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  1. Remember when Axl said after releasing CD: The next album will come out faster I promise. It has now been 13 years. Just to remind people this is the band we’re fans of. If you are still a fan today after 2 13+ year waits you will be here for life.
  2. I fail to see how whether GNR ripped this song off or not would change anything at all in the story Doug told
  3. That's cool. I know Alans view of Doug (a yes man) but that's just one mans opinion, it's always great to have an account from all people and then you can form an opinion on what actually was going on. I hope it contains some cool GNR storys that aren't known widely, that would also help get his book noticed more. I remember he talked on the GNR Central podcasts years ago how Slash and Duff wrote the riff for Motley Crues "Dr. Feelgood" at rehearsal, and Nikki heard and stole it but Slash didn't care since he was his friend and they did drugs together, or something. Wish he went more inde
  4. I just read that you are writing a book with Doug here, is that true? What is it about? Aren't you worried that bringing out a book with Doug will definitely ruin your standing with the GNR camp since he is shitlisted by Axl/TB?
  5. Axl has no family of his own, that is the only reason he stays with these people, he wants that family environment. He doesn't care how useless a job fernando/beta do, it's sort of like Kim Jong Uns inner circle only telling him things that he wants to hear, maybe sometimes fueling his delusions and making him feel that he's always right about everything. That's the type of vibe TB give off to me. Maybe Axl is happy with that, but extremely bad to have this as a fan. These people would never have made a career managing anyone if they didn't stumble upon Axl.
  6. Howard would ask him all sorts of questions he would never want to answer, that will never ever happen
  7. I think he could have fit that into Bad Apples somewhere. But definitely not any other UYI song
  8. Now I'm wondering if Nightcrawler was just the working title or the title Axl gave it when he wrote words to it? Definitley interesting, maybe there's a demo of it too. There's so much more to the UYI era than what we're probably gonna get in the boxset, we're probably gonna get Aint Going Down and that's it for "new" stuff.
  9. I shot Lenny Kravitz a DM on Instagram, maybe he will read it who knows, it's worth a shot lol.
  10. There's definitely a song with 1992 Slash (and Duff) in their prime in a vault somewhere, I think it would make sense to have it be on a UYI boxset, it has nowhere else to be released. As you can see in the other thread there's footage of Slash playing the ALG riff in 1991 live during a GNR show, but I also don't think it was recorded in the studio with Guns. Maybe there's rehearsals of it, but nothing more. Someone needs to remind Slash he has the rights to this song, he loves Iggy and probably would want for people to hear it.
  11. Sorry I meant to type Iggy not Izzy, just brain error. I thought I was a hardcore fan but you always have more amazing info on even the deepest of GNR topics, thanks for posting this, I would have never found this. I guess so Iggy sang on it, and that is the original version that never came out, and then Slash bought back the rights to it and rerecorded and re-released it in 2000 with new lyrics with Snakepit.
  12. I find it unlikely the 2005 song Vocalise has anything to do with the 1992 song and is probably a completely newly written song Slash made for that album after he turned Burnout into Aint Life Grand just 5 years prior in 2000. Why would he revisit that song 5 years later, again?
  13. I can't reply in the thread beneath cause it's too old, but does anyone have any idea if we'll ever get to hear this? As far as we know, Slash has the rights to this song, not a label. It was written during the UYI sessions but apparently Steven was too fucked up to play it, so Slash ended up recording it for a 1992 Les Paul tribute album that never came out, with Izzy and Lenny Kravitz singing. I'm thinking maybe someone who is responsible for the UYI boxset should see this, and maybe put it on there? I don't know if we'll ever get to hear this otherwise, I think Slash probably forgot th
  14. For me Slash always has his best solos on ballads for some reason. For a guy who hates them, he's really good at them, lol. SCOM, NR, Estranged, of course those 3, but listen to Back and Forth Again, Gravedancer (Ending), Back To The Moment, Battleground (Ending). I get goosebumps in all if them. For him to come up with something like Battleground, almost 30 years into his career, is incredible. Especially if you compare it to the junk most other 80s acts release as new music.
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