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  1. Yeah, I am definitely glad to have them. I hope this movie's success leads to more American and Japanese Godzilla movies alike. I would like to see some new Kaiju for him to fight. I think we will definitely see another Kong movie, too
  2. Got bit by the Godzilla bug after I watched this again with some family. Its a lot of fun. Even had some fun rewatching KotM after knowing what to expect. Also rewatched the original and Shin and they were great. I am going through whatever they have on HBO Max now. I think my original disappointment with the Monsterverse movies was unchecked expectations. Those original trailers really framed the 2014 movie as something dark and sinister. I liked 2014 when I first saw it but then the disappointment of not getting what the initial trailers promised set in. I should rewatch it, as I haven't see
  3. No, ZoSo Rose is actually my legal name. I personally dont really care for either band
  4. Well, I saw it in chunks. Would have probably hated it if I had to sit in the theater for four hours since I am not super invested in the universe. Overall, it was definitely way better than the theatrical cut. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was surprised how similar it is in the grand scheme of things. It truly is the same film in terms of the general gist of the story and beats. The pieces that get through the film are obviously completely different, and I think every "new" (or would they be old?) scene in the Snyder cut works better. The characters definitely get more room to brea
  5. It's worse than ever here right now. Really sucks we couldn't have evaded this.
  6. Golden Gods 2014 is the most underrated one imo
  7. Naw no one gives a fuck at my work. I did my part to protect myself and it paid off.
  8. 2017 at least had some marathon sets with some deep cuts for us but yeah, 2016 was untouchable for GNR hype
  9. I was at your house for music night the night of the April 1 show. We were all so excited (of course, they went on stage super late after I got home). That week was such a whirlwind. I remember you had beer in the sink or something at Bally's too. That was cool lol
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