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  1. Yeah he was a POS in my opinion. Definitely knew his deal of GNR bootlegs. But besides that, very ignorant.
  2. Nah, I wouldn’t have felt too bad the guys a racist and former KKK member. You’re all good. He was just using government disability money to buy bootlegs.
  3. Ha! Timebomb was so pissed off when this leaked. I remember him ranting and raving about it. Was great. Haven’t seen what this leak is yet. But based off the title hopefully this all comes out sooner than later.
  4. Yeah it did use to be easier. But patience is our strong suit. I’m sure everyone who wants to see it will be able to at some point
  5. Rock In Rio 2006 and Rock am Ring 2006 have proshots as well. Then a few partials like Rockslide Festival and the partial one where Axl sang a few lines of Mama Kin Both Wembley 2006 shows?
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