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  1. I'm probably one of few who thought Axl's 2006 cornrows looked pretty cool. Wasn't a fan of the 2002-2003 or whatever cornrows.
  2. Perhaps Bumble was called in by Team Brazil to put his finishing touches on CD2.
  3. Maybe Bumblefoot walked off the stage and canceled all live shows because he received news none of his parts on CD2 will make it on the next GN'R album.
  4. I never thought of Nothing as being with scratch vocals, but it makes some sense. Quick Song is obvious, and State Of Grace sounds like scratch vocals too, from a recording quality standpoint, unless that was the intent for effect on that song. The instrumental for State Of Grace sounds good, only missing a guitar solo, assuming one was intended for that song. Axl's vocals sound like they were recorded with a cheap mic at his PC, for the most part in that track. State Of Grace with polished vocals, and a Buckethead or Robin guitar solo would be amazing. Axl's singing at the end is TWAT en
  5. That would be hilarious! I'd be perfectly fine with it, if Buckethead was back.
  6. They are probably the same types of people who can't accept Chinese Democracy as a Guns N' Roses album, only because they didn't like the lineup behind it. Or the people that can't accept Disney's Star Wars trilogy, which I understand, but they are still Star Wars movies.
  7. Nothing is nothing special, as others have said. It would take a lot to make it a good song as it existed then. I assume it has been improved since 2000.
  8. The above is great news! Maybe Michigan will be able to have the Detroit show in July.
  9. GN'R to me is Axl. My GN'R fantasy is Axl with Bucket and Robin, and Brain or Josh on drums. That's the era that got me into the band. Better, specifically hooked me in.
  10. I could see Melissa on vocals IF Axl is unable to tour. Though, their concerts would probably half less than half the size of the CD era tours as far as audience attendance. Most fans go for Axl, and many go for Slash since he's back.
  11. "Classic" lineup for the AFD 5 is more suitable than "Original" lineup if we are referring to the original (meaning the first) lineup of GN'R. Tracii's name is the first in the name of the band.
  12. I agree, my understanding is there are or were only two made, for marketing purposes. MSL had one, I believe but I think he sold or traded it. Not sure where it or they are now. I heard one was destroyed, but that could be BS. I heard the VHS tape HOB 2001 was ripped from was also destroyed. Not sure why people do that, assuming that is true.
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