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  1. There will also be insider reports about significant weight loss claiming Axl's been hitting the gym and in the best shape of his life, if the last decade is anything to go by.
  2. So you're saying the clip circulating of the band playing it is a fake? It sure as shit sounds like Axl to me.
  3. Complaining about the drummer in GNR when you have a singer as shocking as Axl circa 2017-2020 is akin to complaining about Anne Frank's role in Nazi Germany when you have Hitler in the same room.
  4. How much travelling in vans and sleeping on floors has Fortus actually done? As far as I can tell, his three main gigs have been Rhianna, Enrique Ingelias and Guns. Can't see him hunkering down on a tour bus with Axl or RiRi somehow. Enrique may enjoy it though. Fortus really does talk a lot of shit.
  5. It'd be more heartbreaking if I believed talent was going to waste. But seeing as Axl sounds God-awful 80% of the time these days, perhaps he's doing us all a favour.
  6. Given up expecting anything in the way of new music? Yes. At some point, you just stop caring. Way too many great artists/bands out there still making great music to waste time/energy getting wound up about a formerly great band who've let themselves turn to shit.
  7. You and I Russ have been back and fourth for years about GNR new material, and at this point, I don't even think I'd be that bothered. Of course I would listen and be eager to hear it, but the way Axl's voice has been 2017-20, it's hardly that exciting to hear new material played live by a singer who cannot manage more than 2-3 listenable performances out of a 3 hour concert. I truly think they've left it too long and Axl's time has unfortunately passed. Could he still deliver an interesting studio album with the right amount of takes and vocal rest? Perhaps. But the chances of the
  8. There's no saving GNR with Axl's voice in the condition it is.
  9. I have a kid and still wouldn't waste my money on that shit. Any Guns fan who gives a shit about new music should vote with their wallets and stop buying their cheap tat.
  10. In terms of albums of original material, Taylor Swift has released the equivalent of half of GNRs 33yr catalogue in one year.
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