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  1. I knew there was a silver lining somewhere. The NRA file for banckruptsy https://us.cnn.com/2021/01/15/business/nra-bankruptcy-new-york-texas/index.html See, this is what happens when you donate all your money to the GOP I know they're gonna bounce back at some point. I just hope they get better leaders and bit more common sense and compassion
  2. Well the trial has to take place. If it's not McConnell somebody else must be in charge of the Republican Senators
  3. I don't understand why McConnell wants to wait until Biden is sworn in. What is he up to?
  4. Just some trivia. I'm glad one of the 10 republicans who joined democrats was Fred Upton. Some people may not know this. He is the uncle of model Kate Upton. I'm assuming everyone knows who she is. P.S. Mc Connell better get his shit together this time
  5. https://us.cnn.com/2021/01/13/politics/camp-auschwitz-shirt-capitol-arrested/index.html Turd arrested. Who are the people/stores selling that kind of shirt in the first place? Is that kind of clothing available in places like Amazon?
  6. There are several videos like this. People campaigning and having fun
  7. So Harris is despicable but Trump isn't? Who is being selective? Kamala Harris never told people to start a riot in Capitol Hill. Again Maxime Water is not telling those people to take over Congress. She is not telling them to trash Lindsey Graham office and steal his computer. She is not telling them to "hang Mike Pence" nor she is asking them to bring a noose, Soviet or Islamic State flag anywhere. She never said "trial by combat" And in the end those people didn't confront any cabinet member. They didn't start a riot in Capitol Hill MAGA has been attacked for years because
  8. I know dude. I just mention Macy's as example. Again neither Biden nor Bernie told people to torch a police station If you decide to start a riot and burn buildings is wrong. It's a crime. And you should be held accountable. But it makes it a lot worst when the President and the former New York City mayor tell you to storm Capitol Hill. Sure the word "storm" was not said. But other words were said that meant the same thing.
  9. Two wrongs doesn't make it right. And there is a big difference between Capitol Hill and some Macy's store in New York. No political leader told Antifa or BLM to loot and burn Macy's or other stores. And Bernie Sanders never said trial by combat or anything like it. It is really sad that you think those Proud Boys did was the right thing.
  10. Yes they are Nazis. And you know it. Back in the 30s the Nazis did the same thing in Berlin. Trump wanted a rally near Capitol Hill. Pelosi didn't ask him to do that. Giuliani used words like "trial by combat" Neither Biden nor Romney ask Giuliani to say that. I never saw Pence, Romney, Sasse or Susan Collins telling Proud Boys "stand back and stand by" Nothing would've happened if Trump would never come up with the idea of that rally at that particular location
  11. If you think it was a good idea to ban Trump. Then you have agree it is a good idea to ban all those people who would carry out any kind of violent crime because Trump ask them to do it. There shouldn't be any channel of comunication between Trump and his cult of criminals. I'm not sure it is a good idea for t.v. channels to broadcast some Trump rally. We don't know what he might say. And we don't know what kind of madness might take place because of Trump's or Giuliani's words.
  12. This is not about a different opinion. It's about treason and violence. An insane attack on democracy by a bunch of nazis including the President of the U.S. himself. He told them to do it!
  13. Here are the official duties for Trump next week. Some advisers are trying to persuade him to make a statement about the riot in Capitol Hill. But so far it seems mission impossible https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-capitol-attack-resume-official-duties-25th-amendment/
  14. I'm a lot more pesimistic than you. Trump might be gone. But trumpists and trumpism are here to stay. Unless republicans lose more elections and by a landslide I don't see real change.
  15. For now he willingly went to Camp David. This one is a headscratcher for me. Beyond that it's impossible to predict any move from his part. We're dealing with a psycho https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-fleeing-dc-for-weekend-after-capitol-riots-2021-1
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