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  1. No, mandatory vaccinations would not go over well with the general public.
  2. I'm a BIG lyric guy. Lyrics matter more to me than almost anything else in songs. That's why I've been a long time defender of CD as a whole when people say the whole album is about GN'R and/or Stephanie. I'm sure Axl has a lot more to think about than just those two subjects. However, the one song in particular (The Blues) is absolutely about Slash specifically, IMO.
  3. Nah, I've never thought Sorry was about Slash. However, I have been getting my head caved in for 20 years for thinking (read: knowing) The Blues is about him.
  4. I've never thought Sorry was about Slash myself. I think that's why Sorry gets played and not The Blues
  5. Oh I know, I'm just hoping a lot of companies make it mandatory.
  6. WHOA. I'm very happy to others actually agreeing with this! I wasn't kidding, I generally take a yearly beating for even suggesting it, but I've been doing so since like 2002 lol
  7. I'm very interested in seeing if/when mandatory vaccinations become a thing in the US. I'd love to just get on with our lives but we can't because a bunch of Facebook/YouTube "scientists" somehow have control over idiots.
  8. Saw someone mention GN'R doing VH covers. A couple of things come to mind: 1) please, please, please no more covers 2) Wolfgang himself has made it crystal clear that he won't be covering any Van Halen material, so I doubt he'd be interested in joining GN'R for it
  9. Time for my yearly beating on this topic, but personally I don't think they'll ever do The Blues with Slash in the band because I think it's 100% about him.
  10. I have to assume this post is intended as a joke, but in case it's not: That entire line of thinking was accurate between 1990 and 1991, then it was completely worn out by 1993.
  11. Completely different vibe than the original but I'm totally cool with that. This is the first movie that I've been excited for in a long time.
  12. I'd be so happy if they slimmed KOHD back down to Ritz length. Lean, mean, crowd loved machine.
  13. OK, I'll get on the dreamboat for a minute- Herea what I'd like to hear besides new GN'R songs: Don't Damn Me, just because it never got performed Absolutely NO new covers and shorten up KOHD please
  14. I really wanted to like it but (no spoilers) I bounced after the ridiculousness that occurred in the very first episode.
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