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  1. Apparently Angus and Brian will be interviewed by Kyle Brandt on Good-morning Football at 7am EST tomorrow
  2. And in this picture it says '7-12' on the right side So maybe release date will be 7th December
  3. https://pwrup.acdc.com Seems like either the first single or the album will be called 'Power Up'
  4. Mine arrived today as well... The vinyl looks cool The image on the inside though
  5. I don't expect any news regarding a new album, but still did anybody listen to this?
  6. These pictures were uploaded on their website some minutes ago and immediately taken down again. That definitely confirms Brian, Cliff and Phil are back and they were working on something. Also a French (?) music news outlet claimed an hour earlier that a new album will be released on 27th November.
  7. Keith was on BBC Radio 2 this morning and talked to Zoe Ball... Nothing we didn't know already but still nice to have a recent Keith interview
  8. They need to take the strongest YCBM and RQ from the tour if they want to do an official release... So these two songs from Houston... I wouldn't take anything from Download, that just wasn't a good show.. I put together a list with performances that I'd like to see in an official release: 1. It's So Easy (Troubadour LA, 01.04.2016) 2. Mr. Brownstone (San Diego, 22.08.2016) 3. Chinese Democracy (Mannheim, 24.06.2018) 4. Welcome To The Jungle (Chicago, 03.07.2016) 5. Double Talkin' Jive (Philadelphia, 08.10.2017) 6. Estranged (Charlotte, 25.09.2019) 7. Live and Let
  9. This should not be a discussion thread, rather an overview of all the 'NITL Selects' they uploaded so far. I will update this thread when a new one is uploaded. Salt Lake City, UT - 29.10.2019 1. It's So Easy 2. Chinese Democracy 3. Double Talkin' Jive Uploaded on 22.05.2020 Download Festival, UK - 09.06.2018 1. Slither 2. Rocket Queen 3. You Could Be Mine 4. Attitude 5. Sweet Child O' Mine Uploaded on 20.06.2020 Houston, TX - 05.08.2016 + Mexico City, Mexico - 19./20.04.2016
  10. Definitely BY FAR the best NITL selects so far
  11. 'Are you listening to me Mr. Securityman?'
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