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  1. I was at CES last week and made it a point to get by the Arcade1Up booth. I meant to post these pics earlier this week but forgot. Here's some of the stuff I saw. Overalll booth: GoldenTee cabinet. I will absolutely be buying this: Tabletop machines forthcoming: Wall mounted cabinets coming, another great idea: MKI, MKII & UMK3 machines. This is the reason I wanted to see their booth: Close up of table top cabinet: Cocktail cabinets coming, another awesome idea: Game specific risers coming: A couple more MKII shots (again, this is the reason I went to their booth):
  2. Sunday, January 29 2017 Tokyo, Japan Saitama Super Arena SETLIST: It's So Easy Mr. Brownstne Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live and Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Attitude This I Love Civil War Coma Godfather/Sweet Child O' Mine Yesterdays My Michelle Wish You Were Here/Layla/November Rain Knockin' On Heavens Door Nightrain Sorry Patience The Seeker Paradise City
  3. Ask and ye shall receive! Please post and discuss all GNR related but non official social media in this thread. I only ask that you keep it to social media posts. Please do not post weblinks to articles, fan art, memes or anything like that. Thanks!
  4. Did a search and couldn't find a thread dedicated to vinyl LPs in general. Does anyone collect and/or use them? About 70% of the music I listen to is on vinyl these days.
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