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  1. Not sure why it's showing to me as double posting. Anyways, Slash also said he has a lot of SKMC songs already written. And his new album is ready since last April.
  2. You're right, I feel dumb as fuck now lol. Sorry about that It's an awesome solo for sure, and that's how This I Love should've sound like live with Slash. But I didn't consider this song as written by him, I think he only did the solo? (maybe he even had this solo for TIL and used again here hahaha) 🤔 I understand, it's just feels weird. Surely he's not endorsing anything, but I don't think this would be reason enough. It just feels empty without it. Not a big deal, though.
  3. He does use one head for the feedback. I thought that was weird because Frank had his Orange head there. There's also overdubs for either Slash's rhythm guitar during his own lead or the other way around. During the chorus, for example. I think Slash's best ballad is Back to the Moment.
  4. I got a lot of respect for him after his interview on the Rick Beato's channel. And he also seems like a really nice and down to earth guy. About the video: where's Slash's Marshall head?
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I download a couple of samples on a free stock audio samples lol. A friend suggested that and I thought it sounded nice. BTW, the drums, synth and piano were all played using my regular Macbook keyboard on Garage Band. Hope those didn't sound too cheap.
  6. Does the 'setlist' on the drums suggest that they recorded more videos for the album? Also: I never cared about things like that, but I wish his new SD pickups had some aging. It's too white lol
  7. Not really a fan of SMKC. I like some of the songs, but I've only listened to the albums a couple of times. Having said that, I really liked the song, didn't see anything bad with Slash's parts. Riffs and arrangement overall was pretty good. The fast part isn't jarring as some suggested here. This is the only thing that I really disliked. I honestly thought the YouTube audio had a low bitrate. The drums have a really bad sound, and the guitars should have more punch IMO. BTW, obviously there's overdubs there. It's not 100% live recording. Which is fine, I prefer that way.
  8. As some of you know, I lost my old account on YouTube, including personal videos. All because I used some parts of the leaks. I know, it's on me, but that was the first strike, the other ones were because the algorithms thought I was reuploading it when Absurd and Hard Skool were released. Anyways, I'm trying to rebuild a new one. Not sure if I have everything, but it's actually good that I can retry some stuff. So please, if you feel like, consider subscribing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIyyax6CkW5VSe0NeDteLJw As I can't post official stuff here, I'll leave an original piece I wrote and recorded.
  9. The sad thing is that if any fan like us actually make a video from audience footage and/or proshot clips from the official social media, the band and UMG would block the video. If not, it could very well overtake the official one.
  10. I don't really care if the band isn't as popular right now, I like a lot of pretty unknown artists and I'm fine with that. The problem is that the band expects to be treated as a big act with little to no effort on promoting itself. There's no hype around the band anymore, they took too long to release their first stuff with Slash and Duff back. They didn't even care to put together a decent live video (with the audio from the studio, of course). Disagree. It may not be up to GNR standards (maybe for you, I actually like it) but I think this song is better than a lot of current rock songs out there.
  11. IMO the biggest problem is how the intro riff has to be on the center, but the solo goes only on the right speaker. That makes it weak and underwhelming, even though it's actually a great solo.
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