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  1. No ventilator, I hear His breathing was fucked but he’s doing better
  2. Just got a gaming PC and got an email today saying I can buy a PS5 And Halo is coming Wed! The game is great good video game week for me!
  3. I like Hard Skool a lot but I agree it’s a shame how it’s made with Slash and Duff just pasted on. In a perfect world Axl would have put out CD2 and then they’d write an all new record. It’d probably suck, though i like CD so I’m fine with one last leftovers album, but I get why it isn’t ideal for a lot of fans
  4. This is shaping up to be my least favorite Slash album, yet
  5. I think the mass omicron coverage has been good- will lead to more people getting first doses and boosters
  6. I have a coworker struggling in the hospital. Didn’t have the vaccine. Wants it now
  7. Best show ever, one of my favs! My gf HATES it so I watch reruns when I can
  8. Fortus has some nice Paoletti signature models. I doubt they sell just because they are his signature models, they are just really nice niche guitars. His Falcons look like solid options for a Gretsch in that price point. Plus, he’s riding the reunion wave and is a really big gear nerd The most baffling GNR signature guitar is the Gibson DJ Ashba Les Paul
  9. Obviously too early to tell but fingers crossed. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/south-africa-people-bbc-news-botswana-israel-b968574.html However, even if it’s a lot milder it can kill as many or more worldwide due to being more infectious so vaccination is still important
  10. Yeah, we aren’t doing so well in Michigan! You were right about this not being over a few months back. I was wrong, sorry
  11. I hope this isn’t all doom and gloom, but either way, the antiviral pills will be released soon and they will be generic so they will be easily distributed
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