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  1. A lot of people seem to be missing my point. GN'R could be a lot bigger deal in rock today if they put in the smallest of effort. That's my point.
  2. Saw The Lone Bellow in Dallas the other night. They're going to be near me in a couple of weeks, so I'm gonna go see them again. Other than that, the only thing I have on the horizon is Sebastian Bach at some point. My friends are opening for him on the current tour, so I'm more going to support them than anything.
  3. The old "dumb American only cares about the US" isn't even remotely applicable here. The facts are these: if GN'R was the biggest band in the world, the first new material they released in 13 years would have much higher streaming numbers than they do. I too paid to see the band on this last US tour and had a great time. That didn't mean that I had to make things up like "they're packing stadiums" to justify the fun I had. Ticket prices were heavily discounted and the shows were still not even close to sold out. That's not packing stadiums and it's certainly not indicative of the "biggest band in the world". I get that there's countries all of the world that they haven't been to in a long time but again, that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation.
  4. I rarely ever sell records but I'm seriously considering bouncing my original pressings of the debut album and Slave To The Grind along with the RSD pressing of Slave. I mean....why not? Selling those would easily pay for the whole boxed set and them some.
  5. To be clear (and you know this personally) I actually don't care if the music I like is popular. However, many people on this board do care. So much so that they make up wild claims such as "GN'R is the biggest band in the world" or the laughable "they're packing stadiums!". So my post was merely meant to show how if GN'R put the smallest amount of thought into promotion, people outside of the forums would actually give a shit about them.
  6. For me, it has nothing to do with whether it's a good song or not. Plentiful of terrible music has been extremely popular lol. I'm more concerned with the fact that GNR just seems to have zero interest in promoting themselves in any sort of creative way.
  7. Oh shit. The only things I'm missing from this are Subhuman and Subhuman On Tour but I'm gonna have to buy the whole thing in case they don't release everything separately.
  8. GN'R could do so many different creative things on social media but they just don't. You know what they could do? Run a contest asking for people to send clips covering HS. Singers, keyboard players, guitarists, bassists...hell....anyone playing the song on any instrument. Then gather all the clips and chose the best of the best to make a fan video for the song. They wouldn't even have to do that much work and it would create so much buzz. That's just one idea I had in the last 5 minutes and it's better than anything GN'R has posted in the history of their social media. Instead of anything even remotely creative that could cause promotion for the band, we get clips made with Windows Movie Maker and the most vague captions ever.
  9. Already happening in this thread, so I fully expect the band and management to say the same thing 😂
  10. The reason I posted that they're not the most popular band in the world right not is because they're not, despite the ridiculous claims being made on this board as recently as a few weeks ago.
  11. Exactly. The lack of success for GN'R studio material has absolutely nothing to do with low album sales across the music industry. It's more to do with the fact that GN'R doesn't do anything to properly promote it.
  12. Got back from Texas late Sunday night and what an odd trip it was. Prior to the trip, we were reminded roughly 7000 times from our company that there's a strict mask mandate in Texas, so we would be expected to where a mask the whole time. First up: the flight. Prior to the pandemic, I used to fly an average of 3 times a week but I haven't been on a plane since the pandemic started and I switched jobs. I knew you had to wear a mask at the airport and on the plane, which is fine but I was seriously worried some asshole would fuck up and cause issues. Thankfully everyone just complied and our flights to and from were uneventful. Everywhere we went (rental car pick up, restaurants, work office, hotel, a concert, etc) all had signs on the doors saying masks are mandatory but literally no one inside was wearing a mask. The funniest part of the whole thing for me was at the office. Everyone did wear their masks inside the office but then, as soon as anyone went outside, they'd stand like 2 feet apart with their masks off. To be clear, I'm not anti mask and I'm also vaccinated. I don't care if anyone else is anti mask or anti vax. You do you. However, it's just annoying to constantly wonder what exactly I'm supposed to be doing to follow the rules. I just had to laugh that the rules for the office seemed to be: Talking to someone 2 feet away INSIDE the giant atrium? Mask. Talking to someone 2 feet away just OUTSIDE the giant atrium? No mask. Then walking in businesses like hotels and restaurants, seeing big "you must wear a mask" signs, only to see literally no one working inside wearing masks was irritating. Again, I'm not taking a side on masks, I'm just saying it was irriatitng to not know what to do. In any case, I'm back home now and I work from home so I'll just continue to wait this whole thing out and see what happens.
  13. I post our videos in the vinyl thread but for those that don't know: we have a vinyl YouTube channel that's totally different content from the podcast. If you're interested in vinyl, check it out: https://youtube.com/c/InfectiousGroovePodcast
  14. HS has less than 2 million views because, despite insane claims from some users on here a few weeks ago, GN'R are not close to the most popular band in the world right now. There's a passing interest in the band from casual fans and zero interest from a new/younger fan base. There's a lot of factors that go into where the band is but I maintain that the biggest reason is lack of any sort of proper promotion. There's a million different ways to remain relevant and in the public eye, but GN'R isn't really interested in that. They want to take the path of least resistance that leads to the easiest money. So that's how you end up with the first new material from GN'R in 13 years (featuring Slash to boot) being DOA in the public eye.
  15. If everyone doesn't follow the podcast on Twitter, y'all are fucking up. We post some great music gold on there
  16. Say Say Say is such a jam. I've always loved that song. A couple years back, I picked up a 12" single that had a remix of sorts on it. It's basically the same track with with the alternating vocals on the verses reversed. So where Paul usually sings then first line, then Michael and so on. The version on the 12" single has Michael singing first, then Paul and so on. It's nothing Earth shaking but it's near to hear each of them sing different lines than I've heard my whole life.
  17. Of course.... Good golly miss Molly.....I really wish everyone didn't feel the need to rage about literally every little thing.
  18. Part 2 of the 100th episode celebration is up now.
  19. I've gone that many times for a mixture of reasons. I went with my mom numerous times before she passed away. I went with several different friends over the years. I also used to travel a ton for work and I'd stop in whenever I was in Memphis. As a matter of fact, I got the shirt in that video during a work trip. Having said that, literally as I'm typing this post, a message just came into my phone saying Elvis' drummer Ronnie Tutt passed away
  20. I think that was talked about quite a bit in the press already, but I could be wrong. I've always heard good things about that album.. I need to go back and listen to it.
  21. New video up. This is two of two that I did with a local record store owner:
  22. What a bummer. I think the Giles remixes of The White Album lift if to the listening experience it was meant to be.
  23. I'm on Dallas for work right now, but I'm going to pick up the single LP when I get back home. I *loved* what Giles did with The White Album and I expect this to be similar.
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