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  1. Such a shame. I would be willing to assume the burden of getting the LP Special as a generous donation from you. But seriously, didnt you try to reach the seller? Someone who ordered a LP Special got a bass instead lol
  2. I'm not defending, just pointed out that you said "unless its a specific to gear interview". I can't say GNR is the only reason because who knows what he would do from 2002 to now, but it doesn't take that much to have a signature model from lesser known brands (not saying that about Gretsch in particular though). The fact is that he was there to talk about his gear indeed. The fact that he can't talk about GNR is crazy indeed, but if that's his reality, what can he do? Better way is just keep being generic and trying his best to sound polite.
  3. The interview was specific about gear. The whole show was about the Gretsch guitars, and he has a signature model coming up in the 4th quarter. And the Anderton's channel is literally made by a guitar store in UK.
  4. So Ashba only has his own free turner app on his iPhone, as he couldn't buy any other app without a credit card? That explains a lot.
  5. That's just funny. No big deal, I don't know why some of you are so upset about this. It's not like Axl didn't have time to finish up the record, it's clearly not that. I would love to have Buckethead as the villain, though. He even got the mask already.
  6. It would actually be good for him. He can still practice and do exercises at home.
  7. No it's not. It's still an avoidable possibility, though. As far as Lollapalooza, GNR will not be the only one cancelling it. It's a huge shift in the schedule for all bands in the lineup (and I bet it needs to be coordinated with other Latin American dates), and everything in a still uncertain scenario. The pandemic will still be here and all over the world, with variable levels of impact. It just don't make business sense to be on hold for this shit to happen. Also, GNR doesn't need festivals to play in South America. It's easier and maybe more lucrative, but nothing stops them to
  8. I love Riad, it's my personal favorite since its debut live. Scraped is a cool song in the instrumental. I understand what you mean about the comeback song and I agree. I think Axl tried to alienate his own fan base and tried to reach another target audience. But I dont think OMG sounded like other stuff that came out before or during that time. IMO, there's just a small hint of the stuff like NIN and Ministry were putting out.
  9. But that's just your opinion. I don't mesure the song by its appeal to the mass audience, much less reviews. But even if you put it in the current perspective, I think it's a "cult classic" much like several of Illusions songs like Don't Damn Me. Most reviewers didn't care for songs like Locomotive either. Not comparing those songs in quality, but just the attention/reviews they got.
  10. OMG could easily be stripped down to an acoustic arrangement. There's even acoustic guitar layers in the slow parts. Obviously, you can try to slow it all down like they did with You're Crazy. The problem with the song, IMO, is the lack of identifiable guitars and the awful drum mix with a barely noticeable snare sound.
  11. I figured it was worth a shot because I would stick to the music side, and not talk about the drama at all.
  12. Nowhere, to be honest. Bumble said he wasn't available to talk because he wanted to deal with other stuff while on quarantine. Richard didn't reply. I was about to try to reach Buckethead through a not so good source, but then I had to deal with a lot of stuff on my regular job, so I just put it aside. I really really wanted to talk to Robin too, but I didn't know how.
  13. Thats awesome, thanks for posting. He's talking about Riad's chorus chords. I've struggled a bit to learn how to play those back in the day haha. It's a shame we didn't get to hear his take. It was probably already defined that Robin and Bucket would share the lead back in the Village days. Really? I was trying to do the same thing, but really had bad luck with the people I was trying to reach out and I kinda put it on hold. My lead was more into the recording of CD.
  14. Riad is not industrial. I don't even know how you guys still think it is. The song is literally the most traditional riff-based on the record (Shackler too, but that's way too heavy), considering that almost every other heavy track has a power chord driven riff. The drums are taken straight from Muse's Time is Running Out. The few synths and the pulse intro are just there. With different production, it would've take minimal effort to make it sounding more like classic rock.
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