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  1. Awesome news, still kind of doubtful it will actually happen.
  2. It's really as simple as her repeatedly saying things that got widespread backlash (which btw I genuinely think Disney were letting her off with a warning at first) that culminated in her holocaust comments, which Disney were not going to stay silent on or defend. When you work for a massive corporation they are not obliged to keep you working when you do something that could damage their reputation. Realistically they were not going to just say "The things she said were horrible" and then keep her employed, whatever your opinion on the situation it's easy to admit that this would have just ma
  3. The line is probably comparing being republican to experiencing genocide, lol.
  4. It does to Disney and their brand yeah. Also don't think we should be rewarding rich people for expressing hateful and shitty takes personally.
  5. Not at all surprised and not really that bothered honestly. She was clearly given plenty of chances and this is all her own doing.
  6. The band need to do something new or they are screwed at this point. Shows aren't happening any time soon, and ticket sales that were bad pre covid will be much worse after.
  7. Yes, if they ever release anything I'll probably be excited but not expecting anything anymore.
  8. I think the Luke thing was clearly done rather quickly. It seemed very stiff looking and weird. It got the job done I guess.
  9. Really been enjoying the show, it's really nice to have something good that's star wars to watch after the horrid TROS. Typed something here but don't know how to use spoiler tags so
  10. Really excited for Mandalorian and Kenobi, personally I'm not really interested in the other shows announced, although I guess I will have to wait and see how they are executed. I'm excited for the next film as well as Taika Waititi is making it and he is great.
  11. I would say that it is the fact that the people making these films can't seem to stop repeating things that happened in those movies, rather than it being those movies themselves that are the problem.
  12. Honestly TROS totally ruined the sequels for me, I enjoyed TFA well enough and loved TLJ but the decisions made in the final film were just awful and affect the original trilogy as well. Some cool ideas but undercooked and surrounded by utterly nonsensical story telling and plot elements. It seems JJ just wanted to pile all his ideas for a trilogy into the one film without regard for how it affects everything else around it.
  13. Alternate mixes of album tracks, any demos of the album tracks and unreleased songs is what I'd be interested in. Also, don't rip the ass out of it, it needs to be decently priced. No tacky stuff just inserted so that you can fit it in a box and charge sky high prices.
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