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  1. People please! Please forget about everything you loved that's gone now! Forget about the Beatles, forget about Jimi Hendrix. Forget about all the classics released by the Stones and by Led Zeppelin. You love Scarface or the Godfather? Rocky, Rambo, Die Hard? Maybe Indiana Jones? Forget it! They're more than 35 years old. Don't stuck in the past! Watch Fast and Furious instead and the 19th Pirates Of The Caribbean. Your Kids aren't young anymore? They passed their 35th Birthday? Forget them! They're worthless and useless now! Don't stuck in the past! Mate, just wait for
  2. I really like Slash's take on this Sorry and of course I prefer him over Buckedhead on guitar, but I have to admit that Buckethead's original solo is even greater and it's one of the view wow-moments on CD for me.
  3. We don't really disagree here. Not saying Axl sounded perfect. Even at the beginning of the RQ outro he's struggling with his clean voice. It's more like, we are on a point where we criticize them a lot. Kinda for everything. I mean, yeah, it's what they asked for after so many years of misleading this great band, but I feel like, if something's that good, we shouldn't point out every little mistake but appreciate one of the very few situations where they gave us something to enjoy, something that's even great, at least partly. On Nightrain... maybe it was one of the weaker ones duri
  4. Come on man, we all know Axl doesn't sound like in the 90s anymore but that's the best you can get from this line up. On most other Selects he sounds like a bad parody of his former self. This one is really good imo... I mean really really good compared to the 2018 and 2019 legs of the tour. I enjoyed this one. Slash on fire as always. These songs just need a true rock n roll guitar rather than the virtouoso-esque guitar playing by Bumble or Bucket. After 35 years Axl (in good shape) and Slash are still an untouchable combo in music history. It only needed a good recording to prove t
  5. Quiet for quite some time here. It's time for some news if you ask me. Come on, Slash, feed us with some informations! We're all hungry for new music.
  6. I just hope he'll use more of his lower and bluesier voice on the next SMKC record.
  7. Probably. But it could also be all that crazy shit by various people I've had to read on this board. Especially without the use of smileys, it's difficult sometimes to make out which post is for real and which one is sarcastic. No offense.
  8. And they told you? Otherwise, who's your reliable source? First of all, Perla didn't clean Slash out. The amount of payments were Slash's offer to move on with the divorce. Don't you think he knows his financial strengths? Who would offer something that he can't afford? I think he's smart enough to know that GNR could implode anytime and he has to keep paying.
  9. Nothing else then unconfirmed rumors claimed by haters. You ain't better then these people by spreading unreliable bullshit like that without any evidence. Don't say you knew it was just a rumor but now you know it. 😏
  10. I get that point with the post-recording work. It's definitely something that takes a lot of time in Axl's world and in my opinion that's one of his baddest habits. Let’s presume that's the reason why there isn't no new music since the reunion. Then I have to admit that there must have been enough time for him to release CDII before the reunion started. I mean most recently they ended up playing residencies in Las Vegas and even after that there was enough time to release a record. I think, whatever it is that prevents Axl from releasing music, it's a bigger issue than the post recording
  11. You are absolutely right. We would have more music from SMKC and Duff's projects by now. As for GNR music? Well that's simple as mathematics. You have two guys who are releasing music on a regular basis and one guy who doesn't. Now if you subtract the two guys who are releasing music, from the guy who doesn't, then you still have the guy who doesn't release music. The result remains the same.
  12. The selects were a great idea. The realization was terrible and a total fail. Not only half-arsed by the guys who are responsible for this but seemingly completely clueless.
  13. If I had to choose one era only the Gillan era would have been my choice as well but I'm glad I don’t have to. Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath with Dio may be a bit short but it's an awesome record without filler. It just can't be ignored even by Ozzy fans
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