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  1. Had my first vaccine this week. Felt really crappy for about 24hrs (flu symptoms, temperature spike), not everyone gets side effects but quite a lot do. Worth bearing that in mind when booking, don't have it a day before you have something important to do. Or if you have young kids to look after don't vaccinate both parents at the same time, space it by at least a week.
  2. This is one of the best Phil stories I've read this weekend. Not many people have a legit claim at being a deity. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9456511/Remote-South-Pacific-tribe-shocked-hear-god-Prince-Philip-died.html
  3. Imagine being blamed for a seriously ill 99 yr old dying. Bonkers! It was quite amazing he survived the heart surgery a couple of months back.
  4. Sad news for The Queen. Whatever you think about royalty this marks the beginning of the end of an era for the UK and remaining Commonwealth. When The Queen goes too it will have quite a significant impact I think. Most people have no living memory of anything other than QE2 as head of state. Only a couple of months really. I think his 100th birthday would have been June/July.
  5. We'll still be here when Axl is in a nursing home going "we know they let residents out for day visits so he could go into the studio, right?"
  6. I prefer GNR to Queen but I think Queen are more legendary overall.
  7. I'm surprised GNR did well enough to come 2nd in the UK. They're easily in the top 10 of rock bands but it's surprising they beat some of the other bands. I wonder if part of it is a generation shift towards Gen X as the middle age people who vote in this kind of poll plus the reunion? Ten or twenty years ago I don't see them beating The Stones. Obviously I'd vote for GNR but like everyone else here I'm already a biased sample.
  8. I'm sure I remember him giving interviews about them not being interested in having kids. I suspect that was just because his wife was too young to care about being a parent back then. This how a lot of older men end up becoming fathers in later life, they marry very young women overlooking the fact a woman in her mid thirties is often very different from her 20 year old self. They've been married a long time though so I guess they're happy. I wish them good luck with the baby.
  9. Yes. I don't quite get this argument. He has typical weight gain patterns seen in a lot of older men but he can't be that unfit. Even an hour of one of those shows would have me carted off on a stretcher.
  10. It's not so much the inactivity that's the problem, or at least it's not the whole picture. The former era's had an air of mystery and intrigue. Even in the DJ/BBF nu guns era ghosts of former band members and long lasting feuds provided a fair bit to talk about and speculate over. It feels like a case of be careful what you wish for. Most people here relished the idea of a reunion of sorts for years. Then we got what we wanted (mostly) and for a year, maybe two it was like Christmas. I genuinely have the fondest memories of the excitement here when the rumours started to ramp up, through
  11. Interview here plus cheesy cake reveal video and obligatory celebrity bump in skimpy underwear photo https://people.com/parents/matt-sorum-wife-ace-harper-pregnant-expecting-first-child-daughter-exclusive/
  12. No, the thread is about an interview DJ chose to do. People posting here will have varying reactions to what he said but ultimately the purpose of an interview is self publicity so people read and talk about it. I'm sure DJ knows that as well as anyone. Individual posts that cross a line and break forum rules can and should be reported but I've not seen that so far on the thread.
  13. Well spotted. Yeah definitely not 14 then. He does look very young though.
  14. Was looking for a specific photo when I happened across these pics. The claim is they are Axl aged 14. I've never seen them before and even before reading the supposed age I did think wow he looks young. So ladies (and lurking gents) are these; a) Definitely Axl? ( I do think they are but there's always that chance) b) Depict him at the age claimed? I'm dubious on this one because even though he looks really young would he really have had this look going on prior to leaving school based on the other youth photos of him with a bowl cut? So I'm thinking they have to be at le
  15. Good question. I don't know. I think it's because he has 'it' without being able to define exactly what 'it' is. The 'it' is why he became a mega rockstar opposed to just a good musician.
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