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  1. It was on Youtube a few years ago. No idea where to find it now.
  2. AFD5 are untouched on No 1 UYI is closed second Despite Axl's vocals on third place I prefer the reunion line up live and I hope they'll show us their studio capabilities soon. Couldn't enjoy Finck, Bucket or Bumble let alone DJ and Pitman even though the guitarists did some magic here and there on CD.
  3. Done If I were to make one album out of these two Back Off Bitch would definitely make it. But as you said, there are too much great songs on them for just one record. I'd leave out My World but put on the long 14 Years version with the jam outro. That replacement alone would improve an already great record enormous IMO.
  4. What a question! Obviously 99 Axl was singing. Ask @pele
  5. When I get up tomorrow and I see that the Chicago thread has less than 10 pages, then I will know that Absurd hasn't been played.
  6. Didn't he watched KOHD on one of the recent shows. Obviously he's old enough since then.
  7. That show must have been 10 times more fun than any of the newGuns desasters. Sorry for quoting such an old post...
  8. What are they waiting for? Maybe we get this as a bonus track on the next SMKC record in February
  9. Don't forget Izzy, but since there are enough guitars he could do the vocals.
  10. I also think a new producer is a positiv sign and good for the sound of the band. The lead singles of LTD could have been straight out of WOF. A new sound is necessary IMO. Hopefully Myles uses his deeper bluesier voice more on this one, instead of chasing the highest notes possible, as well as not trying to make a happy record. I think that's what he's good in.
  11. It's maybe because a lot of people already searched for "Hard Skool Guns n Roses"
  12. That didn’t prevent Axl to hold back CD for years, but hope's anything left for a GNR fan...
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