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  1. I don't think you guys realize how special is to have a major band like GNR playing in countries like Brazil. We don't have nation-wide tours with several dates and places nearby to chose from. Even the possibility to be able to communicate somehow with the band through social media to express this desire to watch the show is something with a deeper meaning than you may think. Of course it's easy to make a laughing stock at the overly excited fans and bad English writing, but thats a fucking pathetic way to generalize people over here. It's no different when US is pigeonholed as a rednec
  2. I know, but for some reason I thought it wouldn't be about that. I've been trying to find Axl's quote about, but I just can't. So yeah, looks like it was me talking out of my ass. Sorry about that 100% sure you already know this, but here's what Axl said back in those late 2008 chats: With Sorry.. like a lot of the material is drawn from a lot of different situations. The main focus on the boards w/the track seems to be either Slash or "the fans" (and the collective of "the fans" is another thing that doesn't work for me) and is much too restrictive or narrow and lim
  3. My bad, I was referring to the "just shut up and sing" line before the last chorus. I don't think Axl said that about Sorry, it was just an assumption from what he said about Iovine. Or like I said, being now over 40s is taking a toll on my brain haha
  4. Street of Dreams is a hard song to sing, IMO that's why Axl didn't want to sing it since 2014. I doubt he cares that much if anyone would feel bad about his songs, especially before Slash came back. Though I believe the alleged single had a pretty clear image of a woman that would represent somehow something from the lyrics. I agree. And those lines at the end of Sorry are about Jimmy Iovine, as far as I remember. Or maybe it's just my memory getting fuzzy. Well, Slash didn't care about playing a legendary solo from Eddie Van Halen on MJ's Beat It, or Randy Rhoads' Crazy
  5. Dare I say, besides a couple of the last frames with some noise, the digital conversion was pretty solid. And like people said, the sound was good too. I'd love to hear a proper electric performance in that quality though.
  6. They've been trying new revenues to broaden their business. But a record label in 2021 from them does seems very bizarre.
  7. Very good read, thanks. I know nothing about vocal techniques, but I presume it all makes sense. Wonder how that would affect his approach on a 100% new record. Sadly, I don't think we will ever find out.
  8. Yeah, it's indeed disappointing. But the Gibson 2020 line doesn't have SDs either, so it makes sense they wouldn't put that on Epiphones. But I see no reason on why they didn't at least use the same Slashbuckers as the GIbson line. From what I heard on reviews, it sounds like regular Epiphone ProBuckers with some extra to sound less muddy and more crunchy. It does not sound as good as the Slashbuckers tho to justify the extra 200 in comparison to the regular Epiphone Standard. Still, it's a pretty good guitar. It's just that IMO it's overpriced.
  9. Thanks man. I was using the tiny Katana Mini at the time, so you're gonna probably get best results with a proper amp.
  10. You can also use the natural harmonic to get close to it, although it's not the pure feedback Slash got for the recording. I tried this out here:
  11. I meant hint for the release. It's already out, at least for reviews. I'm watching the Anderton's channel reviewing it right now Thanks, I'll check out this song. It's funny because I heard the album when it came out, but I guess my memory isn't working properly.
  12. At first I thought it would be about his new Epiphone signature line, but he's clearly using a Gibson. Epiphone did hint at the new line today, though. Also, this riff sounded very good, is this from a SMKC track? https://twitter.com/Epiphone/status/1417304009338200066?s=19
  13. The production team seems very minimal. I'd say it could be one of those long Gibson's Icon interview series, as they did with people like Kirk Hammett.
  14. The new coronavirus delta variant could put those gigs again at risk. Not being a downer, just keeping it realistically cautious.
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