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  1. It's just as much his band as Axls. Maybe not contractually, but in the eyes of history and fans. Who cares what Slash shits out with SMKC, GNRs legacy is way bigger and he doesn't want to tarnish it either I bet. He doesn't "waste" his riffs, if Axl doesn't release it for some reason and Slash sees that it will never come out, he can always take it back just like with the first Snakepit album. But I don't see that happening.
  2. I don't get why you're bringing live gigs into this. I'm talking about what he records for GNR vs what he uses for SMKC. You can't tell me Slash will be using his best ideas for SMKC and not GNR. Especially since he said several times studio albums are just an excuse to tour for him. Way different for Axl and GNR, obviously.
  3. How ridiculous if Slash manages to release TWO studio albums after the GNR reunion. It just really shows how either nothing is happening, or Axl is really insecure about his music Can't really get excited for new SMKC at this point. As much as I like SMKC, we all know what their new album will sound like, like all before them, and I think LTD was downhill from AL and WOF, so who knows if it would even measure up. I think it really is Slashs "side" thing now since the reunion where he doesn't put in his best ideas, just something that will be like "fuck it this'll do", just to tour. GNR al
  4. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but at 8:28 Slash is saying he's been busy writing "original Guns N Roses music"
  5. Lmao the comments on their Instagram page are hilarious, every single one of them is just FFS are you kidding we need an album There's some sort of unintentional comedy gold in this band refusing to release an album, and just continuing to put stuff out on their pages like "Here's GNR toy trucks!" "here's a pinball machine!", just stuff no one asked for.
  6. That song title is so deepy connected to Ozzy with me, hope this song can stand out on its own
  7. The outro from As Is is one of my favourite moments in rock ever. Would have been a standout song even if it was on VH I, it's just that good a song, got everything that makes VH great.
  8. I was listening a lot to VH this summer. Now listening to the same songs hits kinda different..
  9. How would they have considered that, unless they had a crystal ball in 1987? UYI wasn't even thought of yet, and they haven't even released Lies then. YCBM would have 99% replaced Anything Goes because while recording AFD,the band didn't even want to record that song anymore (probably thinking it's too weak, which many people agree with). Tom Zutaut talked them into recording it and that's the reason it is on Appetite.
  10. I'm quite curious if they will do anything to the drum sound if they remaster UYI. That's something Axl said he's not a fan of, in the past.
  11. lol @ the thought of omitting songs for profanity or something like that. You guys realize the band just reissued AFD which has It's So Easy? Which by the way is their show opener? If they should remove any song it should be My World, then one can listen to UYI II all the way through and not end on an awful note.
  12. That pretty much confirms they have a demo of it from 1987 right? Wow I did not expect that. Also LOL at Duffs comment.
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