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  1. "Trump may sound like the De La Hoya but he's the fuckin' Vargas and just because you have a bunch of guys agreeing doesn't mean shit. The truth is, they're a bunch of bad cops and I'm the fuckin' Serpico and they can suck my ****." - W. Axl Pose
  2. Pretty much though I'd slightly change the dates: '85-September '91 for the (mostly) original lineup. Axl: '94 - 2006 .
  3. Given the recent Goldstein/Niven talk, here's a gem from the archives. Presumably dated from 2009, delivered in hands to Beta: Axl, I implore you to read this. First and foremost, I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I believe there are MANY misconceptions, false-truths, and resentmrent causing issues that continue to fester in Our relationship. I'd love the opportunity to clear these up. The sale of Big FD to Sanctuary...... Ax, I swear on my kids lives, when I was first propositioned by Merck, I immeadiately called Sharon. She told me to fly to England
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