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  1. There's music that's crazy popular with young people today that I barely have an awareness of. I'm thinking specifically of K Pop here, some of those bands have a huge following amongst teen girls to the degree that 'kpopstan' is a meme all of it's own. It's not quite the same as it was in the late 20th Century when huge rock acts could transcend generations to a degree, as @jamillossaid technology has changed the world so much and we have so many forms of entertainment at our disposal. I do think that younger generations though still have their own music fads to some extent.
  2. I'm expecting him to look pretty much the same tbh. I think he might have given up on the image revamps we got used to with younger Axl. I'm going to take a wild guess that beard or moustache versus no beard or moustache is as exciting as it's going to get. Maybe a new hat if really living dangerously.
  3. We'll still be here though looking for live updates... just in case.
  4. I like it especially the guitar work but as with all things Slash there's always that little voice that says "needs more Axl".
  5. Bottlerock looks very artisan and wholesome for a rock festival. If you go to this and find yourself disappointed in the GNR show I feel like you'll be able to cheer yourself up by taking home a nice cheese board and some locally made kefir.
  6. I'd like an Axl autobiography too but he missed the boat on that one by not releasing it in a similar timeframe to Slash and Duff. Releasing it at any point since the reunion will just stoke up old resentments unless he's very censorious with himself and that's hardly Axl's style! Maybe if this current incarnation ends and they go their separate ways again he will as a retirement project but he's not much for talking publicly these days so I just feel he won't bother and money isn't likely a motivating factor any longer.
  7. Overall the forum has always had more male posters but when the reunion was first announced and got underway it brought a load of women to the forum. That's how the Women's Threads in The Jungle section got going - some of of our male members were not happy with their D&N serious stuff conversations being peppered with fan girls who wanted to talk hair, clothes, wives & girlfriends and the biggest no no - SLAXL talk! Sadly 5 years later most have gone or only pop in occasionally, I don't blame them because it's not like there's anything to discuss. The Women's Threads could
  8. New 2022 tour section because I can tell you all just can't wait! https://www.mygnrforum.com/forum/380-2022-tour-dates/
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