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  1. It's definitely real. Axl's vocal are clearly representative of how he sounds now. And I'm yet to see someone doing a convincing 2020 shitty Axl cover.
  2. I know. I've been around long enough, I know how are the highs and lows. The thing is that I don't care about Fernando, but there are fans obsessed in bringing him up at every single discussion. It's annoying. I still have a lot of interest in the band, I've been learning on the guitar and recording every Chinese Democracy and AFD songs, the music is still very much a part of my life. It's been that way forever now. Everybody has a reason (or several) to complain, me included. I just don't like to read about every single shit stunt the management team pulls off. It's the band/Axl
  3. As I am disappointed with the band, I just didn't bother to actually follow the (lack of) news. But it's been really a downer to come in some other place and only see posts about Fernando, Beta and Axl being fat. Here it's actually better in this way, so there's that.
  4. I agree with you, I was just adding that observation.
  5. All of those guitar players have something unique on their playing style. IMO, this is what Axl was always looking for. Also, that's why Richard didn't get any lead on CD.
  6. I am disappointed with the band, surely. But I kinda gave up on the fanbase a lot more.
  7. hahaha But he actually released albums while he was in the band, right? Wasn't it more about the lack of touring back when he left?
  8. I loved Wichita, and I disliked every single version of this song I've ever heard. And yeah, Fortus was way too loud. And I don't like how he fills Estranged with that country licks all over the place.
  9. Thanks @Blackstar! I don't even know how you came across that 12 years later. In a lot of ways, the Rock Band stems did that for me. Surely it's not the same thing, but still.
  10. It's such an important part of my life. I had so many personal things because of the love I have for this band and this particular album... The worst part of the whole saga is the wasted potential. It could've been so much more.
  11. Amazing job. I'm recording all the Chinese Democracy songs (and OMG) and sometimes I bump on some of the stuff you already did. I'm curious about any possible copyright issues with YouTube on those Village stuff though.
  12. I like the OMG 1999 better than the Buckethead version, both live in 2001 and that BBF demo. I really think Dave Navarro's solo is kinda cool (I'm learning it right now). Hahaha I would be playing in that same throne Axl used, my back wouldn't last for more than 20 min standing up.
  13. Did he say that? Because I assume this would be a really easy thing to fix.
  14. Not a confession, but still unpopular: I like Paul Tobias. He did a great job IMO on SFTD and the Chinese Democracy tracks, even though he was pretty much buried in the mix by Bumble and Fortus, and on the Village demos. And he wasn't the reason Slash left in the 90s. That was all on Axl.
  15. By November 2021 we will have another end of the world shit going on, I'm sure.
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