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  1. Well, I’m heading back from the show right now. I had an awesome time. The seats I had were about as far back as you could go. During Estranged we moved down to the pit by the sound board. I thought the setlist was great and the performances were great
  2. Yeah not at all. And it’s even less relevant to GNR. Sad really
  3. I’ll buy the litho. Just because. But not that shirt. I don’t get why they couldn’t have done Carolina hurricanes or Sir Walter Raleigh themes
  4. Well that’s definitely interesting. I’d been using that link and typing Hardskool in almost everyday and it was always 404 not found.. As recent as yesterday
  5. Pretty sure they meant the guy streaming and singing along to estranged
  6. By the standards of following what other bands do, yeah. They usually release singles in anticipation of an album that’s been announced. With GNR, who knows. There’s no announced album and they work on their own time table. To me it seems the single was released for the tour. The setlist has Absurd and Hardskool. It would make sense to have the songs out early in the tour for people to get familiar with, outside of the forum/leak downloaders. By the 19th any mention of Absurd will be dead and the momentum gone. So boom Hardskool. Keeps GNR looking productive. Just my opinion at least
  7. Well, if they want to pull this same stunt again. I’d say the best odds of Hardskool would be played in Los Angeles on the Thursday the 19th and announced for release at midnight Friday. I do have to find amusement in this. Bumbles idea was to release a couple songs when they go on tour. Each leg release a single for that leg. Then after the tour release an EP or Album. Only took a decade but looks like they could be jumping on the idea now.
  8. Yeah he was a POS in my opinion. Definitely knew his deal of GNR bootlegs. But besides that, very ignorant.
  9. Nah, I wouldn’t have felt too bad the guys a racist and former KKK member. You’re all good. He was just using government disability money to buy bootlegs.
  10. Ha! Timebomb was so pissed off when this leaked. I remember him ranting and raving about it. Was great. Haven’t seen what this leak is yet. But based off the title hopefully this all comes out sooner than later.
  11. Yeah it did use to be easier. But patience is our strong suit. I’m sure everyone who wants to see it will be able to at some point
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