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  1. Yup. Slash will always put GNR first, if nothing else for money and the name. Him doing another SMKC record/tour just means Axl can't be bothered to do anything creative
  2. ZoSoRose

    Robert Plant

    My annoyance with him for refusing to do more Zeppelin shows aside, I think his post- O2 Arena (which I think he killed it at) solo career output has been stellar. I can't fault the guy for always pursuing the music he wants to, and trying new genres and styles. I think its led to some of the most dynamic and interesting music from one of the old classic rock standbys. The dude is superb live, too. I have seen him live three times, once with Alison Krauss, and twice on the "Lullaby... and Ceaseless Roar" Tour. I love his spin on Zeppelin tunes and how he incorporates African and Middle Eastern
  3. Looks like Pfizer is going to win for the first big approval. As early as next month for emergency use.
  4. He did that at a show I was at. I wonder if that was it or if he just likes doing that
  5. Whelp, there is confirmation. Axl sucks https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-and-the-conspirators-to-release-new-studio-album-in-2021/ Oh well, speculate, post, whatever here
  6. None of the songs are unlistenable but, yeah, they kinda lost it since Church of RNR
  7. I think Slash and Myles suffer from some redundant song writing. Almost every song is verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus. Myles also almost always goes for the semi generic major key sounding chorus even when it doesn't go with the song imo. I loved them until 2015 and then it seemed things are good with where they were. Obviously, GNR reuniting factored into that. We all want Axl+Slash and Myles+Slash is a semi boring consolation prize now. I still dig them for some catchy songs and Slash playing. I like all the members, I am a Myles fan, and I am grateful for the good memories with
  8. It's pretty middling for me personally. Totally listenable with some good tracks, but low on Slash's list of non GNR albums.
  9. You are right. I am privileged that I had an office job where it wasn't required or needed. My company is making this decision blatantly to micromanage, though. I'll probably switch to another job that is remote because cases are popping here Also, I work just as hard from home.
  10. ZoSoRose

    Judas Priest

    I live Firepower. The guitars sound fantastic. I have never seen them and even though Tipton and Downing aren't there I'd still go once
  11. Highest number of cases here and I'm being called back to work. Fuck this country
  12. Another shit show from Trump, shocker. At least he finally admitted he would go if he lost https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/15/politics/donald-trump-election-integrity/index.html
  13. The main second wave is unfortunately about to begin, I don't think treatments are where we need them to be yet but they have certainly improved. Hopefully the Regeneron treatment is approved sooner than later
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