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  1. No - there's a bad-quality recording of a few minutes of it from an afterparty, but that's it
  2. And I don't think Madagascar was omitted from the proshot because of the fuckup, it was likely because of the Martin Luther King/film quotes - I remember the web broadcasts in 2012 muted them for licensing reasons Out Ta Get Me was the only other song missing from the broadcast for unexplained reasons
  3. Axl just says something like "you better figure it out - do me right! you better do me right!" and then they start the song completely over and Axl goes "very nice"
  4. I think the band was at its best in July/August 2016 - Axl was between AC/DC tours and was finally mobile again I'm listening back to some of those shows, and the final show of that stint was San Diego in August, and Axl's voice was great at that point
  5. On the edge I slide Slow as time goes by Love on your knees, untie your insides This is how I invent myself and this is how I exist I am the war I am the fight God without ruthless heaven be Be without beginning your first step This is how I invent myself and this is how I exist On the edge I start And I'm wrong in your vastness Folding hands we will be Immaculate race Unfolding souls We will make redeemable gods So ... I invent myself and so I exist So ... I invent myself and so I exist So ... I invent myself and so I exist That's how I inve
  6. For all the "b-b-but it wasn't properly mastered audio! It's straight from the soundboard!" nerds - so was Chicago 1992 and Saskatoon 1993 They sound bad now, just admit it
  7. Ehhhhh Apollo had a nice setlist but Axl's voice was already on the way out After AC/DC was done he stopped giving a shit
  8. Axl sounds like he's about to die 2016 was the only good year for this lineup
  9. The Ritz, February 1988 (taped for MTV) Fox Late Show , March 1988 (live on FOX) VMA's, September 1988 (live on MTV) American Music Awards, January 1989 (live on ABC) Farm Aid, April 1990 (live on TNN) Rock in Rio, January 1991 (live on TV) VMA's, September 1991 (partial - taped for MTV) MTV New Year's Eve, December 1991 (partial - taped for MTV) Freddie Mercury Tribute, April 1992 (live on multiple TV channels) Paris, June 1992 (live on Pay Per View) VMA's, September 1992 (live on MTV) Santiago, December 1992 (live on TV) Buenos Aire
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