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  1. Just watched some videos from Milwaukee, Axl sounded damn good for someone who had food poisoning just two days ago. Nightrain is probably one of the highlights (like in every 2021 show tbh), RQ was good until Slash’s guitar went out of tune towards the end. Jungle, Patience and DTJ all sounded good. It’s a bummer that we europeans can’t travel to the US at the moment cause I’d really like to see the band in their current form
  2. Maybe Axl should sing the chorus one octave lower than we heard on the leak.. Let Melissa sing the higher octave
  3. https://instagram.com/stories/gunsnroses/2665048336044769514?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link That explains a lot! Good thing that Axl decided to share his feelings with the fans
  4. No, Absurd came out on Friday 6am EU mainland timezone, which was midnight ET I think
  5. You today: You tomorrow morning after they didn’t play Hardskool:
  6. I honestly wonder what Axl did to his voice. It’s like he suddenly discovered a new way to sing the songs without sounding like Mickey. Sure he doesn’t sound as powerful as 2001 and not as raspy as 2010 or 2016 but for a guy pushing 60 he sounds damn solid at the moment
  7. If you watch really closely you can see 4tus crying in the corner
  8. Damn it sometimes helps to be a hot chick. Still don’t really believe he played Hardskool to her even though it’d be awesome if he did
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