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  1. Facebook gnr group posted backstage pics of her and Axl. She said she had a beer with Axl and asked about Hard Skool. Axl played her the song and said they should be releasing it soon.
  2. They played the exact same set as the night before?
  3. Why did Slash play smoke on the water in the middle of KOHD?
  4. His 2010 voice was much better than in the 90s in my opinion. Also 2016 was great. Im comparing to those voices since its not a lifetime ago.
  5. I really wish that Axl would give an interview with Slash. He could tell whats up with his voice and about the future plans of the band. Thats just a fantasy though. Watching the Denver show. Im enjoying it but just curious whats up with Axls voice? He didnt practise singing at all during 2020 has caused this detoriation in his voice? He had covid and this is a symptom of it? Who knows.
  6. I dont know if im correct or not but Like a Dog is propaby an album written for Velvet Revolver, but since Izzy didnt want a frontman he decided to complete the demos with his JuJu hounds guitarist and release the album so the riffs wouldnt be used for Velvet Revolver. Like a dog album was released independently. Its not on any streaming services. Its the only album he released independently.
  7. How did you get the bootleg back in the day? Was it good quality? Just interested. I was born in 1993
  8. Axl said during the first show in Hershey 31st of July before Rumble intro to WTTJ "Hey, how are you guys doing? My fellow political pandemic prisoners". I take that as a big NO to vaccine passports and Im glad about that. The thing is people need to take their health to their own hands. Eat healthy, excersise frequently etc. Build your own immune system. Peace.
  9. Just to let you know he said the exact same thing in Berlin in 2018 that it feels like he is singing under water and cant hear himself. If I remember correctly he said it after Estranged or Better.
  10. Isnt Hard School written by Paul Tobiaa and chinese democracy band? For me its unbeliavable that fans pray for new songs and they cant write new songs so they decide "oh look many fans like hard school leak, lets finish this song and release it". For me this is sad and lazy. And as you can clearly hear from the rehearsal it sounds like a bad cover of Hard School and quess why? Because these guys didnt write that song and dont feel it! They should write music from the heart, not try to finish Axls forever-demo-project songs. Ugh
  11. Im jealous for you who got tickets to pit section. It seems that the pit hasnt sold very well and thats why its so small area and close to the stage.. which is perfect! And Axl sounds okay in those soundcheck clips! I excpect a very high energy show.
  12. Oh yeah when I first got the Mini Jubilee head it was also very hissing. I changed power tubes and preamp tubes myself since its cathode biased and it cured the problem.
  13. I was just revisiting some videos i took from Prague concert in 2016. What an awesome show it was! To this date its the best and most energized live concert I have ever seen!
  14. I took it to a tech and he found that it was loose connection from the input to the circuitry. I dont know hows that possible but he said it was factory issue. Now its working again like a charm!
  15. My Mini Jubilee head 2525h model died two days ago. I was playing at 5w mode at home and suddenly the sound cut out. I immediatly closed the amp and tried to restart. When i turn the volume all the way up you can hear the amp very quietly. I decided to swap all tubes, fuze and even tried different extwnsion cap and the problem remains. Any suggestions? Maybe I should take it to a tech.
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