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  1. This has made it into The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/sep/13/look-away-review-horrifying-stories-of-abuse-at-the-hands-of-male-rock-stars
  2. Some quality education on this thread. My theory is that he's sent them as an emergency aid package to the good people of Portland where flannel shirts still look fly.
  3. If it's cheap and not inconvenient then yes. Pre pandemic I'd have probably said no but we've been able to do very little for near on 2 years now so go and celebrate the return of big events and still being alive. By most accounts the band are sounding decent and having fun with the shows which is a bonus. AND you might be one of the first to hear HS live* *this is not a promise, don't hold me to it.
  4. It is sweet. I suppose it's like having grandkids for him in a way. All the fun and none of the responsibility!
  5. Golden era rockstars are like teflon when it comes to cancellation. I think it's partly because they've always been upfront about the sex, drugs and R&R and it's what people expected of them in their prime and sometimes beyond. Look at what Bill Wyman got away with! I think the only way it becomes a serious issue for any of them right now is if recent allegations get made rather than the shit they got up to at 25. Even then I'm not sure how much appetite there is for taking down rockers. In a weird way it might be because they don't hold institutional power like politicians, studio execs etc...they're rich and famous but other than that loads of them are just ex addicts and fuck ups.
  6. My daughter has Covid currently. She tested positive a week ago after going to a festival. She seems okay so far - feels a bit tired and has a cold. She did say it's weird that the symptoms go up and down, disappearing for a while then coming back. She lost her smell and taste which was the first symptom. I'm not overly worried, I keep checking in with her every couple of days to see how she feels because I know you can feel like you're recovering then suddenly get worse. Her boyfriend is in isolation with her but despite also going to the festival and being in the same house he's remained negative so far. They've both only had one jab but hoping they're young enough for that to be enough. They could have been double jabbed by now but like many 20 somethings didn't make it a priority. I think my persistent nagging is the reason they have at least one.
  7. Oh hell no. No offence to Myles as I recognise he is technically a good singer but his voice just doesn't work for me. I'll take Axl in a high altitude with strep throat and ear mic problems over Myles.
  8. I let one of my son's be photographed for a indie jewellery advert as a baby (he was ridiculously cute even accounting for my bias). He got £50 and a framed photo that sits proudly in the hallway. He is wearing a nappy but maybe I'm going to be in trouble in a few years for an embarrassing photo. It's not quite in the league of Nevermind and I doubt our artist made much money. I can see why this man might feel awkward about it but if he didn't tell people it was him hardly anyone would know.
  9. I appreciate your point and sort of agree but the drama has been about lithos and Fernando chose to make his comments in this thread so there is relevance. Hopefully there's not much else to say now so the convo will likely move on naturally. To help things along if anyone wants to discuss the non-litho comments made by Fernando can they take it to the D&N thread below.
  10. Hidden a few posts this morning. This argument is tedious enough without making piss take memes of someones appearance. Comment on the litho drama by all means but don't make it personal. Thanks
  11. Previous thread. Trying to keep tributes in one place. Thanks
  12. There could be. Just not sure if it was completely clear as there was a lot of joking around and cross posts. He did say he would be back I think so maybe he'll confirm exactly what was meant.
  13. I think this is a bit generous. Only confirmed thing was an eventual vinyl release of Absurd and your signature . I'd encourage everyone to read the Litho thread to make their own interpretations before getting too excited.
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