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  1. Just saw some very prominent advertising on the electronic signage at the Souths / Wests game on right now, was cool to see. As I type this you can of course hear them playing Jungle!
  2. They can't get anything right https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbPSG_n48d/?igshid=7b1uche5a5z1
  3. It's more likely to be Milton Keynes than it ever being Wembley fella
  4. They need to use this exclusively here on out, dead the AFD cross on any new merch etc.
  5. Yeah that 2016/2017 stretch was epic, just imagine the smorgasbord of footy these pinball blokes had to peruse!
  6. Truth be told, only watched both Selects for the first time last night, in one sitting with ear phones in and after a fat bong hit.. I was actually quite pleased with both videos and in reflection I am happy that we finally have something official from the band during this era. You Could Be Mine actually still managed to raise a few hairs on the neck during that guitar intro from Slash, but it also helps that I was there that day so seeing that footage makes it more special. I really hope they keep it up as this is how they should be doing it, warts n' all!
  7. I guess you can't have it all once father time decides... unless you're Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler of course!
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