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  1. That's probably not too far off for a US pressing. I've seen NM copies go in auctions recently for $250-300. Sealed copies certainly add a premium, but also cause ringwear and possibly some damage to cover if the cellophane is tight and stuck to the sleeve.
  2. Not a fan of Ashba, but we were at the last two shows of both residencies, and had a blast! The last two in 2014 were fantastic. Hearing Marseilles and Prostitute back to back was awesome!
  3. Yep, you were right. I thought Thalia was bigger. I'm looking forward to checking out the new venue.
  4. Is it really? I've only seen Ghost there before Duff, but I thought Thalia Hall was well over 1000.
  5. Pretty psyched for the Chicago show in November. It's a brand new venue and only 850 capacity so it won't be half empty like last tour.
  6. I was at both residencies and the 2016 shows as well as the stadium show out there. I also felt the same about Sphere, but had a few friends that went to see the Dead and said it was spectacular. I can't stand that band, but the screens looked incredible. I'd head out for a show or two to see what they put together. He said Pearl Jam is also booked.
  7. I have a very good friend who close to many people in the industry, and he told me today that Gn'R is confirmed for shows at Sphere. He didn't give me dates, but said it's a done deal. Take it for what it is, but he's never given me bad info.
  8. Really enjoyed this album. Enough so that we decided to make the 4 hr drive to Terre Haute in July. Come on Slash, no Chicago, Milwaukee or Madison?
  9. I agree. I didn't walk out of the show a few years ago buzzing about it at all. It's always cool to see Slash play, but the band just doesn't excite me much. A lot of it does have to do with Myles. I walked out of Duff's show much more satisfied. We may drive the four hours to Terre Haute in July for the blues show, but wouldn't even think about it if it was the SMKC band.
  10. Yeah, I grabbed the Toyko set and it's great! I grabbed Chicago '92 because I was at that show, but it should've been made into a box set. I also wish they'd do more box sets. Casino makes great stuff, but most sets coming out are the same bands over and over like Kiss, Ghost, etc...but that stuff sells quickly. I'm just surprised that there hasn't been any reunion releases other than the partial Vegas show that was also only one record. There's a guy on Facebook that gets new tons of new boots in every week, but he said there's never any Gn'R other than the '92 Tokyo box.
  11. Yeah, it might be my favorite one. There's a guy who does auctions on Whatnot that had quite a few vintage boots, and I grabbed a few that I didn't have. He still has some, but most are shows that I already have on different titles. As we all know, these are hit or miss. I grabbed 'Silver Bullet' last year that was an Italian boot from late '88 and was supposed to be an early '88 show from LA and it was just a remixed version of the Ritz show with some demos thrown in at the end. I should've looked closer at the setlist before I bought it.
  12. Very true...just grabbed it. Thanks!
  13. I saw that on Ebay. I almost pulled the trigger because I was at both shows, but haven't yet because I'm afraid of hearing Axl since he struggled pretty hard for a lot of the shows. I just might grab it since the quality is that good.
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