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  1. Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin on the No Filter Tour
  2. GNR - 5x since 2017 AC/DC - 4x since 2015 Rolling Stones - 3x since 2017 Queen + AL - 2x since 2016 SMKC - 1x in 2019 The Who - 1x in 2015 David Gilmour - 1x in 2015 Noel Gallagher - 1x in 2018 Pink - 1x in 2019 James Morisson - 1x in 2019 Die Toten Hosen - 1x in 2018 Steve Hackett - 1x in 2015 Coldplay - 1x in 2017 John Mayer - 1x in 2017 Probably missing some gigs
  3. Sounds like one of the best versions of the tour, at least voice wise. From 2017 onwards it was dreadful. Sadly Slash’s solo here doesn’t do it for me
  4. Updated after Yesterdays from Mexico City 2016 was posted on social media
  5. I read that too. Not too sure whether FIFA can legally do this? I guess when they try to ban players from international football they will go to court
  6. FUCK THEM! I‘m going back to watching amateur football in Germany. Reasonable ticket prices, real fans, players who still give all they got for their clubs, no horrendous transfer fees and most importantly, only 2€ for a pint! I really hope that this league flops and the clubs participating will be punished by UEFA/FIFA/national FA‘s.
  7. You also need to check out the other videos on that channel. The Shotgun Blues one is also awesome, great attention to detail with Axl coming in early after the solo
  8. I stopped when I saw „... is back with more info“. If my time as a GNR fan taught me one thing, then that there’s no insiders in GNR apart from Axl Rose. Not even his bandmates can give any serious updates
  9. The Houston and Brasilia ones are really worth watching, the rest is pretty meh
  10. Just watched the full video, probably my favorite selects so far. Jungle is amazing, ISE and Nightrain are also great even though there were definitely better Nightrains on this tour. Sorry was way better than I expected, RQ was also good apart from the „I see you standing“ part which was full on Mickey.. UTLH was okay, I don’t think there’s a single NITL version of this song where it was really great. Also good to hear that Axl still easily nailed the high notes there without voice cracks like it was from late 2017 onwards Sound and video wise probably the best selects as well so f
  11. That video is from 2016, Axls current vocal capability is nowhere near his vocal capability in this video, or at least from 2018 onwards it wasn’t
  12. Doubt that it sold out already. They probably didn’t release all of the tickets at once and will release more later on
  13. That WTTJ together with OTGM from Houston was by far the best song of the whole selects so far I wish when I get to see footage of the upcoming NA gigs, they sound like this... ah a man can dream
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