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  1. If the setlist was up to me, I'd drop all the huge radio hits and replace them with deeper album tracks. SCOM is my beer/pissbreak song, but the crowd went wild at every show I've attended when they played it. They are bored out of their minds on that song, but fans like me/us make up about 10-15% of their crowds and people show up for that and a half dozen other songs unfortunately.
  2. I love that song, but the something has to go and they certainly won't drop any of the other Appetite songs they play every night.
  3. They just need to drop the covers. As the classic rock band that they are, they have to play at least half of Appetite, one or two from Lies and all the singles from the Illusions. Change those songs around in the set, take Coma, DTJ, ISE and maybe Better out and add a new song or two, a few different Illusion songs and maybe Think About You and I'll be very happy. The last few shows they did weren't that bad with some covers dropped and You're Crazy, Dead Horse, So Fine and occasionally Locomotive added in. The last two shows had only 2 Chinese songs and 3-5 covers, but Heaven's Door and LALD
  4. I agree...many people say that Myles is a world class vocalist, and he may be, but I just cannot get into voice. I bought two of the records but have no interest in seeing them.
  5. He didn't see Axl...just heard him outside the room. He said he sounded fine.
  6. I don't have a ton of confidence either, but I am thinking they'll probably open with Jungle or something besides ISO, even though that's probably the best song for Axl to open with to warm up. I expect 5-6 different songs from last tour with all the standby hits. They simply cannot do the same show they did last time.
  7. I have a good friend who's in the industry...he plays and works with a few small/midsized bands and works for a live equipment company out in LA. He was here in Chicago late last week and told me that he was working at the building Gn'R was rehearsing at for a day last week and said they were working on different songs from last tour and heard parts of a few songs he didn't know, and Axl was there. He's not a massive Guns fan, but has seen them numerous times since 87 and does know all of their recorded songs, so I guess take that for what it is. I figured he was just BSing me cause he knows I
  8. I'm surprised by that. I saw DH in a club a few weeks before everything shut down in 2020 and thought they were great. I'm going to buy discounted tix for the show here. I've seen the Crowes a dozen times since the Southern Harmony tour. I wasn't planning on going, but heard the Nashville show on Sirius and was very impressed on how good they sounded.
  9. I'd guess the two stadium shows in Jersey and Slane Castle in Ireland.
  10. This is true. Van Halen and AC/DC very rarely leak any info on anything until it happens, and that's fine. The problem with Gn'R is, when things happen, there is still nothing being sent out. This tour starts in a few weeks, and many of these shows are struggling mightily. There's has been no promotion for it other than a few digital billboards, ads on Facebook and announcing that Wolfgang is opening. He's done more promotion for this tour than the actual headliner. Like it's been said here, it's not all on TB. Axl needs wake up or just stay in Malibu and enjoy the rest of his life. People do
  11. The band had 3 original members from late 91-93. The band has 3 original members from 2016-current.
  12. I'm not even sure if the crowd would go wild. They pulled out Locomotive and Dead Horse in OKC, and everyone around us was just standing there clueless. They had no idea what songs they were playing. A few songs later, the place was up for grabs when SCOM started.
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