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  1. The Wikipedia page is notoriously unreliable and has lots of false info. I'm pretty sure a lot of stuff listed there just isn't real. (Unless it's been majorly overhauled since the last time I checked it).
  2. You responded to someone earlier saying that you said you've heard it and didn't correct them or say you didn't say that lol. This vague stuff is really annoying to read.
  3. Whilst I enjoy some of the remixes I'm not a fan of the Estate's obsession of effectively erasing all of MJ's contributions apart from vocals and then acting like it's his music.
  4. ^It's not according to "some here". Why do you think bumble lied about how many songs he played on? I guess you think that most if not all of them were instrumentals? Or that they just don't exist and bumble is lying?
  5. They used older drums for Absurd and Slash said that him and Duff worked around the drum tracks. So I am assuming Frank had already recorded drums for HS.
  6. I think that the next releases are likely to be Perhaps and Atlas. Whilst I'd rather they use something we haven't heard it'll be cool to hear what they do with those tracks.
  7. He was apparently working on it in 2014, and 2015. Although what that work was is unknown, you'll also get some people saying that anyone who ever says anything about Axl working on stuff is lying.
  8. Yeah, I think this is what she meant, I'm personally expecting nothing and will be happy if something comes. Even if they had plans I doubt they'll be the same by the time the next tour comes around lol.
  9. I mean, that's basically just projecting, you could say you have a special sense to prove any point you want at that point. Like I said, maybe that is the way things are, I'm not seeing anything that's saying that other than "I know that's how they would feel".
  10. I can't really fathom how someone can read that post and think he is blaming Slash lmao. People really squinting and seeing what they want.
  11. I honestly think that some fans like to project how they're feelings onto Slash and Duff. Duff said on his radio show that Absurd is awesome to play live and seems to quite enjoy it, and there's really nothing implying that Slash doesn't like the material. It's entirely possible that you are right and that's the way things are, but people saying that aren't doing it based on any evidence and are just projecting.
  12. Or people can enjoy things and can actually like something regardless of how you happen to feel about it. You seem to think that you're on some kind of horse looking down on everyone lol.
  13. Not surprised at all that they haven't written material since they've reunited. Everything in the past has always said to me that Axl was pretty much going to release the tracks he has always wanted to release. Even interviews with Slash and Duff up until this point have pretty much confirmed that they are contributing to Axl's material. I don't understand why people are surprised.
  14. I'm curious, as we know there's been reports of Axl working on music up until 2015 (was mentioned in 2014 that he was doing a lot of vocal work). Do some of us think that he was just working on three village tracks?
  15. I agree with this, although it is admittedly frustrating that they do not bother to put the zero effort (for a band like them) it would take to market properly, ultimately I just want the music at this point though.
  16. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he even said that it was going to be on the next album at one point when asked, and that was quite a bit after CD released if I recall correctly. I doubt any of us believed it when he said it but he's been pretty consistent in that regard.
  17. Morphine is amazing, I especially think the slow section and the ending part you mentioned are really chilling to listen to.
  18. Agree with most of what you said (I do think Axl would be fine the studio). It's kinda weird to me seeing people act like all these problems don't exist and like everything has changed just because they released two songs. Last part is pretty much how I feel, I don't really see what they've done that I'd want to spend money on when we don't even know if anything is happening when it comes to an album/future singles.
  19. Nothing for a long time if anything at all.
  20. Someone on here said that he seems to have bad breath and control which I agree with, I also think he doesn't really rehearse which is a consequence of that. I've said before I think it's entirely possible he's done damage, but the way he sounds sometimes doesn't make me think damage, it just sounds like he hasn't put effort into sounding the best he can. Obviously I understand he's not going to, so this is what we have, still, that doesn't take away the reality imo. There's been a notable improvement recently, but the things I said above still apply tbh.
  21. I think it's probably because Axl has always wanted to release this stuff anyway and was going to whoever was in the band. Lack of new vocals is down to him not feeling like he needs to as the takes are good enough.
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