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  1. It's bangin'... But I can't see how Axl will perform it, unless it's final show ever and he dies singing it as the last song encore
  2. It's confirmed by Jarmo, drops tomorrow! https://www.instagram.com/p/CUKkx8mAWwr/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Axl hasn't looked as in shape in years yet unfortunately hasn't sounded consistently in shape vocally in years. Doesn't sound like there's any turning back to '16 form... Will still see them in London next year, but really unsure what he'll produce on the day
  4. Geez if only Axl could match those studio vocals GN'R might have a new modern hit on their hands, but alas...
  5. Creative Works London on their IG stated they will be posting a "case study" of the Absurd video soon, whatever that means exactly...
  6. Could Axl even manage to perform Hardskool with his current vocal challenges.... part of me doesn't really want to find out for fear of a complete train wreck live debut
  7. Can you imagine a prime Axl (or even perhaps 06/07,'10) actually producing the synth sample screams live in concert?! That'd be some spectacle indeed!
  8. Well and truly grown on me at this point... Slash makes it
  9. Best artwork yet IMHO: https://gnrtourtruck.com/products/2021-event-tee-detroit
  10. It's catchier than you think after the shock of the 1st listen wears off
  11. https://gnrtourtruck.com/products/2021-event-tee-east-rutherford New York tee is live
  12. Looks like they've now added the yellow Jungle trucker cap: https://gnrtourtruck.com/collections/featured/products/copy-of-bullet-patch-trucker-tour-hat
  13. Thanks for the explanation and for all you do
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