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  1. Dover is a hideous singer, piss poor lyrics and vocal melodies, plus southern blues rock just wasn't "in" in 1995. Rod Jackson is a great singer, and writes great vocal melodies and pretty cool lyrics, but rock n roll was completely dead by 2000.
  2. I think it's pretty clearly about Slash, it's very similar to Axl's 1999 Rolling Stone interview comments on him, right around the time the song was written. I also think it's not a coincidence that the first tour which didn't feature SOD was 2014, right around the time Axl was softening towards Slash.
  3. Someone asked Meegan on IG yesterday if there would be new songs on this tour, to which she replied "top secret". Last month Fortus answered the same question with a "keep it a secret" emoji. So, either we're getting new songs, or these guys have embraced TB's sadism toward the fans.
  4. If Slash's album is out early next year, I doubt they would release a GNR album so close. If by early they mean January/February for the Slash album, then he could still have time for a reasonable solo tour and then GNR can drop a new album coinciding with the European tour next summer. This year can be entirely written off. It's a "return to live shows" and perhaps even a UYI anniversary tour.
  5. Of course he hasn't been putting in any work. That's also the reason we'll have to wait about a month in before they'll debut Hardschool, like Locomotive and Dead Horse in 2019. Because he just can't be bothered to put some effort in and rehearse.
  6. Spectre, Never The Heroes, No Surrender, Evil Never Dies, all up their with Priest's best. Firepower truly might be the best album ever for a band their age.
  7. Those Youtube/TV ads aren't being made by the band, they are venues/promoters recycling advertisements from last year and simply changing the dates.
  8. It's really pathetic Axl's lazy ass is exploiting the pandemic in order to delay an album further in favor of another nostalgia tour.
  9. Per their latest IG post they are definitely going with "We're F'N Back!". No sign of "The Next Chapter". 😡
  10. Kevin Shirley's production has two features: 1.Murky sound 2.Bruce vocals buried in background He completely sucks and it's embarrassing that Maiden was releasing better sounding albums in the early 1980s than the 2020s. I get that Martin Birch is gone but surely they can get someone better? Just pick a random homeless crack addict off the street, they'll do a better job than Shirley.
  11. 1.Is there anything you can reveal about how you know Soul Monster is "out there"? 2.Have you ever heard anything about Oklahoma/Berlin? I remember it wasn't on that list of songs meant for CD II you had last year.
  12. Literally any other band in their position would have released Hardschool as a single to promote the tour, even if they weren't planning on releasing an album soon. This band is fucked in the head and beyond repair.
  13. Slash and Duff mentioned Axl's vault a million times in 2018/2019, and never once mentioned new songs they had composed together. What frightens me a little is when Niven says Slash told him Axl is picking out the CD era songs that should be on the next album. This worries me because some of the heavier/Bucket material like Shackler's has been dropped live since Slash returned. Axl may pick out songs like Hardschool/Atlas and leave songs like Soul Monster in the vault, never to be heard because they don't fit Slash's style.
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