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  1. Covers: Dead Flowers, Sail Away Sweet Sister, Bad time Old songs: Dust N Bones, Locomotive, Dead Horse, Breakdown, Out Ta Get Me, 14 Years, Pretty Tied Up, Don't Damm Me, Perfect Crime, Think About You
  2. A picture worth 1,000 words... And all kind of speculation
  3. Tokio 2020 (1)


  4. "There are people who still don't believe we won" Good one Tom!!! https://us.cnn.com/2021/07/20/politics/tampa-bay-buccaneers-white-house-visit/index.html
  5. It's too far fetch. Celebrities who are known with a given name don't change it that easy. Even today Stephanie is known as Stephanie Seymour. She didn't change her last name to Brant. I don't think she would've changed her last name if she would've married Axl
  6. For more info, check his twitter. And may the force be with you
  7. I didn't buy any tickets this time around. And I'm not planning to. The last time I saw them was like 3 or 4 years ago. I was here watching some videos from shows. The only good news in recent times was Locomotive and Dead Horse. If they keep those songs and add more from UYI instead of bullshit songs like Wichita Lineman. If Adler and Izzy come around, then I may change my mind. And there is also the issue of Axl's voice.
  8. Fine by me. Sure I would be disappointed but it's not the end of the world. However in that case Axl should be straightforward about it
  9. GN'R has every right not to talk to the media. It sucks for us but we can't force them at gun point. Delegating is fine. But TB are the wrong people. All these years and they haven't learnt anything about communication
  10. They can't be diplomatic when they know nothing about communication, diplomacy or public relations. I mean any celebrity needs is a spoke person or publicist. How many times we've seen celebrities fuck it up on social media? Sombody with communication skill should handle that. This is a similar case with TB. They tell Dizzy and Richards not to do interviews. It is TB or some P.R. person who should deal with Gambit with diplomacy and manners.
  11. But in this case Dizzy, Richard and others were told not to do interviews. So? They did interviews before. And all we got was bullshit answers like "we're recording" Hope/soon and more bullshit regarding a new album. I don't need that. I couldn't care less about those Mr. Irrelevant telling me nothing. I feel bad for Gambit. And yet, thanks but not thank you when it comes to do interviews with those people. Do you really want to hear more " We're sharing files" type of answers? Do you really believe that they would tell us something important? Of course it wrong that they were told not to do i
  12. Oh! Come on! Don't give me "complicated dynamics" During UYI days they all did interviews. When Slash left the band we got a fax from Axl. During new gn'r. He chatted with fans during RIR 2001. The biggest miracle ever! I guess that day he was less bloated and in a good mood We had a RS interview, Eddie Trunk/Baz interview, L.A. Times and more. He has social media just to talk about politics or some bullshit that nobody cares about, not to mention pictures of his leg and tattoos or his cats. During AC/DC days he did interviews. He was everywhere, We got plenty of pics of him In ot
  13. And how right he is!! All Roads Lead to Rome The literal meaning is that whichever road one takes, they will always end up in Rome. This is because in the ancient Roman Empire, Rome was placed as the center and all the roads were constructed in a manner that they all eventually led to Rome. They came, they saw, they conquered
  14. More than 30 years, the change started with Vietnam war and Civil Rights movement. Then the Reagan era was the begining of the Republican party we have today.
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