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  1. No, its not. A collection of undeveloped cells has no conscious, feeling, or purpose.
  2. They put out a concert film to document the tour. Although it is missing some of their hits, I think it was a very solid release. The extra stuff did not detract from the show footage too much and the mixing was some of the best I have heard for a live release.
  3. Just "finished" Odyssey, its an excellent game. Now there are a zillion things to do in the post game, I hear. I'll get back into Zelda soon, too
  4. I will probably get the version with the disc drive. I don't think I will get it until 2021, though. Cyberpunk will keep me preoccupied for a while. Then again, I might get caught up in the hype. PS5 releases on my birthday... lol
  5. It is asinine to think racism is not a rampant problem, still. The things I hear and read from people on a weekly basis is direct proof, some from my own family
  6. The abortion thing is one of those archaic issues that was supposedly resolved decades ago, but old men in power with outdated idealogy want to go backwards on it. It's said a lot, but it speaks volumes that the majority of these men could not care less about what happens after birth.
  7. Yeah and it is so close to debuting, so I am not bothered by it.
  8. I would say it is well beyond "opposing political views" at this point
  9. Yup Yup, I can not be enthusiastic on Biden and still vote for him squarely because he isn't Trump. In fact, that is what I am going to do. Trump is a dangerous, deranged fool. I would vote for almost anyone else and of course that is enough. I will surely vote for Whitmer, again. I now see how directly elections influence my own livelihood. With someone else as Governor, my state could be in a very different place right now regarding the virus. The "cards on the table" thing makes zero sense. He can barely form sentences, what are you talking about? He spews whatever
  10. For me with Slash on Chinese I would say, Good- Better, Chinese (I'm not saying they are better than the album versions, but he sort of thought these two out a little more and I think they are good renditions. They were highlights for me in 2016 when Axl was good and they seemed more fresh) Okay- This I Love, Prostitute, Madagascar, TWAT (TiL is pretty disappointing because we all expected Slash to do a NR style monster on it. I think some shows in 2016 got really close to that and had some amazing solos. Then after a few reunion shows he lost all interest in the song and it falls to
  11. The Switch is a frustrating console for me. I think the hardware is superb and the flagship games (Smash Ultimate, Breath of the Wild, and Odyssey) are landmark games for Nintendo, but the lack of big hitters is noted. Metroid 4 and another Zelda should help out, but their big new releases have been far and few in between. Even the main Mario Kart for Switch is a remake. I was also very excited for the Switch for the ability to play past gen Nintendo games I missed. This would have been a monster if there was a comprehensive virtual console for N64-WiiU. The NES and SNES ones are half bak
  12. Too bad Jimmy and John didn't do a tour in 08. One of the biggest missed opportunities in a long time. Even without Plant, it would have been great to see (and no, they wouldn't have toured as "Led Zeppelin")
  13. This is the most interesting story in a long time. I wonder what will come from it
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