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  1. Pretty much though I'd slightly change the dates: '85-September '91 for the (mostly) original lineup. Axl: '94 - 2006 .
  2. I'd love to see them tour with Mike Patton again so he can encourage the audience to pelt Axl with trash like old times.
  3. Admittedly, the narrative was better when Axl was the sole villain of GnR but point taken. I don't have issues with Slash per se, it's known that he's been angling for a GnR payday since the 2nd snakepit album flopped. There is a bit of cognitive dissonance with Duff though as he seems to be turning into the Gene Simmons of the band lately. And you have Axl who criticized Slash about riding around in limos with Snoop Dogg and ends up doing the same thing. We've seen the full evolution of the band where they've turned into people they claimed never to want to be. But who am I kiddi
  4. Exactly how I feel. I hope if there's ever any forthcoming album, it's 100% pulled from the 90's/early 00's when there was still some fire in these guys. New material from current day Axl and Slash would likely be a major letdown.
  5. They would not be as "legendary" as they are today. Simple as that. Even if Izzy had come back to the fold as a writer, you'd still have another rhythm guitarist on the albums. No chance of Popcorn Adler ever coming back. Sorum would most definitely have been fired along with Gilby. However you shake it, given the personalities involved, you're 2 original members down from the get-go. That's a different band entirely without Izzy on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. You can say that they would have been the rolling stones for gen-x had they stuck together, but I don't see how that would
  6. They're so lazy it would probably be some old demo from the 80's like Crash Diet.
  7. The only chance we have to get the real dirt on GnR is if we have a book that gets no holds-barred interviews from the following key players: Del James, Chris Pitman, Dizzy Reed, Tom Zutaut (w/ input from Jimmy Iovine), Buckethead, Paul Tobias, Doug Goldstein, and Tommy Stinson. They'd all have to be on bad terms with the GnR camp (4 out of 8 so far). With their side of the story, you can weave together something of a cohesive narrative from '93 to 2015.
  8. Well, they can say what they want, but to me...GnR does not feel like a real partnership between the three. It seems more like Duff and Slash joined Nu Guns. That theory seems to be gaining more and more traction each year without new music. Slash is doing what he needs to do given the circumstances and is pragmatic about it. I suspect he had more interest in getting Izzy and Steven involved for NITL than the others. Yes, his recent playing seems tasteless and nowhere near even the VR days - but he's carrying this entire enterprise on his back and for that we must give credit. Duff
  9. That's all fine and dandy Duff but if you had split the loot equally with Izzy, he might have rejoined the band.
  10. Didn't Slash put Locomotive together in Izzy's house? Hard to imagine that Izzy wasn't involved at all in that process given the circumstances. Duff is an Axl Rose yes-man. He's in a competition with Del James now to see who can lick Axl's boot more.
  11. Going by all the interviews, rumors, and behind the scenes chatter that found its way onto this forum over the past 17 years - here's my impression of nuGnR dynamics w/ Tommy: *Axl recruits Tommy as a replacement for Duff - he has the same punk background but with more indie cred than Duff which was a perfect hire in Axl's mind. Axl in the 90's was a slave of trends and trying to align himself with every hip band's talent that he could poach. Tommy is thrilled to get a high paying steady gig as he was apparently working as a telemarketer to make ends meet. It's a perfect fit. *Axl an
  12. I'm surprised Rolling Stone even gave a rat's ass about them enough to write that article. Whatever interest and momentum GnR had with the general public was squandered back in 2016/2017. The media didn't give two fucks about those demos leaking from Zutaut's locker. No one cares anymore. I bet 1/3 of this forum wouldn't even bother to download the new album for free at this point. Axl was the boy who cried wolf for the past 20 years. We moved on. They'd probably license welcome to the jungle for a Care Bears movie than release a single note of new music.
  13. I think this book will be nerfed sadly. There was an outside chance that Sorum would deliver a no-holds barred account of the GnR days - but with him engaging on social media with Duff/Slash and wishing Axl a happy birthday, it probably won't happen now. I imagine the GnR camp reached out to him and smoothed things over. I expect something along the lines of Slash's book. None of these guys will risk a tell-all about the band. Too much money and personal relationships at stake to do that.
  14. The Melrose Place-esque soap opera drama set them apart. A bipolar redhead diva who spent 25 years eating pork rinds in bed. The legend of Paul Tobias and his abduction by aliens. Mr. Buckethead. The ghost of Izzy Stradlin'. That's what sustained interest through the 90's up till 2006. Since then, there's been nothing special about the band. Maybe their specialty now is inducing boredom in their dwindling fanbase.
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