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  1. Favorite studio line up: AFD Favorite touring line up: 2007
  2. Thanks man. I currently have enough videos shot to where I can release two per week through the end of December. So there's a lot more coming, it's just spread across a lot more than just GN'R. There's already 70 or so videos on the channel as it is As for UYI; I agree with you and others who've said they might have been able to release one killer album then saved other cuts for EPs or B Sides. For this particular video, I just wanted to cover how they were released as is. That's what I was saying it's more aimed at casual GN'R fans. The first thing casual GN'R fans usually say about UYI is something like "it could have easily been one album" and I couldn't disagree more with that.
  3. Thanks man and yeah, I've been working on the collection a LONG time but it's been worth all the effort. I should have mentioned that I love GitR musically. Really love it from a musical standpoint but the lyrics are just.....ugh lol.....and I felt that way back in 91. I just can't get down with Shotgun Blues though. It's just never grown on me.
  4. Thanks for watching and the kind words. I totally agree with you obviously lol
  5. I'm just being a selfish shit about the RSD list lol. I was hoping for releases from GNR, Elvis, Pink Floyd or Michael Jackson and none of them have reeleses :/ I am interested in the Mr Big and Saigon Kick releases but that's about it.
  6. More than a few comments on YouTube so far saying people think I made a good case for it needing to be 2 albums
  7. Thanks again to anyone taking the time to watch the video in the first post. It's getting a lot of positive feedback so far
  8. Oh, one more thing: I shot this video back in May but I forgot about it until a few weeks ago. So I figured why not just put it on near the UYI anniversary
  9. I hope you enjoyed the twist ending too. Please don't spoil it 😂
  10. Right on, thanks! Yeah, when I say "causal fan" I mean exactly the people you mentioned. People who've never actually took an in depth listen to the albums yet feel qualified to say "it definitely would have been one great album without all the filler".
  11. Thank you very much for watching, dropping the like and the comment on the video. I really appreciate it
  12. 😂 I can tell from the comments in the thread who's actually taken the time to watch the video. Thanks to those who do watch
  13. This video is aimed more at casual fans who always say Use Your Illusion could've easily been just one album. Posting it here because I'll take all the views, subscribers, comments and likes I can get from the GN'R community Also, I know that everyone on this board probably has an opinion on this. Do me a favor (please) and watch the video then drop a like and maybe a comment on it. Subscribe if you're into vinyl records, if not, no biggie
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