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  1. LOL at using Slash playing a cover song to prove original Slash/Axl music would be better than CD II.
  2. Starting to think MSL didn't actually have any of those CD 2 tracks, only the CD 2 track list from Axl's laptop.
  3. Someone should buy billboards saying things like "release Soul Monster" and "release The General" in every direction from Axl's house, so he has to drive past them.
  4. Listen to Slash's Eddie Trunk September 2019 interview, or Fernando's Discord chat, they sound like literal hostages when asked for specifics on new music. We will get nothing more than these empty statements from Slash/ Fortus on "throwing ideas around" and "jamming".
  5. I think Axl is simply a hoarder. He needs an intervention at this point.
  6. I literally only care about three things at this point: 1.Soul Monster with vocals 2.Oklahoma/Berlin with vocals (assuming it exists) 3.The General Those are the only specific reasons I'm still holding on. I'd no doubt be excited to hear any other CD II tracks, but in all honesty I don't care if there's ever a "brand new" GNR track, as I don't like Slash's recent work and am not really interested in whatever the corporate jukebox that used to be Axl Rose has to say lyrically, so the fact that they seem to be creatively bankrupt doesn't bother me. If an eventual album was al
  7. Yes, I saw it last night and it said SMKC4.
  8. Seems Axl sees the writing on the wall in regards to major tours not returning in 2021, which gives him at least one more year to hoard music. I'm sure he's already working on new excuses to prevent a 2022 release assuming things are back to normal then.
  9. Was just watching videos from Osaka 2009 and realized how surreal it is Axl hasn't debuted a single new track in 11 years. What the fucking fuck.
  10. Slash's best collaborator besides Axl was Rod Jackson. Imagine if we got three more Snakepit albums with Rod instead of these Myles releases. There is no justice in this world.
  11. Let's face it, Axl was fired the first time Angus heard Mickey Mouse. Even if Brian hadn't come back he wasn't going to let Axl front AC/DC with the voice he's had since 2017.
  12. I like TOYLIG and Great Pretender better than anything Slash has done instrumentally since his solo album, including the overrated Anastasia.
  13. Axl said Soul Monster was his favorite though. Then again in the same chat he said TIL is the song he was proudest of and that he hadn't even been considering releasing it before Robin talked him into it, so apparently there's no correlation between him liking something and releasing it.
  14. LOL, write new material with this line up. Axl ranting about Trump over SMKC riffs.
  15. I was very heartened to see the Youtube comments on This I Love from the selects. Dozens of comments with HUNDREDS of likes blasting Slash for what he did to Robin's solo. The people are rising up. They will permit no more Slash desecration of Robin's works.
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