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  1. 2006 was my favorite. I thought it was over around 2012, but he was better in 14’. Didn’t expect much in 16’ but I thought he was great and Axl/DC was on another level. I think the constant touring of that year is what led to his downfall. This year he started rough, but got better. I think he ended somewhere around 2017 levels by the last show.
  2. I personally liked these the best; Boston -because I love the baseball card effect. Indy- Very cool that they used Axl’s favorite childhood pizza joint Milwaukee- if anyone can say they are as cool as Axl Rose, it would be Arthur Fonzerelli ehhhh Columbus- Loved all the Freddy movies! Great memories of watching them back when I was first getting into GNR. Baltimore- Love estranged! And so glad they didn’t do anything with the Baltimore ravens football team. That would’ve been the first one I’d have to pass on. Although, the prototype we saw from the artist who was supposed to do it, was pretty cool too.
  3. No. I’ve been fortunate enough to get one at each show I’ve been too, so I’m going to hang onto them. It does seem like that one is pretty hard to find. Keep checking ebay, one might eventually pop up. Good luck!
  4. I somehow missed every single one of those lol. I did remember the Budweiser soccer commercial that had Axl in it
  5. Just saw a commercial for a new Nissan that has welcome to jungle playing throughout. It said something about Hollywood, but I didn’t quite catch it. Anyway, I was wondering, how many commercials have featured GNR? I know the 06’ Harley commercial that had better, and one had paradise city. I once saw a commercial a few days before Chinese democracy was released, and that’s about all I could think of. I’m sure I’m missing some.
  6. Yeah you are absolutely right about that, I just meant that it was some “old ideas”, but yeah they were freshly recorded so good point. Also thanks, the honeymoon was great! She’s definitely a keeper! I think I have her talked into going to Vegas to one of DLR’s final shows in January
  7. Yeah I’m not sure where I got that info, but I’m 95% sure that it’s accurate. Maybe it was Axl during the post CD chats
  8. There were a few singles that got mainstream radio play; tattoo, she’s the woman, and stay frosty. It was very similar to guns in the fact that it was about 5 years after their “reunion” and that most, if not all were leftover songs from EVH’s vault. Definitely sounds familiar, they also did a music video for tattoo that was similar to their jump video. Personally, I’d be happy if GNR received that level of success with a new album. I’d say Guns are a few years older now, than VH was then?
  9. That’s one of the four I don’t have framed yet. Along with MetLife, Hershey 17’, and DC 17’. I’ll probably get some more frames this weekend and I’ll get a pic of it
  10. Yeah I have 10 from the NITL tour and then these 3. I only have them of shows I’ve attended. I have 6 of them hanging throughout the house, I can post pics if anyone is interested in seeing them. I posted the pics of this leg because even in the cheap frames, I thought they looked a lot better than I thought. Vegas 16’ night 1 DC 16’ Pittsburgh 16’ Philly 16’ Metlife 16’ night 1 Hershey 17’ Buffalo 17’ Philly 17’ DC 17’ Louder than life 19’
  11. Put this legs lithos in cheap frames for now. Really liking these designs
  12. I doubt anyone knows for sure, but to me those lyrics are about Slash leaving the band in 96’. Isn’t it around this time that Duff confirmed they were working on a song for a Jackie Chan movie? Anyway, a few points that stand out to me..... no effort spared to save what we had i would’ve thought you could be more of a man... but you had to play it cool, ...do it your way..... throw it all away...... thought you were here to stay. to me it says everything Axl was feeling about slash leaving. Axl has said how Slash always made it look a certain way, and tried to save face. I don’t know, maybe I’m looking too much into it, but hardskool could be the ability to put up with Axl’s craziness. Anyway to answer your question, I 100% believe Axl at least wrote all the lyrics to this one.
  13. I know shacklers revenge was inspired by the Virginia tech shooting. That was in 2007.
  14. I had this discussion with a friend of mine and we disagree. We’ve been to several shows, but he says Atlantic City night 1 was the best, while I think Baltimore was. We both obviously agree that Hershey was by far the worst. But I thought Columbus and either LA or SanJose was really good too. what do you guys think?
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