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  1. I get those aspects and again, I completely disagree with many things the right has said. I'm just a little cautious about how the last week has gone is all.
  2. Absolutely. I'll be honest and say that while I get some of the moves in the past week, I'm still totally puzzled by the fact that so many people celebrating what happened. Essentially what happened is that the biggest tech giants all decided to just shut down anyone they didn't agree with. I happen to disagree with the greater majority of things conservatives believe BUT that doesn't mean that they don't have the right to believe and/or say what they believe. I think a lot of people are being VERY short sighted about this grand and sweeping round of censorship simple b
  3. NOT official and just for FUN but I put up a poll yesterday and GN'R is losing this far. Just thought I'd post in case anyone wants to vote
  4. New vinyl YouTube video out! 


  5. That's rad. I'm mildly interested in pinball, so I think I'm just gonna go with the A1Up Star Wars machine to add to my room. Don't get me wrong, I know about all the advantages of going with AtGames but for my interest / use, the A1Up is more than enough. I'm excited about what AtGames is doing for pinball enthusiasts though. They've really come a long way!
  6. We already know Pitman wasn't paid and several other past members have mentioned it now and again. The Pitman story was in the press, so I have no idea why anyone is trying to play the "insider card", especially with info that's very much available in public lol
  7. I don't have a Pac Man cab of theirs so if I were gonna buy one, that would be it for sure.
  8. Exactly. If (and in GN'R world, it's always a big IF) anything "new" gets released in 2021, it will be a UYI anniversaries set of some sort. I'm always saying GN'R fans should vote with their wallet however, there are certain circumstances where I'll pay for a UYI set. I'd need there to be a vinyl edition for me to pay for it at all. In addition, I'd need a ton of previously unreleased mixes at the very least. The kicker would be at least one, complete and unedited, previously unreleased concert from the UYI tour. Lastly, I'd need them to price the set reasonably out of the gate as
  9. I'm forced to ask the question: is God still coming to save the "grab em by the pussy" guy?
  10. This is random, but I watched the very last WCW Nitro this morning. So I followed that up with the adjacent episode of RAW. That led to me now about halfway through WrestleMania 17.
  11. You know how the media often blows things way out of proportion? Like how when they put a narrative out about any particular group of crazed masses, the general public usually says "OK, that's not exactly what's happening in reality"? I can tell you this first hand from living in the US: every but of stupidity you see about Trump supporters is 100% accurate. Every person I see in public wearing Trump shirts/hats or that has Trump bumper stickers, etc, is exactly the level of stupid you see in the media.
  12. They'll still have fans throwing money at them, unfortunately. There's a new thread every week with people still somehow celebrating bullshit merch. As long as people are throwing money at GN'R for useless shit instead of new music, it doesn't really matter what the useless shit is: tour or merch.
  13. This is another "Vote With Your Wallet" situation. As long as people keep giving them money for shit like this, they have absolutely no incentive to ever release new music.
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