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  1. One problem may be that Axl has lost his writing muse, and all he has left is CD 2 material that he can no longer sing. That Hardschool soundcheck sounded pretty rough, and that was just the verses, can't imagine how bad the chorus sounded.
  2. He seems to be. He had a website that got a lot of info about Chinese songs in 2005. I believe he said he is a promoter of some kind. He said last year his current contacts are with Slash's people. http://www.gnrevolution.com/profile.php?id=2705
  3. sp1at is back with more info: Just an update, the band are hoping to complete an album, or have an album ready by the last quarter of this year, no release schedule set yet. From the Slash camp
  4. Too bad GNR have no manager to give fans an update on the outlook for the NA tour. Would really come in handy.
  5. Did Axl rally tweet "I still love you Izzy" then delete it a few years back or was that forum myth?
  6. Song is bland, tedious garbage. The only CD track this could have replaced is IRS, which I barely consider music, just a bunch of guitar noise with an Axl rant plastered on top.
  7. We have no evidence that suggests they are working on "brand new tunes".
  8. But Fernando told us "don't be worried" about the prospect of new music in 2021 back in February. How could he do us like this?
  9. I think this is it. They are branding the Australian dates with the "stadium rock is back" label because they won't be able to do a full tour until the next summer, to coincide with the "next chapter" (new album).
  10. Axl on why the 1996 album didn't materialize: "It has nothing to do with paranoia — it was to do with reality. If the material were strong enough for me to sink my teeth in, then I would still be in a certain public position in regards to GUNS, we'd have possibly still held a certain popularity with the public as I have previously been fortunate enough to have had. Slash and his ex-wife Renee and his security guy and closest confidant at the time, Ronnie Stalnacker, could not live with that. It's not something Slash could live with". https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-axl-rose-spea
  11. Eliminate Bad Apples/Coma/Locomotive, add Estranged/Dead Horse/Don't Damn Me.
  12. Today Fernacunt stopped in the Guns Reddit to let us know a documentary is not in the works. In typical Fernacunt fashion he didn't say a single thing about what is in the works.
  13. 2017 for me was the most boring year since I've been following Guns (started 2010). At least inactivity has the mystery aspect.
  14. And of course there's no comment on where things currently stand from their utter cunt of a "manager".
  15. I dread whatever lyrics post 2010 Axl would come up with though. He's gone from the most interesting guy in music to perhaps the most safe and predictable. I don't want an album of him angrily denouncing Trump's Russia ties or something.
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