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  1. Really excited for Mandalorian and Kenobi, personally I'm not really interested in the other shows announced, although I guess I will have to wait and see how they are executed. I'm excited for the next film as well as Taika Waititi is making it and he is great.
  2. I would say that it is the fact that the people making these films can't seem to stop repeating things that happened in those movies, rather than it being those movies themselves that are the problem.
  3. Honestly TROS totally ruined the sequels for me, I enjoyed TFA well enough and loved TLJ but the decisions made in the final film were just awful and affect the original trilogy as well. Some cool ideas but undercooked and surrounded by utterly nonsensical story telling and plot elements. It seems JJ just wanted to pile all his ideas for a trilogy into the one film without regard for how it affects everything else around it.
  4. Alternate mixes of album tracks, any demos of the album tracks and unreleased songs is what I'd be interested in. Also, don't rip the ass out of it, it needs to be decently priced. No tacky stuff just inserted so that you can fit it in a box and charge sky high prices.
  5. Lol he is such an ass sometimes. I was just asking for some sort of update
  6. It's not 1080p, 360p video upscaled to 1080 is still 360p it's just stretched. Yeah the audio was awful.
  7. I very much doubt the footage they have is 360p.
  8. The sound mix was awful yeah. Flat af. Also I can't believe they actually uploaded a 360p video. It's cool they are doing something but it's 2020 ffs this stuff is in no way difficult.
  9. Yeah, I more meant nobody is going to pay to see individual songs from gigs, which is what Fernando has already said they'll be providing. I won't be, anyway.
  10. This book being posted onto GNR official accounts as if people are supposed to care about it at all just shows even more that all GNR is to Tb is an opportunity to push whatever stupid ideas they have and get them noticed. Yoyos, towels, toy trucks and now a book.
  11. I really loved their latest album, totally different. I know a lot of people didn't like it but I think that's just because AM was so popular.
  12. Slash and Duff will definitely be redoing everything on any songs from the Chinese era, I don't expect to hear any bucket or Robin at all.
  13. Someone asked him if they needed to be touring when the album comes out and he said "no but it helps". This is Fernando though, so, you know.
  14. TIL remix vocals are from 09 or 10 imo. They wouldn't fit over the original song at all so they cannot be demo vocals. I also don't think the raspy vocals fit the song at all, it's fine for a fun alternate version but that's it.
  15. "Man acts entitled in supermarket, doesn't listen to staff who politely let's him know that the aisle is closed, for some applesauce"
  16. Yep, they have starved the fanbase for any kind of content, even communication, for no reason. They wonder why they are getting hate but are clearly so far up their own asses that they don't understand.
  17. Imagine thinking that GNR fans who think the band should release music won't be happy if they release music 😂
  18. I think people just don't believe him because any time he says anything it's just hot air and nothing ever comes of it. If this band actually had press releases and stuff like that instead of their "manager" posting on reddit then maybe people wouldn't call bullshit.
  19. It's auto generated by YouTube. There's some legal thing that allows it to happen. It's not GNR posting them. It's just applied to them on YouTube.
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