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  1. And that's why most fans have lost interest or get irritated with Axl and GN'R. Axl and many members of GN'R have gone around for years telling fans and the press that new music is always around the corner. Nothing ever happens, then they use literally any excuse as to why it didn't happen. There only seem to be two things for certain: new GN'R material never gets released and Axl will blame it on anything but himself.
  2. Did you read the beginning of the thread where it says this is a hypothetical question?
  3. Thankfully this is only a hypothetical question as the OP stated. A band simply releasing new music isn't nearly as complicated as the world of GN'R would lead you to believe.
  4. I listened to it starlight through last Friday. Really, really liked it. I did buy the new remaster and it sounds awesome. However, having never heard the album before I can't really say if it's a big improvement over what you already have.
  5. Any of these hoarders with rare stuff from any era have WAY overplayed their hand at this point. No one is going to pay large sums of money for any of this stuff anymore. The time to cash in would've been 2006 - 2012ish when a large amount of die hard fans would have still cared. Nowadays, die hards and casuals have the same mindset: If something leaks, cool. If not, cool. There's just no money to be made on this stuff anymore because the fan base as a whole is just indifferent as to whether they see/hear it or not.
  6. Stopped at the record store to pick up the latest Parker Millsap album and the Tom Petty - Finding Wildflowers release
  7. Here's the latest. I've got a special one coming next week that I shot with my son
  8. Hot DAMN! I somehow missed this post earlier. So happy you finally got it and it's in the shape described! I know we've discussed this, but what a monster album to have on vinyl. I'm very happy for you Not tomorrow, but next Thursday video will feature my son. I had him pick out 5 LPs he likes and I asked him to talk about then. Queen At Wembley was one he choose, so it was cool to show it off. Tomorrow's video is about Run DMC but the one with my Zakk will be out next week.
  9. Got my "unofficial" pressing of Van Halen III yesterday. Solid job on the packaging. The vinyl is quiet and loud, with good dynamic range. It's the only Van Halen studio album I didn't have on vinyl because it's never been officially pressed so I settled for a bootleg just to complete their studio work. I've never actually listened to the album straight through, so that will be fun. I only had time to listen to Side 1 yesterday but I'm looking forward to going through the whole thing.
  10. New episode is out. We covered a really interesting topic this week
  11. Awesome. I would have preferred to get the J&J shot so it was done with one shot. I took what I could get a few weeks ago though. I'm just over two weeks from going back for the second one and I can't wait. Hmm, that wouldn't surprise me. I know here in Michigan they're not even asking for ID when you get your shot, so it's possible Florida is the same.
  12. I have to say this is one of the most heartless, thoughtless posts I've seen on this forum in quite some time.
  13. It's probably a DJ Ashba(tm) custom cigarette burn.
  14. Yeah, there's definitely a few things I know people will be interested in for sure. Overall it just seems like a very lacking list though.
  15. I haven't had a drink in roughly 5 months. Easily the longest sober run I've had since I was 15 or so. I'm thinking I'll hit the 6 month mark at least, then maybe ease back into it.
  16. Instead of "Discussion & News" they could re title the section "Discussion & Disappointment"
  17. Michigan continues to surge, which is a bummer. I guess the theory is that a lot of people traveled for Spring Break and brought a ton of cases back here. Nearly everyone in my personal circle of friends is in the process of being vaccinated. All have had one shot or both, with the exception of 2 people. I'm fortunate to not know any anti-vaxxer / the virus is fake / 5G / "I'm not a sheep" people, so I'm happy they're all using common sense and getting vaccinated.
  18. I hear ya. If you feel like watching it later, it'll still be there
  19. Just grabbed a couple of things I didn't get to last week: Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass Volume 2 The Jacksons - Live As big of an MJ fan as I am, I've never actually heard The Jacksons live album so that'll be a fun listen. After I got home from the record store I remembered the new Parker Millsap album came out today too. So I'll just swing back by for that later next week.
  20. Up until very recently, I kept all of them in line with the rest of the records in my bins. I started running out of room again though so I moved all the TMR boxed sets I won't listen to regularly to down below my main bins. If/when I want to listen to them, I'll just get down there and get them. Moving the TMR sets get me a lot of room back, so that's all I moved for now. Everything else is still in line until I get desperate for room and have to figure something else out.
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