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  1. I liked it. The last word "you" sounded exactly like Axl in 2001.
  2. That's exactly how I felt too with Better. I remember too well when that snippet leaked. Honest to god, I was in tears when I heard his voice back.
  3. It was indeed. But I think it's also because we didn't know anything about Scraped back then, so it got us pretty pumped.
  4. I think he's trying to mimic the AFD's tone with less gain now. His new Gibson signature guitars are also missing the Seymour Duncan pickups, but I think he still uses it in his live set. He could try, but it's not his style, I get it. But he still could get a bit more close to the original source. It just didn't sound good.
  5. Maybe because you know where to look for lol. I didn't notice anything bad really. It sounded very good.
  6. No problem! Just a correction: instead of Bb, it's actually Bb6, like this second version here:
  7. Please don't harass her. She didn't say anything special, and even if she did, there's really no reason to bother her with this kind of stuff.
  8. I really dislike what Slash did with Van Halen's original solo in Michael Jackson's Beat It, so I hope not. I do miss Slash's tone from that era (and from the Illusions and Snakepit).
  9. Really good. The whammy solo sounded very good and unexpected. The production value is very good too, it all sounded crystal clear. Very nice recording.
  10. This is my nitpick aswell. The outro solo is so good as it was on the album, he shouldn't go in a different route.
  11. That would be awesome. They could even release it as download only for all I care. Anything like this would be my ideal scenario.
  12. This. And as the Fortus guitar isn't a clue enough, the recording of the soundboard mix is not representative of how it sounded live.
  13. Don't know the original either, but as per usual, great performance.
  14. This is another great one. How do you record this stuff? It always sounds like there's some delay or reverb going on.
  15. Soon after the solo, the piano riff starts with F - Am - Dm Then it shifts from Bb - F and repeats. This is in the half-step down tuning.
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