perfect that there's an ep and then a completely separate full-length album with a whole other track-listing. Look, if these songs make it on the full album so be it, but I would be much happier having some separation... but beggars can't be choosers!!
  4. I misspoke when I said "save the good material" Hard skool isn't bad material. I meant, there's no point blowing their wad with all their best material on a ep. Take some ok music and put it out with live tracks and hold the strongest stuff for the full length. There really is no point releasing the songs on an official ep and then an LP too though.
  5. Wooohoo!!! I am so glad these songs aren't on a LP🥳🥳🥳 These are perfect for a small ep with a sprinkle of live cuts! Hold the good material for a full album!
  6. That was Bumblefoots idea in 2011and he was shot down. TB and Axl had to have the thought for themselves before they could go ahead with it. If Axl had done that10 years ago his band wouldn't have fallen apart a few he'd have almost all of his Chinese era music released by now.
  7. The time frame doesn't bother me one way or the other, if it's good it's good and vice versa. Really happy for the people digging this, but I'll be interested to see if opinions have changed in a few weeks/months once the new car smell is gone. Also.... I thought there was no ep? Is there now an ep with some live songs including hard skool and Absurd? I think I missed something?
  8. I just chose those as they were the rock songs, I also think TWAT, Madagascar, This I love and bunch of others are far better songs😄 Commercially yes, Hard Skool will be more popular and appeal to a wider fanbase because it ties in with that old GNR sound. However, I think objectively Better has a much more earworm chorus that would stay with you after a listen, hard Skool is fun but not memorable.
  9. Coldplay are also happy to promote and work so that media outlets regularly play and write about their new material. They also have videos to supplement the music and they teamed up with a hip younger group. Coldplay are also much, much bigger with a wider audience. I am not totally sure GNR are trying to compete though, I mean if they are, this is embarrassing😅 They haven't a music video or lyric video, they have barely acknowledged the song(s) outside of a few tweets and Axl introing Absurd live on the debut
  10. Ah now, I know you don't like Chinese! but let's be reasonable!😄 Good song but if it was on Chinese it's in the discussion for top 4 rockers on the album, not best song on the album! The rocker order would go 1. Chinese 2. Better 3. Shacklers 4. Hard Skool ...it's better than Scraped and Rhiad though!😜
  11. Exactly!! I neither hate or love the song, but I'll still check out the full release when it comes and I'll continue to listen to the band even if the new album is average... I hope it's great though. Nobody in their right mind should be expecting songs as good and better than the main songs off of AFD/UYI... too much history/expectations to ever touch them! And i want to hear the next evolution of the gnr sound, not some bullshit rehash (not calling HS a rehash, that was a general point). Hard skool is a good corrective step in my opinion, but like when you look it as one of the first songs people hear from Duff, Slash and Axl in 20yrs it is a bit underwhelming. It's not negative to state your opinion. Negativity would be to comment constantly saying "everything gnr do is shit, they've been shit for years and they'll never get better". I'm more optimistic 😊
  12. I think being honest and getting away from the relief and excitement of more official music....It is a 6/10 song, there are some cool parts but I also said that about the demo. Vocal melody was bland on the demo and it's the same now, chorus is decent but it's kinda like a pre chorus yet the song never really goes to that next gear, instead they slowed the song down?? I mean if there's a slow section then there needs to get some sort of melodic pull... and Slash's solo is quite poor. I get the restrained thing, but it doesn't work here especially when you have the drums playing as heavy as it gets underneath. In my opinion one of Slash's most underwhelming solos. Don't care that the vocals are 21yrs old. Think the mix is fine, not as good as CD and in general the song is grand but they could have easily made something far greater. Hopefully the next songs aren't perhaps or Atlas, gnr need a 10/10 killer next. I am starting to get worried for the rest of the album... I'm also kinda hoping that now this is just a stop gap ep
  13. Yeah that's how I'd hope for it to go. There's no need to playa Coma every night. I'm not a big fan of the song, but it's nice to get some rotation going after a few weeks of a stationary set
  14. The statement from Tommy was during the NITL tour... so, you know diddly squat clearly😜 I'm not easily pleased, I said it's far from their best work, I said that when I heard the 21yr old leak too, but this is better than the demo. As a GNR song it's about a 6, but I really like parts of it and I think it'll be fun live. It's also nice to have officially released GNR music, I think you need some perspective.
  15. Pele... If you just don't like the song comment away by all means, but if you're just here to spew out your BS about Axl only having like 5 songs left with vocals, we know your "beliefs" and we don't need to hear it again😄 Your beliefs are based on nothing, the rest of the people "falling for it" have read numerous interviews with past members, producers, engineers, Sebastian bach all confirming that there is a ton of music. Tommy said it quite plainly, there's plenty of material with vocals and plenty without as of the last time he heard anything. Why would Tommy need to make that up? he isn't under contract, he has no obligation.... he wasn't bullshitting like you, he was stating what he knows to be fact (as he actually heard the material), you know nothing as fact, and your moron "insider" knows nothing too. Kindly shut the hell up? I'm listening to the new version and I'd say 90% is vocals from 99 (or thereabouts), there are parts that sound different too. I'm not positive about what is and isn;'t new, and I don't care. It sounds like a cool song (not their best - in line with get in the ring, shotgun blues etc), that's my takeaway from this! I couldn't give two fucks that some or maybe even all vocals were recorded 20yrs ago! Why does it matter? it really makes no difference at all. The question is do you like the song, yes or no.
  16. Finally heard it, and it's better than the demo, much more of a UYI feel to this. Some good guitar work and the vocals are improved. Only criticisms is that Axl is a tiny bit low in the mix, I also feel like he could have added a more prominent vocal over the slide section.
  17. This is a repeat of 2008 😭 "The demo was better, the demo was better". I haven't heard the finished studio version yet, but I'll almost certainly enjoy it more than the demo, because A) Slash is playing the guitar B) the original solos were laborious and terrible 3) the mix was flat. 4) because apparently there's some newer vocals, and Pele stated unequivocally that Axl had not recorded any vocals since the time he recorded the village leaks😄 ah that might be the best part of the release😜
  18. It seems like Slash said because he walks right by the camera and then a voice really alike Slash starts talking, then he walks off and comes back and repeats the last thing he said. Anyway, detective work is not necessary on this occasion! I'm not 100% it was Slash but it sounded like him to me and he literally walked right up to the camera😅
  19. Slash said "16yrs and still can't get his name right" poor aul Frank! 😄
  20. Knicks contract, not 'next' contact. Come on👂👂👂👂
  21. his deal with the knicks, sorry Frank haters🤣
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