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  1. I think Axl is just lucky that the statutes have passed. He could have been Danny Masterson.
  2. I’m assuming that is “little Michelle” she’s all over the internet. She seems crazy to be honest, not saying that something didn’t happen to her, but I don’t know how credible her testimony would be.
  3. It’s not good, I think it’s been documented that Axl had violent incidents with some women, although this one does sound like a cash grab. He just better hope that this doesn’t spur more women to come out of the woodwork to talk to the media. This will cause him to go into hibernation again I think. I wonder if he knew it was coming.
  4. I always liked this leak. I would like to hear the real full version without the Mack daddies.
  5. I really like both songs. Very moody and atmospheric, giving me all the feels. well done GNR, just give us more please.
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