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  1. In 2003 at the kiss/aerosmith show, they said the reason aerosmith didn’t do a encore was because the stadium has a strict curfew. So I don’t know. As bitchisback said, last time they started pretty early, it was strange. also, I do remember last time they stopped selling alcohol when guns started. Which sucks for a 3 hour show. Hopefully that’s changed. I did get an email from Ticketmaster about the new 6pm start time. I was reading the venue rules and it said that the stadium is now a cash-free venue. So make sure you bring some plastic with you. Yeah that was an a
  2. Yeah it was weird to see them take the stage and play for over an hour in the daylight. 7 or 8 years ago, you knew you’d never see them until at least 10:30-11 lol
  3. I think Hershey has a pretty strict curfew. GNR were at one time banned for life from Hershey after the 91’ show with skid row. Luckily, in 2017 that got lifted. I remember seeing kiss and aerosmith there back in 2003, aerosmith didn’t do an encore that night because it was too late. I remember all the radio stations taking about it on the way home. fans kept calling in and complaining and the DJ kept saying it was out of their hands. Apparently too much time was spent between Kiss and Aerosmith’s stage set-ups
  4. That would be awesome! I doubt it happens, but it would definitely be awesome! Slash and duff played ain’t talking about love at VanHalens hof induction
  5. I don’t see Axl’s mic stand anywhere in this pic
  6. I totally agree. Hoping for a great comeback show!
  7. He started the reunion off sounding pretty good though. I know it was way better in 16’ than where he left off in 14’. Granted it was a big deal having Slash back and he knew all eyes were on him, so I’m hoping for a repeat of that. Not expecting, just hoping
  8. Sammy Hagar disagrees lol. Not a huge Sam fan, but I give the guy a lot of credit, he still sounds great in his 70’s
  9. Yeah a lot of it was recorded in 92. The UYI tour lasted until July of 93, so plenty of wear and tear. I still hear the biggest difference between TSI and SFTD
  10. Yeah it would’ve been cool to hear that. The scom 99’ version sounds cool, but just different than what we were used to. But by 01’ it changed again. Very fascinating. I’d love to hear the rumored AFD99’ album to hear why songs like out ta get me would sound like
  11. I’m not sure if since I don’t have you was recorded last or not, but that does make sense.
  12. Sorry guys, I know Axl’s vocals have been discussed widely for years, but I don’t remember this specific change being covered. I was just listening to sympathy for the devil and it sounds to me like Axl’s vocals changed from the last recordings on TSI. Not major, but it sounds like the rasp isn’t quite there when he goes for it. It’s a cleaner sound. To me it sounds closer the SCOM 99’ voice. Anyone agree or is it just me? TSI was recorded 92-93 and SFTD was recorded in October of 94’ Come together with Bruce Springsteen was in January of 94’ and as much as I like the performance, it see
  13. I was at the first NJ show and it was definitely packed, but I think the louder than life festival might’ve been more people. Hard to tell though, standing room looks a lot different than a stadium with all the seats filled. Plus, the louder than life festival wasn’t an exclusive GNR show. I think we’re all pretty sure most people showed up to see Ice Cube lol
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