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  1. I'm sorry for you. Hope you get well soon.
  2. Best post of the thread. I want to add that I don't think we should see it as a race whatsoever because nobody should be betting on either of them. It's about what direction you like. And even though Slash has a lot wasted potential on his releases due to the lack of proper songwriting around great riffs and solos or due to the poor choice of vocalists, he always comes up with a few awesome tunes. Axl's only (full length) release has a handful of good songs that I personally enjoy, despite of buying the album the day it was released and given it more chances than I had to. But like I said before, it's all about tastes. If somebody likes one song of CD and none of Slash's over 100 songs than for him CD is the better work. End of discussion. I won't boycott any work of an artist just because he's not Slash or Axl. I like what I like and that's the only criterion I need in regards of music.
  3. Yet he was functioning and no show was canceled because of Slash or Duff. Of course it wasn't all Axl but there's a reason people blame him for the break up.
  4. Which is cool. Nobody force you to like anything. But if you have read the threads in this section you would have notice that a lot of people like what they hear. So if you make fun of SMKC's then you have to expect an answer.
  5. It's not a bad song at all but a mzsic video would help I guess. Personally I could enjoy The River Is Rising a lot more when watching them play it.
  6. I would be lying if I was saying I weren't dissapointed if they don't release a new record, though.
  7. Seems like they go this way simultaneously. Single releases in October, now Slash's new single and the lyric video to Hard Skool. And finally, in February Slash's full album as well as GNR's EP
  8. I wonder what Duff was thinking playing this show...
  9. I'm most excited for Fall Back To Earth given the description in that bio
  10. I listened to it as well right now and I'm not sure either what to think about it. I like Slash's playing during the verses but while I think the melody is too poppy for my taste, especially the vocal melody during the chorus, I admit it's catchy and I might like it after a few listens. It could be an earworm. The solo starts very interesting and promising but it ends a bit uninspiring imo... that's my first impression. I have to listen to it again in better quality when it's officially released in Germany.
  11. You posted your post while I was writing mine so I actually didn't respond to your comment. I'm looking forward to listen to it too.
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