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  1. I need some help here. The German side of the family invited to Prince Phillip funeral. When the reconciliation of both side took place? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-56765468
  2. I understand what you are saying. But without weapons nobody can fight. Heart and minds are not enough. Weapons, traning and strategy are necesary. We can also add home field advantage
  3. You can't beat the Taliban nor any other terrorist group if you sell them weapons you made. That's the problem with the U.S. and other western allies. They sell weapons to Middle East countries. So those weapons end up in the hands of Taliban, the Islamic State guys and others like them
  4. At this point few remain. The big withdrawing took place under Trump. Besides I wouldn't be surprised if there are big cuts in the Defense budget. Biden wants to spend huge amount of money on his infrastructure plan. The money needs to come from somewhere
  5. Great! So people from other places can get the vaccine when they want it and where they want it . And U.S. citizens get screw
  6. A little bird told me that tons of people (tourists) mostly from South America are going to Florida to get the vaccine. Does anyone know anything about it? I thought the vaccine in Florida was supposed to be for Floridians
  7. She could also abdicate. But what are the odds?
  8. That's why I brought it up There will always be someone looking for a scapegoat. Remember when Princess Diana die? The whole world was the scapegoat
  9. Well for that matter, lets blame Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII for the death of King George VI Ignore Fox News
  10. RIP Prince Philip. He was 99 My heart goes to Queen Elizabeth, the Royal family and everyone in the UK who care about them
  11. It is that time of the year again... When Izzy Stradlin remind us that he is alive and well
  12. I wish every single American citizen could see it that way
  13. Two U.S. Capitol police officers sue Trump because of the January 6th attack https://us.cnn.com/2021/03/30/politics/us-capitol-police-sue-trump/index.html
  14. Of all the bullshit about these restrictions, the one that is absolutely insane and ridiculous is that people are not allowed get food and water while waiting in line at the polls. WTF???? How can it be illegal if I give a bottle of water to someone who is just standing in line? I'm assuming there will be lawsuits
  15. The problem is that people (including the crazy ones) are buying assault weapons as we speak. Why? Because they are afraid of retrictions. Confiscation is not an option. And if Second Amendment groups go to court. They might end up geting what they want. I don't see an easy solution
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