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  1. I'm sure he was...however 'thanks to the tour, MTV is going to play SCOM' is a ridiculous comment.
  2. Haha...Sweet Child was played because they did a tour with Motley for a month? Sweet Child was released 7 months after that tour, and the band was already on the brink of completely blowing up. Jungle was played every hour on MTV at that point.
  3. I use the beginning of It's So Easy as my ringtone.
  4. That's actually pretty nice. I have a Maiden soccer jersey from a few tours back, but I really like this one.
  5. They wouldn't care. They didn't even want to be there. Cornell's widow put the whole thing on and turned it into a Hollywood spectacle. Axl would've just added to the mainstream draw with Metallica and Foo Fighters. Vedder and McCready weren't there because of her. Vocals certainly weren't taken into consideration if they let Juliette Lewis and Perry Farrell out there to sing Chris' songs. I love Jane's Addiction, but Perry was brutal and Lewis was even worse. The weird thing is, the list of guest performers was pretty much known by everyone there that night, but Axl wasn't on it. There weren't any huge surprises, either. I'm not saying he wasn't booked to play, but there wasn't even a rumor that he was going to be there.
  6. Dammit, I flew out for that show! That would've been amazing if Axl showed up.
  7. I agree with a lot of this. I ate a lot of shit from my buddies and others for being a huge Axl guy when it was the most uncool thing to be in the late 90s through the 2000's, but a lot of that has subsided. I do think the band is highly respected, but there are many out there who still and always will, hate Axl. I was at Alice Cooper the other night and was talking about the Gn'R show a few weeks before at the big venue there and a lady turned around and asked if Axl showed up at midnight. He did so much damage back in the day that nothing he does now can change that. Another couple got involved and said they went last minute the show and were blown away by how good it was because they had such low expectations. Axl dropped the ball by lack of media exposure in a big way. It amazing how well the tour did without any push from the outside. They're a nostalgia act these days, and even if they came out with an album as strong as Appetite, it wouldn't do much for the general public. Hard Skool seems to be accepted by people after reading comments on social media, yet I heard Gn'R five times on Sirius today and two were SCOM, 2 Patience and one Jungle. That's just the way it'll always be. I hope like hell for a new album, but it may not be worth their time. AC/DC got a huge push for their new album and it just died a month later.
  8. Bruno was good, but I'll take Prince and Gaga's shows over his.
  9. I can't speak for every show, but out of the five I saw, Indy was the best. The band played great, Axl sounded much better and was animated and all over the stage all night. It was a great evening!
  10. They should've just added Cube, Ren, Yella and Gn'R and showcased the two baddest bands to come out of LA, even though they're all obviously older and not dangerous whatsoever anymore. But of they didn't jump at putting Metallica on there when the game was played in the bay area, that would never happen.
  11. Being a Bears fan, thank God Prince played that halftime show!
  12. Touche...this is the only thing I looked up. Maxi singles are pretty much dead these days, aren't they?
  13. Without the pyro, it's much easier to do for sure.
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