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  1. RussTCB


    Thank you very much for including us! We've got a large back catalog of episodes now and we put out a new one every Monday morning. For anyone who wants to subscribe / catch up, you should be able to do so easily with the link below or just search "INFECTIOUS GROOVE PODCAST" on your favorite podcast platform. https://linktr.ee/Infectiousgroovepodcast OH and we made the finals for the Discover Pod Awards in the category of Best Music Podcast. So if anyone wants to vote for us, we'd really appreciate it. You can go to awards.discoverpods.com, scroll down to Best Music Podcas
  2. Huh? Pinball games are far more expensive than $750. Also, neither AtGames nor Arcade1Up are $750
  3. Hasn't heard about this but I'll definitely go see it.
  4. I remember that. People seem quite happy with their arcade cabs though, so I'm caustiously optimistic about the pinball machines.
  5. If I started collecting anything other than records, my wife would kill me haha. As far as pinball goes, it's looking like AtGames is a MUCH better deal than Arcade1Up at this point. We'll have to see what the quality is when they come out, but based on specs alone, AtGames killed Arcade1Up.
  6. I've got a music podcast too and it's really gaining steam now. You can find us easily here: https://linktr.ee/Infectiousgroovepodcast Make sure to subscribe
  7. awards.discoverpods.com 

    We made the finals! Please vote for us for Best Music Podcast :)

  8. UPDATE! We made it to the finals!! Please click the link below and vote for us one more time! https://awards.discoverpods.com/vote-for-the-2020-discover-pods-awards-finalists/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Our latest episode about Tom Petty is doing really really well. Next week we have another great one with the directors of this film: Then we've got two more GREAT interviews in the can already to share in the weeks following that. Oh and we got our first partnership deal. Anyone that wants to can go to manscaped.com and use our discount code IGP20. You'll get 20% off and free shipping
  10. I have to laugh when I see that sites I really respect like musicdirect got totally fucked on this set. There's a cross section of reputable sites that bought the full sets when they were new, so they still have to try to sell them at $999, which they're never ever going to get for one, let alone however many they purchased.
  11. I'm going to have the directors of this great doc on my podcast next week. Check out the film if you have a chance:
  12. I still think I got the deal of the century out of this whole thing. I jumped on it when they were giving the box away with a bad ass turntable. I jumped on it then and got a turntable to give to a friend who desperately needed an upgrade. Then I got the 12" and 7" vinyl I wanted from the set in the first place. Then I got to give the actual wood box to a friend who really wanted it. All for the price of what the stupid box should've been priced in the first place.
  13. That's exactly where I'm at. I'm gonna wait til spring at the earliest, then see who's got the better lineup at that time. I fucking LOVED the last God Of War game, so I'm strongly leaning toward the PS5 for that reason BUT I'll wait til the spring at the earliest to make a decision.
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