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  1. Slash says he will be in the studio with the Conspirators in the fall, and then Guns N Roses go back out on tour next year and also hopefully go to the studio and do some recording, in a new Interview with Eddie trunk
  2. so now Axl's Twitter Bio has been changed if Axl really is spying on us then. Hi Axl this fourm has never said anything bad about you in the last couple of years
  3. Another New Axl picture likely taken from the Same day as the last picture
  4. Just a couple of days after the New Izzy picture we get a new Axl picture
  5. Highway To Hell performance last night in Paris with Wolfgang Van Halen
  6. https://www.officialaxlrose.com/ this is operated by Live Nation and himself or someone else has added it to his Twitter bio though so I would say it’s legit
  7. i think this counts as offical media i guess this shows Axl does in some way or another read fan posts if he's tagged in them
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/C4tnSJWrFoi/?igsh=MW1hM3A1dzkyMnM0YQ== Not sure weather putting this here was the right place for it but this is a new picture of Slash in his home studio today and from zooming in you can tell he's recording something personally wouldn't suprise me if it's for the next SMKC album slash said he was hoping to record at the end of the year of course GNR is always going to be a possibility with one of these as well as something slash is guesting on in the future. If someone wants to post the picture from it here then please do because I'm not to sure how to
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