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  1. Pass Hard pass.... I don’t care how many more times they can repackage old music, not buying it!
  2. Duff is soft, can’t even give his friend and band mate of about 30 years a heads up or even give him an idea of what was happening. I think it’s pretty cool Matt said “no thanks” to joining the semi reunion. He doesn’t need any bs in his life I guess
  3. Learned something new today... Theres a cell phone clip of Silkworms from the same 2010 party. How is it possible that I never knew this?!
  4. Hey Brando, never mind these people who hate that you didn’t ask THEIR questions! They don’t have the connections, ability to hold a conversation, or the personality to do what you do. Any member on here would be doing backflips if they would be able to talk to any GnR member for over an hour! If people are going to cry about what’s said or not said on your podcast, they need to not listen or start their own! Keep up the great work! I think it’s pretty cook you get to talk to rockstars on a regular basis, and share it with us!
  5. Do you mean like him trying to fix all the fu*k ups this band has done over the years? Or some bs behind the scenes or what?
  6. Man, you know it’s bad and we have all turned cynical when Russ is calling out the “insiders”.....”insiders”
  7. It’s so crazy to think about how exciting January 2016-April 2016 was, and how things have completely changed 4 years later. In early 2016 it felt like there was new, exciting news coming out every other day about GnR. I was glued to this site and google, just waiting for the next story to come out. Now 4 years later and nothing has changed with this band and it has become very stale. No new music, no exciting headlines, etc. It’s just the same old stuff, recycled over and over. No, I won’t go to a GnR show until they release brand new recorded music. Why waste my money on seei
  8. I know right! I can’t believe I got a bit excited when this commercial aired....what a loser
  9. Anyone else see the beer commercial with the guy whistling Patience?
  10. As has been discussed already, but imagine how many tickets and stadiums they would sell if they had a new album to promote! Casual fans would gravitate towards the “new music new album” slogan Its been a long long time since remembering the last album people were fiending for. Guys, girls, older, younger, etc all talked about this new album coming out. That’s what it would be like, even in the digital age!!!
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