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  1. Now imagine Slash hadn’t release this record. Instead GNR would. How many people would scream it’s not Slash on solos like these. „This has to be be Buckethead“, „Slash can’t play like this anymore“, „He only butchers solos“, „These two seconds at the end have to be Finck“ Pop blues? Uninspired crap? Lol
  2. @Voodoochild did you already figured out who’s playing what on Orgy? Did Gary C. play three solos on Crossroads or was Slash also playing one of that clean leads on it?
  3. Ok I should move on from crying while you crying over me crying is fine Yeah move on.
  4. If you’re fine with his output more power to you. Is it that difficult to understand that other fans would like to have more music?
  5. I know… KOHD and Whole Lotta Rosie from the Marquee shows turned me into a GNR fan.
  6. And then Duff and Slash visited Axl/DC in London (city)
  7. Frank W can confirm whatever he wants, I’m not sure Fury is willing to go through hell again to be fit in October or whenever. My guess is he’s finished. Usyk well deserved the win, he was the better fighter. What luck! I couldn’t listen to this obnoxious rat anymore. He really believed all the bull shit he was yelling
  8. Yes, Anthony Husdon designed album covers for Joni Mitchell for example.
  9. Well, back then none of them were celebs, it just happened they had similar age and went to the same school. Their kids have to go to school as well regardless of the status of their parents.
  10. Let’s hope Axl listened to Slash’s new record and realized the difference in production quality.
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