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  1. I still think this is wayyy too fast and I prefer Frank Ferrer on this song
  2. I agree. Luckily though there were also some Finnish fans who gave a Finland flag to the danish players to hide Eriksen from the cameras
  3. Just listened to the album for the first time, the music is absolutely genius, the vocal melodies are also awesome, but I really can’t stand the singers voice sadly.. apart from that really good album
  4. The dude has a better Axl sound than Axl
  5. Less covers, less solos, shorter RQ, shorter KOHD, some UYI „deepcuts“ like PTU, Bad Obsession, Dust N Bones with Duff on vocals, YATF acoustic version. Better and YCBM need to go, they just sound atrocious. Perfect Crime was on the setlist Alternate songs during 2016 I think, but I doubt that Axl could pull it off, same goes for RNDTH, Don’t damn me and Garden of Eden. I hope for Hardschool and maybe another „new“ song. If most those things happen, along with Axl sounding at least bearable, I’d probably buy tickets for Europe next year
  6. Even though we’re „only“ talking about new tour dates, it’s good to see the GNR section of this forum being this active again
  7. So only 6 weeks until Axl gets off the couch and starts rehearsing his voice
  8. There are rumors that the No Filter 2020 US tour will be rescheduled for this fall. Rumored dates so far are Minneapolis on August 28 and Pittsburgh on October 3.
  9. I don’t believe that I know more or have better insight than LiveNation/GNR, but as @RussTCB said, since 2016/17 the interest in GNR shows continuously declined, they played Arenas and Vegas Casinos in 2019 and now suddenly they want to sell out Stadiums without new music or a co headliner? I simply don’t get their logic.
  10. I disagree. Most of the casual fans who wanted to see GNR did this in 2016-2019. Especially in the US, they had enough opportunities to tick it off their bucket list and I doubt that many of them are desperate to see them again (especially when they look at the ticket prices). Also GNR is not the only band that will be on tour this Summer/fall. And many of the forum members, the die hard fans, won’t spend money on GNR until they have new music or at least a decent sounding singer. So imo announcing even more dates in big venues is nonsense, neither the casuals nor the die hard fans
  11. Axl‘s grandma singing along probably sounded like any GNR show from 2018
  12. New dates for a tour that will start in one month?? Or are they teasing something else?
  13. So how is this tour supposed to go along? Will they play half of the Shows this year and the rest in 2022? Will they only play the dates they can do in 2021 and cancel the Rest (maybe also because the sales are poor)? Will they move the whole tour to 2022? But then again they play Europe next Summer, and outdoor venues in the north of the US can be a pain in the ass during the fall. And I don’t see them playing the US shows immediately after Europe like they did in summer 2017, Axl needs some rest I don’t know how they’re gonna work that out
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