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  1. Too much like common sense for the fanboys. He's solely written a small handful of great songs and been an important contributor to the more collaborative works in the GNR canon. but it feels like more of a fluke kind of talent. He may stumble upon an inspired moment every now and then, but he just isn't able to function as a prolific artist on any level whatsoever. And in terms of singing, he hasn't really been talented in that department in at least ten years now. We're all hoping for a turn around, but actions speak louder than words.
  2. Just sucks for those of us who can't stand AC/DC's music.
  3. The majority of artists and bands play multiple dates in the UK on any given tour, including GNR before NITL.
  4. I've spent money on them in the past, back when Axl could still sing. And then I spent money on them again when he could kind of half-sing. Now he can't sing at all, I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend my hard earned money on a guy who's just embarrassing himself and disrespecting his fanbase on a regular basis.
  5. That's why Prince played a 21 date residency in London at the o2 is it? Or why Michael Jackson announced 50 dates at the London o2 in 2009 for one of the most anticipated live comebacks of all time? Yeah, cuz nobody gives a shit about the UK.
  6. Goody for you. If you wanna chuck money at a corporate sellout cashgrab reunion by a band who don't give a shit about how they sound then that's up to you. I'm sure you delude yourself on a regular basis that the thousands you've spent is all worthwhile. I'd rather spend my money on bands/artists who actually give enough of a shit to practise and sound half decent.
  7. I seriously contemplated travelling from the UK to Vegas to see the opening night in 2016. Fast forward to 2020, when they announced London dates in my home country I didn't even consider buying a ticket.
  8. My nan passed away listening to Thrasher by Neil Young. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to go.
  9. So did Axl send in the heavies on that GNR forum that should not be named?

  10. The thing is, fans moan about the lack of communication, but have you ever considered the reason we don't get any news or updates from the GNR camp is because there's nothing to tell. In other words, they've done nothing as a band outside of the live shows. No recording done with this lineup other than reworking of SOYL. Would any of you really be surprised if that turned out to be the case? I know I wouldn't. I always hope I'm wrong, but occams razor suggests I'm not.
  11. GNR haven't done shit in over a decade. Doesn't take an "insider" to tell me that.
  12. Wow, bold statement. I could perhaps agree that as a package deal, UYI1 and UYI2 could give AFD a run for its money, but I don't think either individual album matches up.
  13. Definitely agree with this. Was just having a bit of fun. It irks me when people say GNR are a one album band, when UYI has more quality spread across it than most bands could hope for in their entire catalogue.
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