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  1. But maybe those comments will show them that there's demand for a new record. That it's something requested... they didn't know how to release new music? Release it as a fucking record like you always did...
  2. I haven't seen them in their prime. I saw them 4 times during the reunion, saw VR and New Guns once in 2008 (Cologne) and 2010 (Arnhem) And I saw Slash several times in between 2010 and 2020
  3. I said it before... either you are a thoroughbred musican, than you release music, no matter what, or you are not. The bad thing with this reunion is it slows down Slash's musical output. They were the best, once.
  4. It's something like 10 days since they asked via Twitter what's next? Maybe we get this weekend the next Selects. I still hope for Coachella Nightrain!
  5. I think what Sidoris does is more arrangement. The basic songs are most likely written by Slash and the guys work them out together. I do think Sidoris has some freedom but in a limited, directed kind of way don't know how to explain it better.
  6. CD was released as a physical stand alone disc. I know it becsuse I bought it. I would post a picture of it if I'd know how it works... Try this one https://ibb.co/jMmcmH8
  7. Really? In my opinion there's a progression between Appetite and the Illusions. But it's the same band. Remember, they choosed to make AFD as they did. They could have used Illusion songs for it as well, like Don't Cry but that was a stylistic question. CD on the other hand... of course there is recognition regarding GNR because of Axl but at the same time the music, the guitars, the style and sound are so totally different to me that I can't agree it's just progression. But that's just how I feel about it
  8. Most people I know (on forums etc.) bought that record. I remember how I met a guy from another forum at the store before it opened just to be the first in town who buys that record on the day of its release. We were excited as hell and we both knew there wasn't Slash on it. The disappointment was BIG though. To me the point of preoccupation because of Slash regarding CD seemed always as an attempted explanation or as an excuse by people who were dissapointed of the low success of CD. There might were a few guys out there who were biased to the point of not buying that record or
  9. Lol there are thousands of successful records out there without featuring Slash. If a record is good it's good. CD is as successful and as popular as it deserves. That's all.
  10. That's two different things. The one is "Love Theme From The Godfather", while this is "Theme From Love Story". Two different songs for two different movies.
  11. You're absolutely right about the current situation regarding classic rock. World's changed and people aren't interested in those nostalgia acts as they once were. But thats only an excuse for somebody who doesn't want to release anything and for somebody who is searching for excuses. For a band like GNR. Nobody would release rock music anymore if they all had the same idea. Music is still art and an artist's first priority should be to express his art to his fans. Not only if there is a certain amount of fans interested, you know? Do it for your self and do it for the kids out
  12. In my opinion, and I know it's a very unpopular opinion, Slash improved TIL with his takes in 2016 and he improved CD. His take on Better is good but not as good as Fincks studio version. He fucked up TWAT most of the time but killed it in Madison Square Garden in 2017.
  13. I think they even unplug him at the end of his solo
  14. The Ritz version is amazing too, especially with Axl's speech.
  15. There are so many great tracks on this record that it's understandable when you say there are 9 or 10 songs you prefer on Appetite. But I don't really get that energetic thing. I don't tell you not to feel how you feel abut that song I just think it's one of their best rocker and I get that energy live as well as in the studio. In fact, after all these years it's like that 1. Nightrain 2. It's So Easy 3. OTGM and then I'd start listing the hits and RQ as favorite AFD songs.
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