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  1. That's exactly where I'm at. I'm gonna wait til spring at the earliest, then see who's got the better lineup at that time. I fucking LOVED the last God Of War game, so I'm strongly leaning toward the PS5 for that reason BUT I'll wait til the spring at the earliest to make a decision.
  2. Very nice @Iron MikeyJ. I'm still on the 4 cabs and I really don't think I'll get more. A nice looking (and playing) Tron cab from A1U would be an instant buy for me, but I'm really not sure if there's anything else I'd make room for. The records and sound equipment take up so much room that I kinda have to choose going forward. The choice is always going to be music though, so I have to save the most room for audio related stuff.
  3. Now that you mention it, I remembered that I have their color variant of Pawnshop Guitars. I need to remember to order those Izzy records.
  4. I'm a big lyric guy, so I strongly prefer to the Sammy albums for that reason. I absolutely love the music on the DLR records, but the lyrics are no where near as good as what Sammy wrote IMO. My top 5 VH records are Sammy with 2 slipped in from Dave. This is totally off the top of my head, but here's how I'd rank their albums (I might forget one) Balance 5150 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1984 VH I A Different Kind of Truth Fair Warning OU812 Women And Children First Diver Down VH II VH III
  5. Right on. I couldn't remember, it's hard to keep up with their limited run color vinyl selections. I have a lot of MOV pressings but I think the only color one I have is the STP-Tiny Music one, which is why that's easy for me to remember lol
  6. Music On Vinyl pressings are only limited for the initial colored pressings. For example, they did Tiny Music by STP and the first 2000 were on a baby blue color vinyl, then the rest were all on black vinyl. I can't remember if there was a limited color version of End Of Days, but the black version shouldn't be limited.
  7. Yep! I bought that pressing specifically so I could finally have every GNR song on vinyl. It was pressed by a company called Music On Vinyl, who does really good reissues or first time pressings of albums. The sound on the End Of Days Soundtrack is fantastic.
  8. I think it finally happened. I think we may have had too much fun making this one
  9. Haha, when I first saw your post I was like "it's misfit, not mystic". Then I saw you say you really connected with the lyric and I thought "OK, I just won't say anything and ruin it for him". Then I read the rest haha.
  10. Thanks for listening man. I don't know why, but I knew ahead of time that they were gonna play a lot of great Sammy & Dave songs. Maybe I saw an MTV News report or something.
  11. Thanks for always listening to, supporting and having nice things to say about my show. We did our best to give Van Halen a proper run down of their history.
  12. I'm honestly not sure what to think yet. I'm certain they'll be able to be modded, but I have no idea what will go into that. I also don't like the $549 price point, so I'll definitely wait til spring to get one for half price or less.
  13. Picked up the 3 LP Roger Waters live album Us+Them. Gonna try to get a couple of things from the next RSD Drop but there's nothing of interest for me on the RSD BF list.
  14. Hope your ankle gets better soon! My show is the Infectious Groove Podcast. Here's a link to find it easily on most podcast platforms. You can subscribe now and the VH episode will show up on Monday automatically: https://linktr.ee/Infectiousgroovepodcast
  15. It's not. The only 3 VH records not on vinyl are Right Here Right Now, VHIII, Best Of Volume I and Best Of Both Worlds. I have everything else, including Balance on vinyl. This Friday night, we'll be spinning all Van Halen at my normal gathering. You're always welcome to join whenever you wanna make the drive. We're also covering Van Halen on the next episode of my podcast which will be out Monday.
  16. Yeah, that's what I read. Very happy to hear that.
  17. I read that about Sammy making peace with Edward and I'm soooooo happy to hear that.
  18. Thanks for subscribing! We've had a ton of fun making the show and I'd love to see it build into something big. Every subscriber helps that Also, I really appreciate the compliment on the interview too. I was nervous as all hell, but I think I held it together well (mostly).
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