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  1. Great news! Made my day! Bring it on
  2. What happened to gnrontour.com? It had every show ever listed with setlists. I wanted to check some 1991 tour dates and setlist but the site seems to have disappeared. Did anyone back it up or has there been an replacement website? Such a shame that it seems to be so hard nowadays to watch and share bootlegs of the old days. It was a different game back in 2008. My usb hard drive failed and I lost all my GNR bootlegs. I used to watch them every day back then and learned how to play guitar from them.
  3. Wonder if this video was shot by Marc Canter? Who else could it be since the filmer was allowed backstage as seen at the end of the video. I really enjoyed the video and thought that the video/audio quality is enjoyable. Raw and some would say average but still.. a piece of history.
  4. Really enjoyed this Brasilia one! I dont know why but I got quite emotional watching Rocket Queen outro.. Axl makes or breaks it with this lineup. Its so powerfull and great when he is on fire! 2016 was a great year.. super hyped and positive that reunion happened and got to see AxlDc that year in May. Amazing. Thanks Fernando for putting this out.
  5. Actually im also lookin forward to this! Right on!! Hoping for WTTJ, RQ and Civil War
  6. Hopefully airlines and countries will not require some stupid vaccination passport. If they do, I wont go, but if travelling is easy (which i doubt) I will definetly go to see them in Prague like in 2017.
  7. Omg they posted November rain on Instagram. "It was released in 1992" umm no it was released in 1991. And there is not a single close up of AXL in the video. What the actual.
  8. I happened to watch the whole thing as it premiered. What a total shitshow.. not doing the bands image well. I wonder what someone who hasnt seen Guns live and watches this thinks. Maybe something like "wow this is bad"? Why on earth they choose to show pro-shot from a 2019 festival show in which Axl happens to be sick? Why not something killer like Detroit 2016? Axls vocals were very weak, Slash didnt nail Paradise Citys outro solo and they kept hiding Axl.. so obvious. I was ashamed to watch this with my girlfriend. Im a long time Gunner and a big fan and this makes me sad. I
  9. Lol the live footage looks awesome but the sound is not live its from record!
  10. "Our fans are now older and making lots of money.. lets release 999$ AFD boxset and pinball machine!" Who is behind all this? Are they stupid? Release something for the common people.
  11. When do you think the full album will be released? I think nowadays band start promoting albums 2 months prior release so it should come out in december with that logic. I hope that the album has at least 12 songs in it. Shot in the dark doesnt sound very promising. It sounds GOOD but nothing spectacular or awesome.
  12. From Rock or Bust album there are also a few great tracks like Baptism by Fire (love the guitar riff) and Got some Rock N Roll thunder.
  13. I wish they would release some 2016 version of Estranged and Civil War.
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