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  1. Has to be joking. My wife hasn't been to a GN'R concert since 2016 and she could guess the next setlist with 95% accuracy.
  2. Nah....let's say that Axl just said "let's do One In A Million". The guys at the control desk could put the lights in listen mode and throw some generic video on the back wall and/or live camera shots. The show would run itself and more or less look as good as everything they pre programmed. The technology involved in everything about a concert is wayyyy more automated than people realize.
  3. Ive never really backed one or the other per se. I've just liked the music one put out more than the other overall. As big of a Robin Finck fan as I am, that still has nothing to do with picking Axl over Slash. I loved Slash while he was in GN'R originally, but didn't like much of what he put out after he left. Then I happened to like what Robin did in GN'R even more than what Slash did. It wasn't a matter of "oh this is Axl's guyy, so that's my favorite now". It was just (and still is) my personal taste. Every time Slash puts out anything, I take a listen hoping that I'll love it. Why wouldn't I? I'm all for good music from any artist, let alone someone who's worked I've liked a lot in the past. I just never end up liking what he's involved with outside of VR/Contraband. So for me it's never been about choosing between the two, it's just about which music I like more.
  4. This is just not a good excuse. Everything to do with concerts is pre programmed. From lighting to screen animations / film clips. Prior to the first night of any tour, eveything to do with the stage show is pre programmed for every song. So basically Axl, would just have to say "this song next" into the monitors and within a few mouse clicks, the whole stage is ready to go.
  5. Ahhh, I didn't realize it was a troll. Honestly thought writing out some solid reasoning would do some good. Then I saw their hald assed reply along with both of yours and understood why I shouldn't have bothered trying.
  6. We tackled a more serious subject this week:
  7. Ah yes, the old "you must have a terrible life if you don't praise the bare minimum effort from GN'R" bit. We haven't seen that one in a while. Thankfully, there's an entire line of rational thinking to combat that. I'll go ahead and take your points on one by one: "Axl is fat" -hardly anyone here mentions Axl's weight. Maybe you're thinking of the GN'R Facebook page or the internet in general where people make remarks about his weight constantly. "GN'R merch sucks" -this is an odd one because what the users on here complain about is usually how they would like to buy GN'R merch, but GN'R gives us many reasons not to. Merch is usually poorly designed, bad quality and takes way too long to ship on top of that. So the complaints on this one are actually from people who want to buy GN'R merch, but are so disappointed that they can't "Axl's voice sucks" -again, these "complaints" come from people who are disappointed because they know Axl can sound better and he's proved that over and over. When it comes to GN'R, he just seems to put in less effort and ends up sounding OK at best. That's why people get discouraged and comment on it. "tickets are too high" -again, this is not a complaint so much as it's a statement of fact. Half full venues, even with discounts of up to 50% offf prove the point that ticket pricing for their last stadium run in the US were entirely too high. "setlist sucks" -most people on here praised the minor changes made to the setlist during the last run. And again, those who did "complain" did it from the viewpoint of trying to help. Pointing out small changes GN'R could make that would result in a more enjoyable show for the band and the audience. "new video sucks" -the actual lyric video isn't what's taking most of the criticism. The puzzling way it came about and what purpose it could possibly serve is what most people have focused on. So, again, what actually happens on this site is that a bunch of fans who seem to care far more about the band than the actual band itself offer their opinions on how things could be improved easily. Most reasonable people can see that's what happens on this site. However, GN'Rs management and some people who think of themselves as "real fans" choose to look at it as complaining just to complain.
  8. Watching Last Night In Soho right now. It's as good as I was hoping it would be.
  9. Again, you saw what you wanted to see in the comments on the board. Feel free to quote some of the posts you view as "hate". I'd be interested in seeing what you view as hateful.
  10. Besides the fact that YouTube disabled the ability to see dislikes, it's also humorous that you refer to the posts in this thread as "hate". There's absolutely no hate in this thread but I guess you see what you want to.
  11. I literally laughed out loud. Well done. Anyone claiming they like anything about this video is doing it for the lulz.
  12. Because there's a lot more to being a fan than just accepting this type of low effort output from a band.
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