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  1. axl created a piano part for prostitute in 1993 apparently what i've heard don't know if it's true
  2. seems like it is the end unless they do say something oh well
  3. does anyone think if they play it tonight it'll be blocked outside North America
  4. we had your crazy and so fine but what else might have been played here is my list Pretty tied up Think about you Hard Skool Bennie and the jets Dust N Bones 14 years Atlas shrugged Absurd Move to the city Nice boys Mama kin Perhaps Out ta get me My Michelle Catcher in the rye There was a time Soul monster Berlin Oh My God Going down maybe even a SMKC song like Anastasia Duff then might have brought in Tenderness or another one of his songs This might be a bad thread but i'm willing to see what the people think
  5. Thanks I should hopefully stay up for most of it
  6. what time do they start UK time plz so i know when i'm sleeping
  7. i heard of i guy called Steven Adler too don't know if he's any good as long as he's better then frank then thats fine
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