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  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I think clearly the best are behind them for a number of reasons. Technology has changed, which gives us a front row ticket to almost every live show . That’s watered it down a bit. Then there’s not near as much mystique around this band and specifically “woke” Axl as once was. Plus we’re all older and in different parts of our life. To me nothing beats the excitement of the Hammerstein in 06’ the vibe around the band was so good then. Then 2010 was great because Axl still sounded amazing and brought back a more classic look. We thought they were finally goi
  2. Lol you make some good points, but I don’t think you get what I’m trying to say about the mainstream appeal. While I agree there are some acts that kids like, I don’t think it’s near the level it once was. Kids would rather stay at home and make tik tok videos than go to concerts. At least that’s what I see. All the acts you mentioned do get a ton of YouTube hits, but I don’t think they anticipate the release. Just my opinion. And while I prefer my live music from the 80’s I’m definitely not stuck there lol. I’m quite progressive in most other things. Each their own man.
  3. No need to feel sorry for me. Again, I like other music, just not enough to go see it live. Of the newer stuff I like, most of them just stand there and stare at their shoes, there’s no show. I’d much rather spend money on going to a sporting event or something that brings me some excitement. I agree that there are scenes that have an audience, but there’s nothing that is mainstream anymore. I don’t believe there’s any new release that kids get pumped up for months in advance and then just have to have it. Music is so disposable because it’s so readily accessible.
  4. I never said music ended with GNR. I said for me, the stuff I like started with VH and ended with GNR. Sure there’s other music out there that I enjoy, but nothing like them. Nothing that I care to spend money on to see. Also, music is so accessible to everyone these days. There really isn’t a mainstream youth rebellion like there once was. Who cares who listens to what? I wasn’t born until 84, yet VH has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. GNR has always been my top. When I was a teen, sure I listened to some stuff that was popular at the time, but the older stuff was always my favori
  5. Yes, you’ll never regret spending money to go to a good rock show! Glad to see some younger guys getting out there and seeing what a good show is supposed to be. For my favorite music, it actually started with VanHalen and it ended with GNR. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Not sure what other rock you like, but I highly encourage you to see Motley Crue, just because the show itself is a spectacle. Mr. Mick Mars seems to be in poor health, so if you like them at all, get to a show. Rock on!
  6. Absolutely! Unfortunately all the bands like GNR are getting up there in age. To me, EVH is the first in what is going to be a long list of musicians that I grew up idolizing, leaving us.
  7. If the passing of the great Eddie VanHalen has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take seeing any of our musical heroes for granted. Yeah not in this lifetime tour was getting a little old, but damn I’ll still go see them no matter what they're calling the tour. You never know when it’s gonna be the last time. I saw VH for the last time in 2015, I almost didn’t go, now I’m damn sure glad I did. RIP EVH!
  8. 19 2002 Pittsburgh 2006 Hammerstein Ballroom 2006 Cleveland 2011 Orlando 2011 Wilkes-barre PA 2011 Youngstown OH 2012 Silver Spring MD 2013 Brooklyn Bowl 2014 Bethlehem PA 2016 Vegas 2016 DC 2016 Pittsburgh 2016 Philly 2016 East Rutherford 2017 Hershey PA 2017 Buffalo 2017 Philly 2017 DC 2019 Louisville (Louder than Life) also seen Axl/DC, VR, and Slash with Myles Kennedy a few times. I had tix for philly this summer, but we all know what happened there.
  9. In 99’ when Axl was said to release the new afd with new guns, I’m pretty sure YCBM was going to replace anything goes. Obviously AFD 99’ was never released
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