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  1. It's great they've finally put some stuff out, but if they're gonna start drip feeding us songs this way instead of just releasing an album then you can count me out. I guess we'll see.
  2. Being drip fed forever does not sound at all appealing, people say stuff like this then Fernando does it
  3. Yeah, my worst fear was that we could possibly get a bunch of songs that are just them trying to be in 80s again lol.
  4. Thanks for saying this lol. Seeing people talk about this stuff thinking they make any sense at all is incredibly frustrating tbh.
  5. Nobody gives a shit if you're right or not we just want you to stfu.
  6. Really enjoying this one, I feel like with the school bell and artwork that they know and are just taking the piss at this point, so I find it rather amusing, and not in a bad way lol.
  7. Let's not start talking about an old rumour from 2019 for 30 pages please lol.
  8. Those links apparently need to be created by the artist so unless they were hacked it's legit.
  9. It definitely says no song found straight away with the vocal sections for me, other parts of the song it takes forever.
  10. The links just take you to the general gnr page on each platform.
  11. I think they've shown at this point that they won't be releasing anything unless they're touring. If they were going to do that we would have had stuff in 2020 imo.
  12. Either they play HS or they don't. If they don't we get nothing for a long time, which is what I'm expecting.
  13. I doubt it's anything like that, if Axl was actually that bothered about it they wouldn't be posting anything about it at all.
  14. How many times has something like this happened and everyone has gone "omg this has to mean something it's happening today!"? If something happens I'll be happy but I'm not expecting anything more than for them to play the same songs. Everyone would be happier that way. If you get disappointed it's your own fault at this point.
  15. People acting like Axl feeling sick was the reason that HS wasn't played are gonna be really disappointed the next time something like this happens (It has already happened countless times at this point).
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