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  1. The self titled STP record shits all over Libertad. Between The Lines, First Kiss On Mars, Fast As I can, Huckleberry Crumble... all great Weiland moments. Only decent track to come from Libertad was Messages which they were too dumb to even put on the actual record.
  2. Playing a little fast and loose with the word "interesting", aren't ya?
  3. I'm starting to think Axl is like The Grinch who stole Christmas. He doesn't want to do anything that might bring us joy.
  4. The American Idol guy? Yeah, I listened to the two albums they did, but he's very bland and only serves to highlight just how integral Scott was to the groups success.
  5. I haven't listened to GNR in aaaaaages. Still love em, but the catalogue is too slight to listen to them on the regular.
  6. This. I am rooting for their tour to fail. I know it won't and they'll always be a large and lucrative market for classic rock nostalgia, but I can't pretend I wouldn't be happy to see half filled venues and the band being forced to scale back on future tours due to dwindling interest. I wish this on them because they need an impetus to change. The bottom line might be the only thing that motivates them (or lets face it, Axl) to actually get off their asses and actually function like a proper band, releasing new music etc.
  7. They really go OTT on Rocket Queen these days. There's just no need for all that wankery in the middle. Talk about self indulgent.
  8. @Bitchisback - There would be zero complaints if GNR released new music. This place would explode with excitement. GNR fans have to be one of the longest-starved, malnourished fanbases of any living artist, hell, even dead artists release more content than GNR (MJ, Hendrix, Prince, Nirvana have all released more music in the last decade than Guns). Do they owe us anything? Nope. Do we owe them our positivity? Nope. If GNR want the fanbase to be more positive, give us something to be positive about. The truth is, I don't think Axl/Team Brazil really care about how positive/negative th
  9. People are just willfully ignoring how bad he sounds these days. During most 2018-19-20 shows you were hard pressed to get more than 3 or 4 listenable performances per show. The majority of songs in the set were just terrible vocally. And a terrible vocal performance ruins the entire show for me. I can't appreciate what the band are doing when the singer is sounding shit - it's just too distracting.
  10. So what exactly has happened here? They've scrapped the stadium gigs and announced arena dates? That would require a modicum of effort, not much, but a bit, which is simply out of the question for Axl.
  11. I think GNR like to think they are The Stones, but they simply don't have the catalogue to play stadiums whenever they feel like it.
  12. The fans still prepared to pay to see them should be pleased if the stadiums don't sell and they downsize. At least you have a chance of actually seeing them in an arena. I hate stadium shows.
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