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  1. Haven't even really played Metroid but for some reason I am hyped for Dread. Buying it week 1 for sure
  2. Vaccines seem very effective against Delta. I don't understand why people who have access to them are refusing them.
  3. Yes, having the gain on 5 had the amp with minimal saturation in a loud band setting. Sounded quite good. Definitely not plexi or even 800-like, it is darker and less crunchy (how I had it), but that is okay because the Jubilee has its own sound. Very smooth tones and it cleaned up great with the volume knob. As you said, the lead channel is where it's at. I don't even know if the clean or rhythm clip channels would keep up with my band. Maybe with new tubes they would, but I will never really use them, anyways. I treat it like a single channel amp with the lead setting. It's nice to fina
  4. Bought an amp stand and that helped tremendously! I really enjoyed the Jubilee at practice today. Had the lead and output master at around 6-7 and the gain at about 5. Worked just fine. I'm going to slap some new tubes in soon and I'll b in business
  5. Played the Gears of War 4 and 5 campaigns for the first time. 4 was generic and forgettable and a bit of a repetitive slog to get through but I genuinely enjoyed 5. The open world sections are very surface- level, but I actually enjoyed them since the series suffers from firefight exhaustion. I'll probably get to 6 around 5 years after it comes out
  6. I would never fault someone for wearing a mask, but Ive been ditching mine more and more. At a bar now, and only staff has them on, but I foresee a lot less mask use as more people get the shot
  7. I am no GNR defender, but aren't site maps pretty misleading? I remember we were all freaking out in 2016 because of empty seats. The Detroit show looked like it would have no one there then come show time it was pretty packed. A few shows had an undersold upper-bowl but it wasn't anything too bad from what I remember. Ticketmaster/Live Nation plays shitty games now where they withhold blocks and sections, resell tickets under the guise of "premium seats", some go straight to third party sites and corporate shit, etc. I'm not saying GNR is bombing, it just seems a bit like dejavu to me. Either
  8. I prefer a Sunday date so the new Detroit date works for me. I'd rather go camping or up north or something then dedicate waiting around a whole weekend for a Saturday show
  9. Your starts in a month. Zero chance there's new music, it would have already been released to promote it
  10. It cuts, but pretty much tops out. It reminds me of my Class 5, except rhythm guitar is a lot clearer. Its like JUST enough for leads, and with the Strat solos can be pretty weak when we are loud. I feel like the amp should be louder, so maybe it just needs a full tube change. I feel like it should blow my other guitar player away, he was just using a smaller 80s Roland solid state amp (although it was pretty loud). Ill try tubes before I change amps, because I do love the tone EDIT- I also know I can mic it or go direct, but that defeats the purpose because I have my Helix
  11. Been back at it with band practice and the mini Jubilee isn't as powerful as I hoped
  12. I don't dislike it but it could be a much better song with some work. Title and lyrics are stupid and I don't like the guitar tones much at the Bucket robot part and on BBF's solo. I also prefer the original solo and even that could have been better. The leaked version of this one is the superior version imo
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