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  1. Well, that could be a good thing, maybe. Perhaps this could begin to make Axl move his fat ass out of the couch and into the studio.
  2. There is no pressure to release a new album outside of a the hardcore fanbase which, at this point, isn't THAT relevant to them. I think the greatest benefit of releasing a new album would be to boost ticket sales and streams, if they came to decrease, which isn't looking like a probability for the near future. The reunion has breathed new life for GnR touring and that's what gives them their paycheck. It must've boosted merch sales by a ton and even given them more radio play and a lot more media coverage. Let's not forget that when Slash appeared in the media before the reunion, that was neu
  3. Only time I got to see Maiden live was back in 2013, in Rock in Rio, during the Maiden England Tour. Great setlist, focusing on my all-time Maiden album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. However, I do feel sad they left out Hallowed Be Thy Name. It's my all-time favorite Maiden song.
  4. Last time they did this with a new album was eith AMOLAD, right?
  5. Lol my weed's not touching that abomination
  6. Firepower? Amazing. Best thing priest has come out with for decades. Amazing production, songwriting and execution. Better than any post-reunion Maiden album and I really like them. And Book of Souls is really solid. Could be a bit shorter and more to the point but a strong record.
  7. wow loved the single. weak vocal performance and mix but hell, great tune.
  8. Okay, I could be way overhyped here but this new single's up there with The Wickerman and El Dorado as the top tier post-reunion lead singles.
  9. Bingo. That's probably it. Metallica did it with Hardwired, the tendency is simple, recognizable covers that work well in small screens. They could have made a cool vinyl edition, maybe. I mean... look at this fanmade version:
  10. Yeah. One album had a crappy cover so let’s make all the album covers be eddie in a black background. You don’t listen to the cover but the cover adds to the listening experience, especially when the album has a theme. Just look at Sleep’s Dopesmoker, Rush’s Hemispheres or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. No, scrap that - look at Powerslave, Number of the Beast and Somewhere in Time.
  11. Great album. Completely tired of it, though. Haven't listened to a single song by choice for years. But yes, it's got tons of great tunes.
  12. Why are the new Iron Maiden albums just Eddie in a black Background? They'd look so much better with a proper setting. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED tBoS and I'm stoked for the new one but these covers need that vintage touch that got our imagination going!
  13. Wow it’s been a long time since I posted here and things haven’t changed at all. At this point, I have no hope or expectations for a new GnR album and, honesty, I think there’s a very slim chance any new music made by this reunion line-up could be any good. Not a fan of anything Slash has released since Contraband, with the exceptions of a few songs like By The Sword, Anastasia, Shots Fired and Not For Me. Chinese Democracy, on the other hand, hasn’t aged well for me, with the top tier songs such as TWAT, CITR and Prostitute still remaining as some of my all time favorite GnR songs but th
  14. So... Buckethead has released his 11th Pikes album and it seems like this edition only comes as a limited edition signed CD-R for $25. Damn... With shipping plus taxes It'd cost me about $55 (R$ 110) to get it in Brazil. And it's fours songs. So pissed EDIT: He's doing this to all of them except for #13!
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