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  1. I forgot that Anything Goes used to be an 11 minute song. The sax seemed kinda awkward though, just so out of place. But man more backstage footage from those years would be my holy grail
  2. Did you not read? If the link gets posted, the video gets TAKEN DOWN by GNRs minions who want to spend time of their life watching this forum for things to take down, and then no one can watch it. I know it's sad how the internet is a place where a sad lowlife can ruin it for everyone, when in real life those guys can just be ignored. I posted a link to a GNR performance here that was on Youtube since like 2011, and a day later it was off Youtube.
  3. Except this is a song from the AFD lineup and not Axl with random musicians, which probably explains the dip in quality, lol
  4. I did some research and the other 3 times it was played before the performance above, Axl just raps the intro for like 30 seconds with some random jamming by the band, before they go into Brownstone or Rocket Queen. I found a source that said GNR pulled out of the Iron Maiden tour because Axl blew out his throat singing this song, which must be June 6th, that would be the first time they played it in full, and then they didn't play it again until July 27th. That would make June-July the window of time when the band wrote the music to Axls lyrics, and he already had the lyrics by June 1st.
  5. They didn't even bother to put the SCOM demo in that boxset. You know, the song that made them famous. Or the Nightrain demo with the alternate intro. Unless of course they want to milk it again and release the EVEN MORE REMASTERED & LOADED AFD boxset in 2027, which I totally expect from GNRs management.
  6. Oh yeah I forgot about that, feels way less "dangerous" than the real instrumental they wrote, it comes across kinda goofy here IMHO, more like a Chili Peppers thing than GNR. Maybe also because time has moved on and it wasn't the AFD time period anymore.
  7. Opinions on this song? Instrumentally it can hold up with anything they released on AFD, and Slashs solos are badass. Too bad they never recorded it, I think GNR were actually ahead of their time writing "Guns N Roses version of a rap song" (Axls words) at this time, before rap was even mainstream. Who knows how influential this would have been if GNR had recorded it and put on a proper album during that time period? I wish there was soundboard recording, but this footage is good enough to hear the song:
  8. Axls gardener played guitar on Look At Your Game Girl“ from TSI, so it’s just as legitimate to talk about him.
  9. Sorry I meant '16-'20 only, I think people are viewing 2016 through rose colored glasses, there's not much difference in Axls vocals to me since this whole thing started, he didn't get worse, he didn't get better. I mean what 2016 show apart from Houston can you say is much better than any 17-20? 1 better night doesn't make the other 3 years suddenly way worse. If you go back and listen to Vegas it's plagued by the same things as always. In the case of Better I would argue that actually got better from 2017 onwards because Axl figured out how to sing the chorus in his low voice, which is
  10. I'm not convinced that's true. How did Axl sound any better in 16/17? He has sounded the same the entire time, which is not good, except on certain songs which no matter what year, he always sounds good on (Seeker, ISE, Nightrain to name a couple). And then no matter what year, always sounds shit on (SCOM, PC, RQ, YCBM). How many recordings from 2016/17 could you name that sound miles better than the last 2 years?
  11. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've seen footage of Adler speak pre-stroke, it's like finding a unicorn, so well done here
  12. The fact that SMKC will start back up again 2021 is weird, so that leaves no room for a GNR album, but Myles has a solo album he wants to release next year aswell? How does that line up? I expect no new album from GNR until atleast 2022 because 2021 will probably just be a big UYI anniversary milking
  13. I just looked at the tracklisting again and I'm baffled why they didn't include the SCOM demo? You know the song that broke GNR, the most important one probably? That can't be an oversight and they must have deliberately decided not to include it, yet we get 4 different versions of You're Crazy. Can anyone explain the logic behind that?
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