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  1. Yeah I agree. I’d love to go this year, but just don’t see it happening. If today showed us anything, we can’t rely on the general population to do the right thing anymore. That will significantly set back the whole situation.
  2. Guys let’s be honest, no shows in the US this year, I mean it’s just too dangerous with the civil war that will be in full effect by then.
  3. I just did a search and the better and paradise city versions of the harley commercial are still out there. If anyone is interested in checking them out. Black sheep commercial
  4. I don’t specifically remember a documentary in 06’, but I’m not surprised it got pulled. Just like the video for better. It was cool, showed a pretty accurate picture of what the band was like at that time. Axl basically shows up, and walks right to the stage, says something like what’s up to Izzy (probably the first he’d seen him in years) along the way lol.
  5. Yeah Axl definitely laid an egg with the momentum it had at release. The tour didn’t start until a year later, and it featured a new guitar player who wasn’t even on the album. I forgot about the tv commercials. They was one for Chinese democracy and there was a Harley Davidson commercial at one point that featured better, and maybe paradise city? I’m not certain on that, but either way, wasted potential!
  6. Yeah I’d say there was a buzz or hype that surrounded the release of CD. I remover MySpace had record streaming numbers when they released it the day before it came out. Plus remember how Dr. Pepper was involved, wanting to give everyone a in America a free can? It crashed their servers. So anyone saying there was only hype on the forum, should probably look at those examples.
  7. Is this whole show out there somewhere?
  8. The Full 2002 VMA rehearsal video! Are you listening to me Mr. hoarding man? Name your price
  9. I guess I’m the minority here, but I’d be up for a “dirt” style movie of Guns. The dirt wasn’t entirely accurate, but it was very entertaining. At least I thought so. I feel like these recent rock n roll movies are equivalent to the guitar hero games from 10-12 years ago. It’s kinda introducing these classic songs to kids in a way that seems cool, at least to them. Also the way they are released has a lot to do with it as well. The dirt was far more popular than bohemian rhapsody with the under 30 demographic I think mainly because it was in Netflix. Whether purists would like it or not, I thi
  10. As a teacher I can definitely relate to the no audio part lol
  11. Practicing the silence of the lambs dance in front of the mirror
  12. I totally get what you’re saying. I think clearly the best are behind them for a number of reasons. Technology has changed, which gives us a front row ticket to almost every live show . That’s watered it down a bit. Then there’s not near as much mystique around this band and specifically “woke” Axl as once was. Plus we’re all older and in different parts of our life. To me nothing beats the excitement of the Hammerstein in 06’ the vibe around the band was so good then. Then 2010 was great because Axl still sounded amazing and brought back a more classic look. We thought they were finally goi
  13. Lol you make some good points, but I don’t think you get what I’m trying to say about the mainstream appeal. While I agree there are some acts that kids like, I don’t think it’s near the level it once was. Kids would rather stay at home and make tik tok videos than go to concerts. At least that’s what I see. All the acts you mentioned do get a ton of YouTube hits, but I don’t think they anticipate the release. Just my opinion. And while I prefer my live music from the 80’s I’m definitely not stuck there lol. I’m quite progressive in most other things. Each their own man.
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