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  1. Maybe Hardschool Is not the last track, we only know at this point Hardskool and Absurd, that's the 2 Codes we know, but maybe there are 3 or 4 more tracks after Hardschool, or am I Wrong?
  2. I'm the only one that thinks that the Estranged of the Second night in Atlantic City is in top 3 of the NITL Tour? The First 30 seconds of the 2nd Part, were really incredibly for me!
  3. My Guess Is Hardschool Next show I really think we are on the nearest point, and 2 more new songs at the Next leg, justo before the release of the new album. We can dream😂
  4. Also seeing that Axl statement yesterday I believe he will try something new this night, I don't think Hardschool, but something new from the illusions yes
  5. I think that Axl might think that are songs not as popular as are YCBM, and nobody can't get them well received! This Is my thought but I still believe they will play them someday!
  6. I think that probably on this tour they are going to do Pretty Tied Up or even un the Next, Axl sounds incredibly similar to his 90's voice on the verses
  7. Hi! I've been searching for the Reherseal of México a lot of time, Because everyone saya that Axl sound amazing on there. Can please anybody help me?
  8. I really think even It is not popular, that TWAT Is at the level of Civil War,Patience... or some of the "BEST songs" that people say of GNR. I would only put November Rain,Estranged,Don't Cry,Wttj or Ycbm over TWAT. I don't want to say it but I think that TWAT Is the last "Top" Song that we are going to hear of Axl.
  9. Has anybody seen any videos from the last show?? Because I have only seen Nightrain. If anyone can help me, I would be very proud😁
  10. Hi! Does anyone know where to find you're crazy,estranged,Rocket Queen, nightrain,civil war... From the last show?? On youtube I only find some videos but none of them of the songs I mentioned before. If someone could help me! I'm no asking for links only if someone knows where to see them Thanks!
  11. I really expect them on this tour even if It Is on 2022 to perform Perhaps.I prefer them a Studio Versión of Perhaps, than hardschool or even if The General has been finished. Perhaps Is the closest think that we can hear with the old GNR sound!
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