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  1. It would be disingenuous to say it didn't satisfy Axl who largely financed the record? Ha! He toured it extensively and talked as recently as 2016 about his love for it and how happy he was with the music. I think that's a fact. The album didn't sell as well as AFD or have the same impact... I mean, no shit! Who in their right mind would have had that expectation? Crazy. It's a good record, with good songs. It doesn't have to "Bury appetite" to live up to that. It's sales were underwhelming, but still far from a flop. Fact. He needed them. Yes true. They also needed him, and without his
  2. This is ever slightly true in parts (complete BS for the rest though), Axl has always liked to collaborate and have writers around him (nothing wrong with this). Your suggestion that we think he's a prolific talent?? No idea how you arrived at that🤣 Nobody argues this, he is clearly not prolific. Is he a musical genius? what's the criteria Euchre? I'd say writing a song that 30yrs later people still scream out loud, or cry when they hear it live suggests he might just be a musical genius. His small output means nothing against his ability as a songwriter. You're clearly not a CD fa
  3. Oh yeah, I agree! I think you have to hear it before you know, but some of those would sound good with that don't cry style. I would definitely miss the kick in 'Estranged' when it goes to "I see the storm is getting closer", maybe it would be better though?
  4. As long as they don't turn into the fucking foo fighters and do an acoustic intro for every song that might be OK (I despise this method). You never know until you hear it. But certain songs just won't improve. There's a reason he used that voice on the recording instead if singing low or some other way. The grandma voice should go and stay gone, but the answer is Axl going to a vocal coach and learning his way around his current ability. If he starts singing low more often, then he'll be fucking bon Jovi and that's a great example of how it sounds when a singer who sings high suddenly c
  5. Only way that works is if the band completely change the arrangements, but then they are new songs and I don't think the audience want to hear reinterpretations of SCOM, NV, Jungle, Estranged etc. I'd rather have him swing for the fence rather than ducking out. The guy just needs to work his ass off. He hasn't lost his voice he's just not motivated for whatever reason & I think he still sort of believes he can go out there with the same prep he put in 30yrs ago... and that's just not the case.
  6. Copyrighted material. It's still under the gnr umbrella (even a year before AFDs release) meaning they control the right to how it's used or not used... and unfortunately gnr deem a gnr specific forum sharing videos of them to be counter to their best interests... obviously they wouldn't like vault material leaking though (I'm on about phone videos mainly). I think if gnr intended on releasing such a show it would have been on the boxset. From that point of view they shouldn't really give a toss.
  7. I think it would be great (and devious) if TB, put one of their people on here to ask our help. Just like the forum member who is linked with the uyi boxset. We scrap it out over the best shows, and then the best of the best gets pinned to the op. They win because people hear the band sounding incredible, and they haven't had to go through the shows yo figure which ones are the hidden gems. We win because we get pro shots of performances we like. I don't think this will happen, but it would be a great idea nonetheless.
  8. They might give a good version of some of the songs that were on shit selects, i'm fine with rollimg the dice. Only thing i'd like now is a pro shot of when they didn't mess up I feel good, or the most recent version of You're crazy because I thought that was a really fun new version
  9. And I don't disagree with most of this. I think there are aome with crazy expectations. This selects is very welcome. I'll acrually rewatch this one a few times! The negativity gets old I understand, but I like the balance when everyone else is hailing it a masterpiece😄
  10. I enjoyed it too, I just thought some things were excellent & some things were really shakey. I would never expect him to sound like the 90s (I'd prefer 06 anyway😉) and I wouldn't expect 06 either! Time marches on yada, yada and his voice will adapt (or not) accordingly. It is good and in comparison to what came after this, it's next level stuff, not arguing otherwise! But...if you compare RQ and Jungle from a closer comparison piece AFDdemocracy (which was slated here), he doesn't sound half as good in 2016... 4yrs is not a long time! Jungle sounded great all the way through, ISE gre
  11. He sounded decent for the most part. Nightrain and Sorry were a bit wobbly... overall he was still trying, and in parts he sounded great. But you can hear the 2017 sound here too. I knew a pro shot of this year wouldn't be as good as the hype. Maybe some shows, but the year as with all years where guns are on tour has its ups and downs vocally. This was still good, but not great. Mix was no better and no worse. I guess it's a miracle to get this stuff so I guess you just have to suck it up😅 crowd shot or two would have been icing on the cake. One thing I thought was that Nightrain i
  12. Yeah sometimes he's a bit too ckean and nasaly. I guess it will depend on Slash writing a more laid back record though. I'd say the next record will follow where all the rest left off
  13. It's not earth shattering, but I like it. Biggest complaint about the version we've heard is the way it's choppy between the verses, the vocal doesn't always fit that well in terms of rhythm, like take a breath. I guarantee he'd sound like he does on TWAT live, trying to sing this. Why does be paint himself into a corner with this stuff?? There are great parts, but ultimately this would be a weaker song on chinese as it stands. And if this is the final structure, it's a bit too close to catcher so I get why they chopped it at the last minute. I'd hope the arrangement has been tweake
  14. Allegations is one thing. But when you say "Duffs on a band with a well known wife/girlfriend beater and alleged rapist" and you onow anything about Axl it's pretty evident who you were on about. End of the day he wasn't proven guilty on any of those and you're throwing around 2nd information as if you have any idea what was really happening. And i'm sure you've read all the court documents, but I don't care. IF he was guilty, with his record he would have been made an example of.
  15. Duff Stephanie story?? Share the bullet points?😃
  16. Light at the end of the tunnel of the 2nd postponement would have been an excellent time to say "we'll have a new album for you". Oh well🤣
  17. Love the bits he's released so far! His voice is only getting better with age
  18. That's a headscratcher when he's been backstage with Slash a few times😄 The led zeppelin bit was interesting too! Don't think i've heard him say that before!
  19. Maybe I missed it, but did he discuss meeting Axl? I've been curious if he's met him or hung out since he was backstage a few times
  20. Maybe they heard it back and thought "oh man! we can't let people hear this". It's a disappointment that they put that clip up yesterday and it was only like 15seconds... that is one show that would have made the selects bearable, there was definitely 1 good performance in a 20+ song setlist
  21. Metallica definitely are the better business. As for which albums you prefer, that's totally subjective. The other stuff is impossible to argue. Metallica always deliver, gnr even back in their heyday were up and down with either too much partying spilling over to the stage or Axl having voice issues. Gnr on form were probably fit to follow Metallica, but when the chips were down in 1992, Metallica came out smelling of roses and gnr were eating their dust. One band was gaining momemtum the other was falling apart. Now I didn't see them back then, but judging by the performances caugh
  22. I've never even considered anybody not liking Fernando for anything other than his shitty attitude towards (this forum and "difficult" fans) and lack of ability. Back on topic. This headline almost made repeat my dance I did when Dj quit the band😄 If it ever happens I'll upload a video😄
  23. What in the absolute fuck are you on about!? I'm saying I don't care about colour or nationality, I care about the ability of a manager to do his job. I don't think you understood what I was saying. But... you absolutely made the discussion about racism "as a brazillian I find it offensive when you say means things about Fernando", how is that not loaded?? or a suggestion of racism? go and kiss ass on nightrain if people sharing honest opinions shakes you so much, simple as that. I think there has to be a communication issue here. Still working out what this has to do w
  24. Look if it was an irish family, the criticm would be exactly the same. It has zero to do with skin colour, nationality or anything racial. It has everything to do with all the other things thst are mentioned. You can't cry racism when it's absolutely nothing do with the matter. Some people say "brazillian family took over management" no 1 this factual. No 2 if it was like I said an Irish family then that's what they'd say instead. I also appreciate that there are actual biases in other areas (unrelated to gnr) towards Brazillians, but it's just not applicable here.
  25. It's not ALL their fault, but there's so much that is, and all of the above falls into that.
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