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  1. It's boy who cried wolf syndrome though, isn't it? I believe him about the band name and it's been pretty much proven years later through legal documents. But he did have megalomaniac tendencies and did do a lot of other stuff that he's bang to rights on. He made himself vulnerable to propaganda and shit talk because his track record meant it all sounded plausible. I say this as primarily an Axl fan. I don't think speaking out more would have done a lot of good back then. A lot of people had already made their mind up. If anything the low profile, Howard Hughes esqe mystique allowed him to eek out his A grade star status a lot longer than if he'd done a ton of interviews and reality TV. Now since the reunion most people have forgotten any 90s bullshit or never knew any of it in the first place.
  2. It's possible. Do you mean famous musicians or just famous in general? For example Liv Tyler became a famous actress. Some of them could become known for whatever career they head into but the chance of them being rockstars on the same level is slim because they don't really make em like that any more!
  3. Art is complicated. I wish Axl had more output but I guess some people just don't work that way. A favourite book of my youth was The Secret History, the author Donna Tartt has only published another two books since then - one per decade but all prize winning. Then you have authors like Terry Pratchett who wrote many, many books and was also thought highly of. Despite trying I could never get into his writing though. So on that basis I personally have gotten more out of Tartt's low output because I do enjoy her writing even though it's infrequent. I'd love another Axl/GNR album but whether it happens or not it won't make any difference to my frequency of listening to SMKC (which is more about MK than Slash, I just don't like his singing).
  4. I would never call parents stupid or selfish for worrying about such decisions. I understand the hesitancy, I just wanted to offer reassurance based on my own experience. I'm sorry about your friends daughter and hope she is okay now.
  5. It's okay. The Shadow LV was slightly better I think. I get why bands like GNR wouldn't bother with full production music videos anymore, they cost a lot to make and don't recoup the cost. Bizarre timing though, it should have been ready to go when the song debuted. Agree. It's a shame there's nothing like that from 2006 era.
  6. I'm due a booster but the booking system currently will only allocate you a date after 182 days from your last shot which for me is just into the new year. Boris announced this week they are closing the gap to 3 months but the system hasn't been upgraded yet so none of the clinics will allow you to use the drop in service under 182 days. I'm hoping this changes next week because I want to get it before doing the usual xmas mingling and not after.
  7. I have 3 sons aged 20, 17 and 14. The two eldest have had two vaccines and the youngest one so far. I know anecdotes are not evidence but all of them have been absolutely fine. I did worry a bit about the data on myocarditis but the risk of similar complications is even higher for the virus. They all made their own decision to have it in the end so that made it easier although I did have to sign a consent form for the youngest.
  8. That's great for Billy Joel however this is the GNR news section.
  9. I can sort of understand this if you think about just how many people Axl will have met and worked with through his life. I've had friendships and acquaintances at only the fraction of a level someone like him will have had and I've not maintained all them for one reason or another. A lot of friendships are situational and don't survive once one or both of you move on to pastures new. Doesn't mean you wouldn't be happy to see them or catch up if you bumped into them one time. If he kept in touch with everyone who considered him a good buddy he'd never be off the phone. Or maybe that's what's delaying the new album?
  10. That's definitely a better way of putting it but not as soundbitey. Which is sort of the problem with politics! I find the whole school board thing quite fascinating because we don't have anything here that works like that. Here each school has a board of governors which you can get elected to as a parent-governor but meetings aren't public. If I had any type of issue with the school that wasn't resolved at a parent/teacher level I can write to the governors, who may, if it's serious invite me to speak at a portion of the meeting but I wouldn't be able to take a whole bunch of parents with me. It would strictly be a closed meeting and I would only be able to attend my portion. Most of the time that wouldn't even happen and you would just correspond in writing. We don't often have have clashes over curriculum here, when it has happened recently it's been the muslim community vs sex education or issues of blasphemy. There was a particularly nasty incident not far from me where a teacher had to go into hiding because he showed his class a Charlie Hebdo image. Outside of those incidents our school curriculums are pretty uncontroversial as far as I can tell. Still banging on about WW2, the Industrial Revolution, Shakespeare and rock formation.
  11. I think there's a chance, providing Democrats and the media shut up about him, that Trump could become increasingly irrelevant by the time 2024 approaches. Putting aside the merits/non merits of the R governor candidates in these elections it seems like they showed a way forward for Republicans without having much to do with Trump himself. Youngkin paid a bit of lip service when directly asked but he strikes me as a typically old skool religious conservative rather than a Trump devotee. I've not seen anything to suggest the NJ guy ran on a 'Trump' platform either. A lot of people would argue that old skool Republicans are almost as bad but I don't think it's the worst thing if the RNC can see a way forward to both sideline Trump and remain a viable party that can still win support. Since Jan 6th it appears like Trump support has peeled away amongst many voters. Yes he still has a decent hardcore base but I think that might dwindle too as more time elapses away from the point he was president. I could be totally wrong about this because the US never ceases to throw up surprises but I struggle to imagine him getting the same support 2nd time around. At least the first time he was sort of an unknown (not really but you know what I mean) and a lot of people took a punt at something they thought to be anti establishment. McAuliffe lost the election on that one comment to parents that they heard and interpreted as "The best interests of your children have nothing to do with you". A profoundly stupid thing for an experienced politician to say because in the end I don't even think it was just down to panic over CRT, a statement like that becomes a boogeyman that you can place any lens over. To be honest if a politician was that dismissive over my role as a parent I'd probably think "fuck you" too. He could have handled it so much better and it was akin to Clinton's 'deplorable' moment. Very poor strategy and probably cost him the race.
  12. Did he ever show up? Maybe with Elvis in tow?
  13. Integrity doesn't pay the bills. Most of them have done cringe worthy commercial crap over the years. I'm sure part of the issue is that at the height of their fame they were reckless with the money coming in and possibly taken advantage of. It's an old story and famous rockstars who manage the money well when young are a rarity. Axl at least realised this (he sought advice from Jagger) but I think lacked the ability for whatever reason to execute it perfectly. Since the reunion they could afford to be really picky but probably think fuck it. In the age of social media influencers and all sorts of other commodified crap the concept of 'selling out' barely exists anymore, it's just a relic from a time when music subcultures ruled the world.
  14. I've created a subforum in D&N for all past AfD podcast episode threads. I've been meaning to do it for a while because it doesn't make sense to have them scattered through the many back pages of D&N. @Gambit83will continue to post the latest ep in D&N then later move to the archive section as a new one comes out. Fans are in for a bit of GNR downtime for now so hopefully rediscovering episodes you missed or just having a re-listen will help pass the time. Alfie. https://www.mygnrforum.com/forum/382-appetite-for-distortion-podcast-archive/
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