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  1. Removed a few posts and locking this as it was bound to go off topic. I understand why the OP posted it but the subject of Harry Brant is only very tenuously connected to GNR. Condolences to his family.
  2. I've been wondering whether to unpin this thread. Is Axl done with political tweeting now? What does everyone think?
  3. This thread has taken a turn from what was in the OP so closing for now
  4. Just to add an advert free forum is one of the perks of club membership if that's something you would be interested in.
  5. Seems like standard Adsense behaviour. Not something we can do anything about other than have no ads at all but that isn't feasible as the revenue helps the forum stay running. Sorry it freaked you out a bit. For what it's worth I also find purchases stalk me, usually on FB. It's a weird algorithm because who is going to buy 2 of the same thing?
  6. You're welcome. I love old photos of landscapes and architecture changing. Never had the opportunity to visit LA as yet - maybe one day when we can all travel easily again!
  7. https://12sunsets.getty.edu This is a cool site to play around with. I know a lot here are interested in or have visited the strip due to the connection to GNR. There's an article here about how it came about https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/ed-ruscha-sunset-strip-getty/2021/01/07/5c14e6ba-4f89-11eb-bda4-615aaefd0555_story.html The article is paywalled but below is a couple of excerpts. Of all the online offerings brought to the surface this year in an earnest, if largely unsatisfying, attempt to make up for the loss of in-person encounters with art, non
  8. If anything further emerges on this rumour a staff member can be PM'd for it to reopen.
  9. Axl will be doing fuck all at the moment except watching CNN and refreshing Twitter in this gripping season finale of Trump's America. Biden will bring us new music.
  10. So could be something, could be nothing. Seems abut the size of it at the minute.
  11. They're young adults now so they'll make their mistakes like previous generations only now it gets played out over SM. Hopefully they'll be fine and get over themselves in a few years time.
  12. I've edited the title of this as there isn't anything concrete at the minute outside of internet speculation.
  13. Apples and trees come to mind. It's all rock n' fkn roll dude!
  14. That's a shame they had a nice sound although I'm not sure they would ever break mainstream. They're all very young still so they might all move around a few times before one or two of them hit on a winning formula. It's not easy to make it big in music now, it probably wasn't ever easy but these days everyone has so much choice of entertainment to consume it must be hard to stand out from a million other teen boys making music on youtube or soundcloud (even with the bonus of a famous Dad).
  15. UK shows without a doubt won't be happening here this summer. It's not even clear if children will be back in full time school by then and our chief medical officer is talking about some restrictions still being necessary next winter so rock concerts are a non starter for the moment. I think Ticketmaster/bands continue to book shows and sell tickets for a couple of reasons a) as PR to remind everyone they still exist and b) keep the revenue turning over so there's still an industry to return to in a few years.
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