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  1. I think RBTL isn't very popular here but while I don't think it's the best song on the album, it's one of the best rockers for sure with a great solo.
  2. It's not a secret that the work on the next SMKC record has begun, even Slash himself announced it. I think it's more about the specification on 2021. Due to Covid nobody knows when normality returns. A possible GNR Tour would push a SMKC record back into 2022 easily.
  3. I'm with you but I think it even depends on your expectations. I never expected him to play VH note by note and while his Beat It solo is far away from the original and didn't reach it in any way, I think it's still a good Slash solo. Also Ain't Talking Bout Love was surprisingly well played by VR. No issues with that one at all. Having said that, GNR brought enough covers songs into their playlist. That means, before they think about doing another cover, they should think about what cover to replace.
  4. If there's anything on the Illusion albums, or anything of the entire GNR catalogue, that gets surpassed by CD, than it's My World
  5. Sorry, not my cup of tea. I have the right to say I don't like their albums, because it's my opinion. That's not bullshitting them. With Detroit Rock City, God Of Thunder and IWMFLY they've at least 3 good songs
  6. Has Kiss released one good album at all? No need to compare them to really talented people like GNR. If they'll release someday a reunion record and if it is half as good and honest as Black Sabbath's 13 I'd be happy.
  7. What makes you feel I'm agro? Because somebody on the internet doesn't agree with me? Nah, I'm far away from being agro
  8. One's for sure. Before Covid they had the benefit of the doubt. They were touring almost non stop and had no time running into a studio. Now with Covid they have plenty of time. If Axl isn't able to use this downtime for a new record, we won't see one ever again. If they won't announce one at the latest when touring in the US is possible again, its over.
  9. You know... it doesn't matter what I believe and what I don't. Everybody has an opinion but to think you know something for certain just because you read some speculations about it on the internet, tells more about you then about me
  10. No, we don't. Therefore no... From ehat I've heard there were many strange things written. Do we have to believe in everything he writes? There's no evidence that they've changed their usual process of making a record. When they're ready Slash will send the music to Myles so that he can write the vocals... Why acting like every rumor is a fact? There's so much bullshit spreading around the internet because of that.
  11. Some would argue they're already waiting for 29 years.
  12. I don't know if Axl pushes anybody's limits these days
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