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  1. All Angus is saying is that he has no idea what Axl is going.
  2. Another evidence to me that Matt is full of shit about his bashing stories in his book is the Snakepit part. Didn't he say he asked Slash to erase all his parts after Slash choosed Eric Dover as lead singer for "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" without asking Matt or something like that? Why is he part of the music video to Beggars and Hangers-on then? Because he's full of shit, that's why!
  3. The question should be, "why was Snakepit bigger than it actually was?" Because they were a cool band which made great music, especially compared to everything else around them at the time. There was barely anything new to enjoy for me. Never liked Soundgarden, Nirvana or Pearl Jam The only other new music I loved around the time were Tito&Tarantula and Californication from the Chili Peppers. Fortunately there was a lot of old music to discover but the mid 90s and early 00s were extremely poor for my taste.
  4. The Snakepits are his strongest projects post Guns if you are a true rock n roll fan. If you tend to call rock n roll 'dad rock', than they're probably dated. To me 5 o'clock is even stronger than ALG without a doubt. Kerry Kelly or Ryan Roxie, one of them named Ain't Life Grand as Rocks biggest secret or something. I can't find it nowhere though.
  5. "With Guns it's all very secretive (...) AC/DC still maintains that, the Stones still maintain that" The difference is, those two bands maintain secretive, while releasing new music from time to time. Guns maintain secretive because they don't release anything at all.
  6. I'm glad there's one guy still working and not just "looking very seriously" at what will happen next. Even if he keeps moving with those one-off collaborations. I mean, it's like he released half an album since the pandemic crashed the world.
  7. Fair point. There were also a rock radio station who played the first single Chinese Democracy every half an our when it dropped. We even had some TV ads. That Dr Pepper thing worked for both sides, though it was a marketing clue from Pepper itself. But then again, Axl disappeared for three months or something, there weren't any interviews, no hit singles with music videos to promote anything, Walmart didn't get rid of the copies they ordered, the selling numbers weren't good at all. There was a very short amount of time were you thought something is moving. But it wa
  8. They were never completely forgotten. I used to search myself in magazines for GNR news at the time and every once in a while there was an article about them, or just a short note, or a mention. And yes, CD was long awaited but mostly due to the legacy of GNR and the long downtime of any Axl release, I think. What I dislike the most on Contraband are the 'nu metal' songs like Headspace and Big Mashine. But I really dig the ballads and the more classic rockers like Slither, Sucker Train Blues and Dirty Little Thing.
  9. You could be right about the mystic around CD before it was released, but I think that affected the hard core fans among the forums a lot more then the casuals. Before I became part of the forum community (in 2007-2008) I have already heard of Chinese Democracy but that became more of a joke as time went by. I heard some of the leaks and that didn't help at all. I was so hyped when they announced GNR at the VMA's in 2002 but that was one of the biggest disappointments ever for me, seeing this freak show, seeing Axl's new style, hearing this new sound in his voice... that kind of shocked me for
  10. They did, and they probably headlined some big festivals in europe too, but the point is, CD wasn't the reason for that or any other success this band received over the years. If any, than it subtracted GNRs legacy but most likely it was just ignored/overlooked by the general rock music fan. It's one thing to prefer CD over Contraband, that's personal taste, an opinion, but Contraband was the more successful record by facts. It sold more copys, had the more successful singles and won even a grammy. Denying that is twisting facts. I know you weren't the one telling such things bu
  11. No, you're simply missinformed or a stupid troll, I ain't got time for neither of that. Good luck with your bullshit
  12. That's a very poor attempt of trolling but the CD era has nothing to do with GNR's successful reunion tour.
  13. While in my book Contraband is the far superior record compared to CD, I think that would be very promising if Axl's able to deliver in the studio.
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