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  1. I just can repeat myself here I felt the same as you about the last record based on the singles that were released prior the album itself. But when hearing the actual record I complete changed my mind. Still don't like the first singles but the rest is a bit "bluesier" compared to the metal sounding WOF. The guitar solos are well structured, more GNR like, I think, and even Myles doesn't penetrate my ears on the ballads and on songs like Read Between The Lines and Boulevard of Broken Hearts. I have to agree to Gravedancer. That was always my favorite song on Libertad.
  2. Libertad has some cool songs on it but I think Contraband is much stronger. Of all Slash records I rank Libertad and Apocalyptic Love as the worst while not bad at all.
  3. A lot of songs suffer from Myles but there're always some Gems on each Slash record. I rather take that than nothing.
  4. At least Slash is still releasing records on a regular basis even though not in the same tempo as before the reunion.
  5. I couldn't even think of trying to get through full of CD. I like some songs on it but the majority just isn't the music I listen to. On the other hand everytime I listen to Contraband I realize how good that record is. I like it more now than back in 2004.
  6. IMO Contraband alone is better than CD and I rank it only at position 3 or 4 of Slashs best releases.
  7. Of course, but Izzy isn't involved right now so I choosed (edit: choose, chose, chosen) the next best thing.
  8. The best music they released was written by both of them. They had 20 years to prove otherwise but failed, so why not do the right thing now and write music together. There was enough time for the unreleased CD material to get finished. Now use the best ideas, vocally, and move on.
  9. I don't believe it for a second that the record company would hold a record back. Maybe during corona while no gigs allowed but now, that touring seems to be possible again and prior Covid they wouldn’t prevent Guns from releasing a record.
  10. If he has said it exactly that way, then it's a statement. No "I guess", "I hope", "I think"... then again, we're talking about GNR here. Experience told us not to be optimistic. But I would be lying if I would say that I don’t care for this informations. Everytime I visit this forum I hope to read something like that.
  11. Quotes like this are giving hope everytime until the reality strikes back and we realize there just isn't a new record coming.
  12. There There are great albums that aren't as great as AFD. UYI I and II belong to this group, imo. I never said they're on the same level as AFD but they still had a big impact.
  13. There are Illusion tracks that aren't much known in public, for sure. But if those people you met thought that November Rain, Don’t Cry and KOHD were unreleased material, than it tells more about them than about the popularity of GNR. I know A LOT of people who aren't interested in rock music in the slightest and even they know the big hits. These are people who wouldn't consider going to a GNR concert at all. I'm pretty sure people like those you met wouldn't even know You're Crazy, or Think About You. That doesn't make AFD to a worthless record within the music history.
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