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  1. I think it would go some way to helping your credibility if you elaborated on WHY you believe that. You always talk as if you are privy to something the rest of us aren't, but then turn around and use phrases like "I believe" etc. Cut the bullshit - are you claiming to have inside knowledge or not?
  2. Why do you talk with such certainty that no vocally-completed songs exist outside of the ones leaked on the Village demos? You have no way of knowing if this is true. We know for a fact that Axl continued recording vocals beyond 1999, Shacklers Revenge was recorded as late as 2002-2006. And didn't Axl talk about recording some vocals over Christmas one year for a track... was it Soul Monster or Seven? I can't recall which one, but he spoke about it in the 2009 MyGNR chats. None of us even knew songs like Perhaps, Eye on You and State of Grace existed before the Village demos leaked. You have no way of knowing what else Axl has lying around that is vocally completed.
  3. I can't believe anybody legitimately thinks this song is superior to Hard Skool. I find it hard to believe anybody genuinely believes that. Hard Skool ain't the best Guns song, but it shits all over this song, lets be real.
  4. I think the fanbase needs to collectively accept that Uncle Axl is never going to operate GNR like a normal band. Anybody hoping that Slash and Duff coming back into the fold would change things was simply kidding themselves. Axl is prepared to "let Slash play" on HIS songs, but other than that, it's like "It's 5 O Clock Somewhere" all over again - Axl simply ain't interested in working on Slash's original compositions. I for one will take what I can get. It's far from ideal, completely dysfunctional and utterly frustrating to watch as a fan, but an album of Chinese leftovers with Slash and Duff would actually probably be better than anything the three of them could write nowadays anyway.
  5. There clearly is no intention to write new shit together like a normal band. TBH, releasing Hard Skool and Absurd sort of confirmed that anyway, but I guess we were all holding out on the slim chance that we were wrong.
  6. Totally agree. Utterly depressing that Axl has this talent at his disposal but just can't be bothered to be creative.
  7. In terms of lead singles: You're A Lie > Driving Rain > River Is Rising > World on Fire (never cared for this one tbh)
  8. I wonder how it will rank out of ten on the generic-o-meter.
  9. He's never done a full elaborate interview about his GNR years though. He was always classy and kept a dignified silence about a lot of shit, but it was an important part of his career and I'd love it if he opened up a bit more about his time in the band, especially now with the benefit of hindsight. I guess it's just not his style, airing dirty laundry etc. I can respect that. Doesn't mean I don't wanna hear all the gory details though.
  10. Would love to see Ron do a full on interview with you where no question is off limits.
  11. The demo seemed less one dimensional. They shouldn't have deviated from it so much.
  12. For me, the longer we go without an album the less I care. Not just saying that to be negative, but there was once a time when GNR announcing a new record would've been near the top of my wishlist in life, but these days, great if it happens, but I ain't that bothered if it doesn't.
  13. If GNR is much more than a side project, how comes it's been treated like one for the last quarter of a century?
  14. Shite song, even without Faithfull's vocals imo.
  15. So are we assuming Beta's "it's on the CD" comment was in reference to the HS CD single?
  16. Still don't get why they have to be on tour to release new music. No other band/artist completely disappears off the radar when not touring. Most artists release the music first, THEN tour it. I am pleased we've had two singles, but only a new album will truly make me feel this band cares again.
  17. Not bad at all. Much improved from the first performance.
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