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  1. Sorry I meant '16-'20 only, I think people are viewing 2016 through rose colored glasses, there's not much difference in Axls vocals to me since this whole thing started, he didn't get worse, he didn't get better. I mean what 2016 show apart from Houston can you say is much better than any 17-20? 1 better night doesn't make the other 3 years suddenly way worse. If you go back and listen to Vegas it's plagued by the same things as always. In the case of Better I would argue that actually got better from 2017 onwards because Axl figured out how to sing the chorus in his low voice, which is
  2. I'm not convinced that's true. How did Axl sound any better in 16/17? He has sounded the same the entire time, which is not good, except on certain songs which no matter what year, he always sounds good on (Seeker, ISE, Nightrain to name a couple). And then no matter what year, always sounds shit on (SCOM, PC, RQ, YCBM). How many recordings from 2016/17 could you name that sound miles better than the last 2 years?
  3. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've seen footage of Adler speak pre-stroke, it's like finding a unicorn, so well done here
  4. The fact that SMKC will start back up again 2021 is weird, so that leaves no room for a GNR album, but Myles has a solo album he wants to release next year aswell? How does that line up? I expect no new album from GNR until atleast 2022 because 2021 will probably just be a big UYI anniversary milking
  5. I just looked at the tracklisting again and I'm baffled why they didn't include the SCOM demo? You know the song that broke GNR, the most important one probably? That can't be an oversight and they must have deliberately decided not to include it, yet we get 4 different versions of You're Crazy. Can anyone explain the logic behind that?
  6. 1. Black Ice 2. Money Shot 3. Anything Goes 4. Hard Times 5. Kick You When You're Down 6. Miss Adventure 7. Systems Down 8. No Man's Land 9. Money Made 10. Emission Control 11. Play Ball 12. Through The Mists Of Time Damn I'd never stop listening to it if this came out
  7. No I havent, so good to see MT is appreciated, such a fun song. That blue note Brian hits just before the solo always gives me goosebumps, and then the solo of course is awesome. Accidentally veered into Aerosmith territory there? RIAHP is a great album in my book! Bitches Brew is killer.
  8. IMO No Mans Land is way better than Stormy May Day which is really boring, same riff over and over and no solo. No Mans Land is much more thought out and in the same bluesy style. And Demon Fire just reminds me of Caught With Your Pants Down from Ballbreaker everytime which is a much better song too. I can't get into Witches Spell at all, I have trouble even remembering anything from it even after having heard the album a lot. So many seem to love it but maybe I'm just an oddball fan because I like songs like Moneytalks, and albums like BUYV a lot.
  9. Not on ACDCs official streaming lol, "POWER UP" in all caps, is how it's listed there
  10. I actually went back and listened to BI to compare. Wow, that album is much more dull than I remembered it to be, the songs seem so bland to me compared to PWR UP. Money Made, RNR Train and Black Ice are the only songs I'd consider up to par with this album. 3 out of 15! Not a weak track on the new album anywhere. But man is that groove they lock into in the outro of Money Made tight, probably my favourite musical ACDC moment since the glory days, those moments are otherwise completely absent from BI. I might relisten to the entire Brian era to see where it ranks for me, it's been a while
  11. Correction, he actually said all of them What tracks are you most looking forward to playing live? - Beside Demon Fire, Systems Down, Code Red, Mists of Time, Realize, Why Do They Kick You When Your Down…a screw it the whole album... - Brian #PLAYPWRU
  12. Realize, Rejection, Demon Fire and TTMOT. The first 2 because Angus said he likes them best, Demon Fire because Brian already said they rehearsed it before Covid, and TTMOT because they often mention it in interviews and it reminds Brian of Mal.
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