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  1. GN'R has released two singles in the last few months. That's something. Of course, we all want so much more.
  2. I don't it, any "new" album will be mostly, if not all re-worked CD-era songs. With vocals recoded and touched up from that time to present, or a few years ago.
  3. I remember hearing the new album was due to be out in 2010. 2009 was also a possibility, which Axl mentions in his chats. It was no doubt ready at the same time or before the 2008 album was released.
  4. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. But also dangerous. Florida was similar when I visited last November, from Michigan. It was a welcoming experience to me, we were still careful, but it was nice for things to be "normal" for the week or so we were there.
  5. The bass intro to Hard Skool is pretty bad ass. I do like the Village mix as well, both are great in their own way. Hopefully they will eventually release the old CD-era mixes officially in some sort of box set. They just need to take more of my money already. A red hand or how are you grenade flash drive with everything on it, yes please! I'd slap their asses with a stack to get that.
  6. Hopefully Slash and Frank don't shit all over it.
  7. Possible, but would be odd to release singles not supporting an album, though it has happened before with this band. Both singles don't sound like they are ready or mixed for an album though. So who knows.
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