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  1. How would they have considered that, unless they had a crystal ball in 1987? UYI wasn't even thought of yet, and they haven't even released Lies then. YCBM would have 99% replaced Anything Goes because while recording AFD,the band didn't even want to record that song anymore (probably thinking it's too weak, which many people agree with). Tom Zutaut talked them into recording it and that's the reason it is on Appetite.
  2. I'm quite curious if they will do anything to the drum sound if they remaster UYI. That's something Axl said he's not a fan of, in the past.
  3. lol @ the thought of omitting songs for profanity or something like that. You guys realize the band just reissued AFD which has It's So Easy? Which by the way is their show opener? If they should remove any song it should be My World, then one can listen to UYI II all the way through and not end on an awful note.
  4. That pretty much confirms they have a demo of it from 1987 right? Wow I did not expect that. Also LOL at Duffs comment.
  5. Totally. Izzy said something along the lines of, when Matt joined the band the music got much more of a harder metal edge instead of the loose rock swagger they had with Steven on AFD. I think on songs that are more complex, like Estranged, that totally worked, but I think songs like Pretty Tied Up totally suffered from that switch and would have been better with Steven.
  6. I seem to recall someone from the band saying they didn't finish the song until the UYI sessions, maybe that's why it wasn't released, just wasn't done. Some lyrics of it are in the AFD booklet. I'm quite optimistic a rehearsal of it with Adler would exist though in 1989, possibly in the Mates rehearsals which still haven't leaked in full, there's versions of Coma and Bad Apples from those with Adler on them that haven't leaked, too.
  7. You’re out of the loop if you think the band is going to pass up this anniversary to cash in lol. Lies was in the AFD boxset because they were a year late with it
  8. Since 2021 is UYIs anniversary I guess people will be happy if they add more UYI stuff to the set, no need for new material.
  9. My hope for a new album next year quickly dwindle as I realize 2021 is the 30th anniversary of UYI and they will want to milk that as much as possible. Probably not smart for both things to be so close to each other from their point of view. Hopefully it will be a good UYI anniversary atleast with the PC documentary and some official pro shot gigs. But probably not lol. Even if it comes out, that documentary footage will be heavily edited, I mean the exchange between Axl and Kurt at the 92 VMAs was filmed by the crew, we probably won't get to see such interesting things.
  10. Actual live performances without re-recorded vocals that sound nothing like Axl did during the UYI tour, that would be a start. Live era is a disaster compared to what they could have made it, there's a reason it's not a known GNR record. And there's still people who want more of Ritz 88 and haven't heard it 1000 times? I'd rather have other shows from that era. One of the unedited jewels that made it onto Live era is a japan 88 version of You're Crazy, that's the definitive version for me. Who knows how many more performances like that are rotting in a vault somewhere.
  11. Only odd if he wanted to call you I think. Maybe he wants it to add you on Whatsapp to send them, you can add people through their number there. But only guessing here
  12. It would be a legendary story in itself if this DOES get exposed and it turns out this whole book is sci-fi lmao. Would be hilarious to listen to your interview then also.
  13. Don't get me wrong, but I would never buy it. I don't see the appeal in a live album from this 2016-2019 era at all. There are no new songs. Everything they've done now they've done better in 87-93. Would people seriously listen to this live album more than once? I can't personally see myself listening to it, Axls vocals suck much too hard on too many songs that they would have to include, I don't want Axls current vocals on songs like RQ immortalized on an official release, I get embarrassed for the band. Do you want people to throw on a DVD from this reunion tour in 30 years time to show oth
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