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  1. I'd rather have Izzy properly on board. I don't care for Matt that much.
  2. I do too. I'm trying to learn this song on the guitar. I think Bucket's outro is pretty good, even if it's the most obvious comped/patched solo of the album IMO.
  3. It is indeed similar. I liked the song, my Spotify is full of songs like this. GNR is the odd ball there lol
  4. You're right. Technically, Richard said they didn't get together and seemed careful with the words. If they are indeed recording stuff each at their own home studio, that would still be true. And yeah, Fortus has a studio. The video is literally about it. I didn't. I still think they already recorded at least a version of an album. That doesn't mean it was ready and finished. But I was talking about newer songs, written by the main three. I think Frank said in an interview that he have something at home. I'm not sure it's top of the line gear for a huge record,
  5. I actually like Richard talking about guitars and whatnot. I'm the target audience in this case. So let's exercise our imagination: If (big if) Axl, Slash and Duff were working with actual new songs, it wouldn't include Richard's input at all. Not even to record just basic rhythm guitar layers. OR It would mean that Axl, Slash and Duff were actually working on previously written songs, either from CD era or from 2015-2019 and Richard already recorded what was needed.
  6. Also on the beer news, Sorum is launching a brew here in Brazil for some reason.
  7. I'm thinking about getting SDs for me too. By the way, after all those abusive attacks on my pickup selector to emulate a killswitch, I'm now getting some problemas - I switch and the sound gets weaker for whatever pickup I set. It goes back to normal if I just flip it back and forth, and it's something that only happens once in a while, but I'm getting worried. Not sure what I could do here, or if I just should leave it to someone who actually knows what to do.
  8. That's beautiful. Is it a fat neck profile? How does the included HBs sound?
  9. It was indeed Axl's idea. Maybe he had some other stuff going on, but the fact is that he didn't have a good plan, he was still trying to get Bucket back before the first 2006 shows. Did the other guys knew that? I'm not sure. As far as what Ron did, I think it's weird. I do think that 3 guitars playing rhythm for some songs was too much. I think there were a lot of things that sounded overpowered and unnecessary - especially SCOM's last solo with Ashba/Ron. This is what I guess Richard was talking about: for the old songs, Bucket didn't double any rhythm guitar without reason. Even the
  10. Well, didn't Richard brought Frank to the table when Brain said he would eventually be out for the birth of his daughter? This is true. Richard had high expectations when they were working to arrange the songs for a two guitars lineup, especially because he would shine quite a bit in newer songs like Better, TWAT and IRS. Maybe he was talking about the rhythm guitars. Bumble was always active during the songs, kinda making it hard to hear a more cleaner approach of just two guitars + keyboards + axl's vocal range, especially on old songs. Bucket didn't play rhythm where
  11. I've always found really interesting how people classified some of CD stuff as industrial. Songs like Riad, which had an old school guitar riff and even some Immigrant Song vibe with the vocals. And that drum from the beginning is totally the same as the bridge on Muse's Time is Running Out. Better is based on a chord progression that is not really that different from songs like STP's Plush. The album didn't get a fair chance. Still don't have. Fair enough if you don't want to call it a GNR album, but even people who praise the individual musicians are mostly ignoring CD. I've never saw
  12. I think the band (Axl, in particular) thinks they are not legacy and still relevant. But they act the other way, of course. I strongly believe CD will get a cult following over the years, if that's not the case already. I mean, outside the fanbase. IMO, it's incredible how overlooked it is between people who likes not only other GNR stuff, but the musicians involved like Buckethead.
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