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  1. Cool! No let's see some 2001, 2002, and 2006 shows from the Vault.
  2. I would have loved to see them in 2002 and 2006! I got into GN'R around 2007 or a tad before after listening to CD leaks.
  3. They did. I think it was s surprise too to those who were there. If so, imagine that! Axl sounded way better back then. Any other perceived negative difference is nostalgic.
  4. That's actually pretty good, by Hollywood standards! (Seeing how she was an adult at the time)
  5. That's a great question. I remember my first GN'R show, Chicago 2011, Allstate arena, was right next to a Target. Of course, before the show Target was full of GN'R fans. Cops were busting people parking at Target and walking over to the venue. Haha Saw a lot of GN'R shirts in that Target. What a great show too! My dad and I met and shook hands with the lead singer of the opening act, Adelitas Way.
  6. I smell weed at just about every concert I'm at, GN'R or otherwise, even years before it was legal in MI. I would say it is in common use, among the general population. Would be interesting to have the exact stats. Booze is my vice of choice, because it's 100% legal (weed is still illegal under federal law) and I'm subject to some additional scrutiny on a federal level so I don't fuck with weed, save for the rare gummy that I didn't realize what it really was.
  7. Maybe they will have a vaccine booster for it? (3rd shot or 2nd if used J&J) We will be like pets, getting yearly boosters for our vaccines the way things are looking.
  8. I don't think a bong would be of any assistance for heroine or alcohol use.
  9. It was the last creative moment of the band. I appreciate your desire for a 5-disc release, but a triple album would be more realistic IMO.
  10. This thread is about a new GN'R record fellas... And we all know there's a lot to talk about in that regard. Someone needs to leak CD2 already. If we had the entire CD era vault, with Bucket's magic, my life would be nearly complete from a musical standpoint.
  11. Brodie / L!VE FREE (he disappeared or passed away) talked about it years ago. He has referred to it as both Leave Me Alone, and Soul Monster later on, probably after Axl mentioned the titles. MSL tricked him into getting the version of Shackler's Revenge that leaked. Brodie was a music executive, so he had connections, but also did some trading. I have reason to believe he had most, if not all of what was CD2 at the time. As far as Berlin, I have not heard anything. A few other tracks are missing, such as Seven, and Zodiac 13, and Quick Song, if I recall correctly. That means they either
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