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  1. If the CD era band put out 2-3 albums between 2000-2015 or whatever I wouldn't really care about a new album by the current lineup.
  2. CD as a whole is a better (no pun intended) album than the Use Your Fillers double album that should have been one.
  3. Someone else started it. It is though. You can deny it all you want.
  4. I get where you are coming from, but Chinese Democracy was a Guns N' Roses album. Just because you don't see the lineup behind it as your ideal version of GN'R, doesn't mean it's not a GN'R record. Someone could say Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 are not Star Wars movies because Disney didn't use George's outlines for the sequel trilogy. As much as I felt they were weaker Star Wars movies, they are still Star Wars movies, regardless of my feelings towards them. The next GN'R album will probably be heavily based on CD era stuff, with Slash having a role probably a little more involved than Bum
  5. It's a long, but an overall great interview. Axl said they had about 2.5 albums worth of material, but CD itself would be one album, implying follow-ups planned. He said they were working on material that night.
  6. I remember a 2006 Trunk radio interview where Baz asked Axl how West Arkeen was doing. Axl responded: "He's not." and something like "He's no longer with us." because he passed away years prior. Awkward moment!
  7. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I'd rather have the current lineup break up and get to hear CD2 as originally intended with Robin and Bucket than with the current lineup.
  8. If the existing band released a re-worked Silkworms as the first single, we would know they are truly fucked. Sadly, I'd still welcome the above over Shadow Of Your Love. lol
  9. Everything about that album, I really liked. It was only missing Axl (nothing against the vocalists on that album)
  10. Ah, it was 2010! My bad. I must have been thinking about Chinese Democracy
  11. The 2008 Slash album gives me hope he's capable of some killer solos still. I hope this is the case with an eventual GN'R release.
  12. He could add some killer vocals to Zodiac and the other village instrumentals with the right equipment and help. Of course maybe he can only do his higher pitch stuff. not sure how he would sound on the more natural (clean) singing voice like the beginning of Civil War, Don't Cry, Chinese Democracy, Patience, Silkworms, Atlas, etc.
  13. Awesome, thanks! I have the uncensored End Of Days soundtrack on audio cassette, and it's great. The CD version I have is censored, however "fuck" is still in Oh My God for some reason.
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