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  1. I would not even bother listening to a brand new Axl/Slash collaboration at this point. Zero interest. Reworked CD II or bust.
  2. Eric Dover has a shitty voice and is a shitty songwriter. Rod Jackson is great but rock n roll was dead by 2000.
  3. I haven't paid attention to her singing. When Pitman was ousted in 2016 tons of users on here, including many nu-guns fans, trashed Pitman, calling him talentless despite him writing at least two tracks that nu-guns fans claim to love, while heaping praise on Melissa who has written nothing but useless noise (yes, just my opinion, but surely if it was so wrong users on here would have found some of her work they like and talked about it, hoping she would bring something like that to a new Guns record) in her collaborations with Brain & Bucket. They justified this by saying she was more att
  4. Can someone name one piece of legit info ever provided by Bill Brasky? Serious question, no sarcasm intended.
  5. Fortus is a talentless, bitter cunt. I love that Axl didn't give him a writing credit for the parts of Better he wrote.
  6. Uh oh, Frank acknowledged the joke this band has become. We know what happens to those who do this. He will be replaced on the next tour by a talentless emo chick who forum users will simp for and pretend is an upgrade.
  7. What's most bizarre is Fernando seemed so happy when the Houston 2016 selects got such a positive response. On Reddit he was saying how much he loved all the positive comments and hoped it would change things for the better. Then he gives us two rounds of 2019 selects. Does he really not the notice the drop in quality? Obviously he can't acknowledge it publicly, but when it comes to these choices...wtf. He mentioned awhile ago he was "reviewing" the next set, not "picking out", so maybe Axl chooses them himself or at least monitors what is going out?
  8. 053. December 2005 Slash email threatening photographer What the hell does this mean? This was two months after Slash showed up at Axl's to reconcile. Something about Robert John? Did Axl hire a private investigator to stalk Slash?
  9. I assume this is where MSL got the titles Tonto/Cuban Skies/Monstrosity as it is quite clear after all this time he did not actually have all the songs he initially claimed. I wonder if this is related to the list @Sweersa saw?
  10. Assuming there is no album released in 2021, will you be satisfied with getting what was planned for this years SA shows?
  11. Both Slash and Duff referenced the ideas Axl already has recorded in multiple 2018/2019 interviews. Slash said Axl had produced the songs himself and Duff called them magnificent. There has been not one indication they are writing any new songs from scratch.
  12. 1.Soul Monster with vocals 2.Oklahoma/ Berlin with vocals 3.The General Don't care about anything else. Like, at all.
  13. Brand new Axl/Slash songs (as in not reworked CD II), since they don't exist outside the desperate delusions of purists on this forum.
  14. I don't know if Slash leaving fucked things up. In 2002 when Axl discussed the 96 sessions he said Slash was making the "1996 Aerosmith Rocks" then immediately corrected himself to say "2000 Aerosmith Rocks". I think it always going to take forever once Axl got control of the name.
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