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  1. Shot in the dark video out on Monday!
  2. I read this in the RS interview too.. Do you know more about his issues?
  3. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/acdc-interview-brian-johnson-angus-young-power-up-1070834/ Great and very personal new interview with Angus, Brian and Cliff by the RS magazine
  4. Album release on 13th November confirmed!
  5. Shot in the dark is out on Wednesday 7th October 5am UK time!
  6. There's a rumor that after they were spotted in Vancouver, they moved the recordings to LA, if that's the case, Phil's visa issues seem to be a thing of the past
  7. Apparently Angus and Brian will be interviewed by Kyle Brandt on Good-morning Football at 7am EST tomorrow
  8. And in this picture it says '7-12' on the right side So maybe release date will be 7th December
  9. https://pwrup.acdc.com Seems like either the first single or the album will be called 'Power Up'
  10. Mine arrived today as well... The vinyl looks cool The image on the inside though
  11. I don't expect any news regarding a new album, but still did anybody listen to this?
  12. These pictures were uploaded on their website some minutes ago and immediately taken down again. That definitely confirms Brian, Cliff and Phil are back and they were working on something. Also a French (?) music news outlet claimed an hour earlier that a new album will be released on 27th November.
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