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  1. No, but different versions of Knockin' were mentioned in a listing of the documents MSL allegedly had from the band, which further confirms their legitimacy as we now know alt versions of Knockin' were worked on during the CD era with the Village leaks.
  2. That list was legit. Some had it several years prior to the Village leaks in '19, and the list contained Perhaps, Nothin, and Tonto. On another forum, someone mentioned Axl playing CD songs for them in Axl's car back in 2003, one of which was "100 Cuban Skies" and the first song on that leaked list is Cuban Skies.
  3. That would be very cool if it came to fruition! I wonder if Axl ever recorded a cover for that song in the studio from that era. CDII from the CD era is a holy grail.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but where can I watch the Sailing pro shot? I didn't realize any were officially posted.
  5. Earth shattering lyrics. Especially for the intro, words can't describe them.
  6. Those with a taste for the finer things in life would prefer such a thing.
  7. Best case scenario with this band would be to see them return with Brain back to replace Frank on drums, and add Buckethead back as one of the lead guitarists.
  8. Best case, when the band re-emerges for live performances, they have Brain back to replace Frank, and add Buckethead back as one of the lead guitarists. And, the cherry on top, Axl is in shape and has his 2006 hair back.
  9. I hope they keep Robin's solo and the other guitar work on Zodiac from the instrumental we heard.
  10. I feel like that didn't get the media attention it deserved. They confirmed the existence of "off world vehicles" That's a big deal!
  11. Sort of funny, people racing to the US for our healthcare when many of those same people (presumably) criticize the US for their private healthcare system. It is expensive, and it is a pain of the ass (insurance companies) but the quality of the care itself, is excellent.
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