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  1. I love the "siren" riff too, as well as the crazy fast part at the end. I don't care for Myles, not bothered by the voice I just his find his lyrics/melodies very bland. Anyway, still cool to hear Slash come up with some cool stuff instrumentally in this part of his career. In particular, a couple of the ballads off the last album (TOYLIG & Great Pretender) could have been amazing GNR tracks if Axl still wrote music.
  2. Note that SOYL has 8 million Youtube views and was a top 5 hit on rock radio. It wasn't new to us but was to casual fans. Bands GNR's age tend to get one big comeback single and I think we missed it happening right in front of us back in 2018.
  3. This is fan made, it uses Evader's work and sounds nothing like the cellphone clip.
  4. There is only the cellphone clip from 2018.
  5. From Sp1at on Gnrevolution: The ISRC code for Absurd is USUG12103950, and the ISRC code for Hard Skool is USUG12103961. Sometimes for albums, the codes run as a numerical sequence (I think this happened with CD and other GN'R releases), so this could imply that an entire album has been handed over, and that Hard Skool is 11 tracks after Absurd on the album. Nothing is registered on the numbers in between, but there are other tracks for other artists before and after these codes. Of course, it might mean nothing
  6. "Rocking harder" is irrelevant in regards to the quality of the music. As I alluded to before, generic power metal shit like Dragonforce also rock a lot harder than modern Priest. And of course you are allowed your own opinion, but you're literally one of the only people I've seen say that about Firepower, especially in comparison to this tripe KK just released.
  7. I know I was just taking a dig at Hard Skool.
  8. I suppose it's being held back so as not to infringe on Hard Skool's non-existent momentum.
  9. WMMR is playing it multiple times a day now. They didn't play it a single time in the first week after it's release.
  10. Are there keyboards or synths playing under the verses in this track?
  11. Dragonforce reject music. Redeemer and especially Firepower annihilate this.
  12. LOL at those who were celebrating only 2 CD songs in the set in 2019/2020. Chinese is back bitches!
  13. I've been going to "recently played" sections on rock station websites across the country and can't find Hard Skool being played anywhere. Usually reunited bands get that one comeback single that gets a lot of airplay but that slot may have been taken already by SOYL, which hit #5 on rock radio back in 2018.
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