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  1. But why would you pay thousands of dollars for movies or TV shows? The whole point of streaming is that you pay a small monthly payment for access to a large, comprehensive selection of media. On Spotify, you can have access to pretty much every record that's ever been recorded (with a handful of exceptions) for as little as $10 a month. How is that not a good deal?
  2. Well, all of that was true for MJ, and it didn't stop them trying to cancel him. I think how successfully someone is cancelled depends on the fanbase of the artist/actor. The likes of MJ, Johnny Depp etc are far too popular and adored to ever really be cancelled. I think GNR may also fall into that category. Whereas nobody ever really gave a shit about Ryan Adams to begin with, and R Kelly never convincingly pleaded his own innocence, which never helps.
  3. I know you have an extensive and impressive collection, but do you stream as well?
  4. I've been clutching onto physical media for years, continuing to collect CDs, uploading them onto iTunes, keeping the physical format stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I have resisted streaming services like Spotify for the longest time, but have finally given in and joined as a premium member. I just no longer see the point in physical media. It's just useless clutter at this stage when you can get 95% of it on Spotify. I am interested in the thoughts of those who still buy CDs, vinyls, those who like to consume physical formats etc. Do you not see it as a futile exercise? What are you getting from it and do you actually use the physical media you purchase or is it more as a collectors piece nowadays? I used to want to keep buying CDs to support the artists, as I don't believe in the devaluation of music as an artform. But now I don't even use the physical format to upload onto iTunes, I really see no use in owning any of it. I'm even thinking of selling my entire CD collection (we're talking in the thousands).
  5. Boo-fucking-hoo Russ. Try living in the farm down in the South West of England, an 8hr drive from London, where GNR have played a grand total of 3 or 4 times since 2016. 4 hour drive... hang on, let me find the world's smallest violin.
  6. It seems that women are untouchable these days. Im not saying that a lot of these women weren't mistreated back in the day, but is ruining a mans career and livelihood really fair game for something that may or may not have happened 30yrs ago? Now if we're talking about rape here or underrage stuff, then by all means, call out these men. But in Axl's case, and in many others, we're not dealing with that stuff and I think some of these women are just abusing their position just like the men did against them back in the day. It's like "this man didn't treat me well when I was a grown-ass adult who knew exactly what I was doing. Now he deserves to be publicly humiliated three decades later and have his reputation and livelihood taken away from him." I'm sorry, but fuck off grifter. These chancers give real victims a bad name. Just because someone says they were a victim, it doesn't mean they actually were. People lie, embellish, especially those with a loose moral compass who probably fucked a tonne of famous rockstars back in the day.
  7. Guns N’ Roses’ manager Vicky Hamilton let singer Axl Rose hide from the police in her house after a young woman pressed charges against him because: “My job was to look after the band.” (The case was dropped due to lack of evidence.) Going after youngsters was so prevalent that for the men, as Hamilton breezily puts it, “There was no shame in their game.” Sheila Kennedy’s subsequent description of her own time with Rose explains where it went instead. “I carried all the dirtiness of him … Why doesn’t he feel that? I can say this now – I didn’t deserve any of that. And shame on him.” theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/sep/13/look-away-review-horrifying-stories-of-abuse-at-the-hands-of-male-rock-stars
  8. Heavily rumoured? More like fans talking themselves into it with wishful thinking. Go if you have the surplus cash and want a good night out. But if you're gonna go and then be pissed when they don't do Hard Skool (which let's face it, the odds aren't looking great) then save your money.
  9. It's definitely a contender. A toss up between GITM, Nov Rain and Messages for me.
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