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  1. I'd very much like for it to be a double. We know in 2006 Axl said they have 2.5 albums worth of material. 1 was released in 2008, that leaves 1.5 albums worth of material, and I believe new songs have occurred since then so a double album is certainly possible by 2021.
  2. They are not going to shit-can some of the "big guns" from CD2 so I fully expect at the very least half of that album being used on the next one, if not all or most of it.
  3. I wonder what Axl's reaction was after hearing news about all of the leaks. It would be cool if another big one happened for 2001-2007 material.
  4. I liked his guitar on the title cut, and his playing towards the end of Catcher, and the Shackler's Revenge solo. His Riad solo bugged me the most.
  5. I like it except some of Bumble's parts and almost no bass guitar that I can hear. (Maybe it's just my equipment)
  6. I've heard a year or two ago that it was mostly CD2 but re-recorded by the current lineup, when appropriate. I would imagine since then hopefully they have some "new" tracks. It would be nice if the next album wasn't as over-produced like CD was. 2008 CD vs the 2000ish demos... I preferred the demos overall. A proper mix and mastering of the village era would have made one hell of an album or two, with Axl's vocals on some of the better of the instrumentals.
  7. They filled up theaters and arenas. I actually liked them more back then too. The band sounded tight. Playing songs like Shackler's Revenge with so much energy. 2011 Chicago and 2012 in Detroit. Fond memories. Saw them again in Detroit 2016, it was OK. Then my dad and I saw Axl with AC/DC the same year and same city. That was fantastic. I'd pay good money for a DVD/Blu-ray of the Axl/DC show selects.
  8. Madagascar is a good song for this day, and any day really.
  9. Haha that would be a bit awkward for Richard. He does seem to handle the Bucket and Bumble parts well playing with the NITL lineup.
  10. I could live with that! Though I'd prefer Bucket added and Frank replaced by Brain.
  11. I think Leave Me Alone came after the Me & My Elvis working title as a composer called it by Leave Me Alone. I've heard there are versions with vocals named Leave Me Alone as well.
  12. If you actually have stuff, hang on to it for as long as you can to trade for more material. Obviously, verify over the phone before making any trades, or do them in person, if possible. Never do clips, and never "go first"
  13. I would bet most of an eventual new album will be CD2, re-worked in part or whole by the other members. (Most of Axl's vocals probably will be from years ago)
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