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  1. Myles makes every song sound the same. As much as I like the guy it's just true. That's why all SMKC albums will always sound the same.
  2. I just like those type of songs, I also like Anything Goes from AFD when not many do.
  3. Doesn't touch You're A Lie WOF or even Driving Rain to be honest. I'm more into the deep tracks though anyway like Sugar Cane or Dirty Girl. Call Off The Dogs is the one I'm waiting to hear on this album, sounds like it's gonna be a quick badass song.
  4. The way the photo is cropped makes it look like Slash is holding onto Myles arm
  5. The fact she blocked out the codes says everything. Why the fuck would you do that with openly accessible information The person who posted this has "izzy stradlin enthusiast" in her twitter bio, man these batshit fans do crazy shit sometimes
  6. He said yes to be on a GNR podcast. You think he would be deterred if he was then asked many questions about GNR? WTF
  7. Axl likes to tinker with stuff right until a deadline and even pushing those back on both CD and UYI. Unless a release is imminent I don't see them handing over finished mixes. It just doesn't make sense to me to hand them in NOW and not to be able to touch the recordings if the release is like 8 months away. Especially with Axls history of how he works. So either this is really good news, or there's nothing to it at all.
  8. Maybe Axl first wants to have the songs finished he's been working on for decades now before working on actual new music. I believe that's what we'll get for atleast the next few songs they're gonna release, if they're gonna release anything. Axl obviously loved Silkworms and I believe we got Hard School for the simple reason that was the song that got a really positive reception when the leaks happened and TB let Axl know that, if he didn't look at forums for himself, he's been on here before.
  9. Anyway I kinda do dig this version more, mainly because it still uses the original parts from the leak that got removed, like that Oasis sounding part from 2:13-2:25, fuck I miss that so much. The leak will always be the version for me, I guess.
  10. It's auto generated because it's an official release of a cover, by an artist named Aien.
  11. those insiders can't confirm it but they know that that's "very likely"? lol
  12. Wow that's pathetic. I'm gonna check by every now and again to remove that shit too
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