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  1. I'm just crossing my fingers for no violence tomorrow. How sad is that?
  2. Loosing a child has to be the absolute worst thing for someone to endure.
  3. I have no clue how they could release a blu-ray or live album without it being completely exposed as doctored. They've put all of these NITL Selects videos out there so people know how awful the whole band sounds, not just Axl. My guess is we MIGHT get some sort of UYI reissue this year at the very most.
  4. First and foremost, it's dumb because wishing for violence is never a good thing.
  5. Just saw people on Twitter saying they hope Trump incites violence at some point after 12pm tomorrow because then he won't have the presidency to protect him from consequences. Jesus Christ. There are so many stupid people on both sides of this. Hoping for violence in your quest to own Trump is not a great option.
  6. Full disclosure: I haven't heard anything from anyone on it in a while, so I have no idea at this point. I'd be happy to step up if anyone involved with it asks me though, that's for sure.
  7. I absolutely love me some Floyd. I've got pretty much everything I can get my hands on by them on vinyl.
  8. So you didn't say you had unreleased music or you did say it and it was a joke, which is it?
  9. That's been on my list of "things I almost buy, but don't" for a few years. I have Hits I & II, along with Live At Wembley and Live Magic, so I think I'm just gonna pass on it ultimately. I've heard great things about it though.
  10. I don't know why this type of attention seeking doesn't get old for some people. The post in question reads like "I have some unleaked GN'R songs, but I'm cooler than you guys because I don't even care". Good for you, I guess? Most of GN'Rs fans have moved well past hoping for GN'R to release something officially, let alone give a bunch of attention to yet another faux insider who claims to have unreleased material. Like I said, I really thought the community would have tired of this type of behavior but for whatever reason, there's always someone else out there looking for a
  11. Wow, that's so odd. I hope all goes well with yours. Between A1Up's track record and my overall concerns with GameStop in general, I don't have high hopes that my order will go smooth lol
  12. Pre ordered my A1Up Star Wars pinball today. As of now, they're supposed to be shipping on 02/08. I hope that holds. I'm really looking forward to having some fun with it.
  13. I have some more BREAKING NEWS to add to this thread. This is all CONFIRMED by my sources which I can't reveal of course, hopefully everyone understands. The sky is blue Water is wet Grass is green
  14. Right the fuck on. Thanks so much for the support and kind words man. I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying the videos and the music I've been talking about! And man......Money is such a jam by MJ. Talk about an underrated jam, that song is the definition of it.
  15. Isn't that Elvis MSG show just fantastic?? I wanted to throw this video in because this pressing is SOOOOO good and not only is it still available, but it's super affordable. It costs like $25 for the double LP set, which you can't beat. I hope everything goes smooth with your latest purchase! I've had that happen more than a few times where I'm crossing my fingers until it's on the turntable lol. Starting next week, I'll be uploading audio from some of our more popular interviews on Mondays and there will still be a new vinyl video every Thursday. The vinyl video for next we
  16. That's what promoted me to go on the run I did
  17. I get those aspects and again, I completely disagree with many things the right has said. I'm just a little cautious about how the last week has gone is all.
  18. Absolutely. I'll be honest and say that while I get some of the moves in the past week, I'm still totally puzzled by the fact that so many people celebrating what happened. Essentially what happened is that the biggest tech giants all decided to just shut down anyone they didn't agree with. I happen to disagree with the greater majority of things conservatives believe BUT that doesn't mean that they don't have the right to believe and/or say what they believe. I think a lot of people are being VERY short sighted about this grand and sweeping round of censorship simple b
  19. NOT official and just for FUN but I put up a poll yesterday and GN'R is losing this far. Just thought I'd post in case anyone wants to vote
  20. New vinyl YouTube video out! 


  21. That's rad. I'm mildly interested in pinball, so I think I'm just gonna go with the A1Up Star Wars machine to add to my room. Don't get me wrong, I know about all the advantages of going with AtGames but for my interest / use, the A1Up is more than enough. I'm excited about what AtGames is doing for pinball enthusiasts though. They've really come a long way!
  22. We already know Pitman wasn't paid and several other past members have mentioned it now and again. The Pitman story was in the press, so I have no idea why anyone is trying to play the "insider card", especially with info that's very much available in public lol
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