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  1. Strong album at this point of their career. A lot better than ROB imo. If this is their last album, they go out on a high note.
  2. Repaired my old sound system and my turntable last week and have been spinning some records since then: Pink Moon by Nick Drake Kid A and A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand Graceland by Paul Simon Power Up by AC/DC
  3. Who in their right mind would think this is a good thing to post??? Jesus
  4. Norman Fucking Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey
  5. Can’t go wrong with Powerage
  6. booked accommodation for a 3-week-roadtrip to Scotland in september today, fucking excited! Last trip I did was a trip through Norway and Swedish Lapland in March:
  7. Yep I saw that as well, absolute bollocks
  8. What an awesome show that was! Review I wrote on the acdc forum below: „So, 12 hours after the end of the show I’ll try to put yesterdays thoughts and emotions into words. It was my 5th time seeing the boys, after four shows on the ROB tour. Yesterdays show surpassed all of them BY FAR, and one of the main reasons for that is Matt Laug. It’s unbelievable, how close he replicates Phil’s parts. I closed my eyes several times during yesterdays show and there were moments when it sounded just like the River Plate show. Stevie improved massively compared to 2015/16, especially noticeable during TS, TNT and STT. Sounds less stiff than it did back than. His guitar sound was a lot better than at PT. Chris did a great job filling in for Cliff, also carrying the BVs (which sounded great btw). The bass could’ve been a bit louder in the mix though. This rhythm section is obviously not Young, Williams, Rudd but I’m sure it’s the next best thing and miles ahead of the ROB section and they looked like they had a great time, with Matt and Chris singing along during some songs Angus‘ energy was incredible as was his playing. He did struggle with the TS Intro (as expected) but apart from that his soloing was very fluid. Guitar sound was crisp af! Brian startet of a bit rough imo, but continued to improve throughout the show. By the time they did SUL he was in full battle mode! He especially surprised me on DDDDC, YSMANL and FTATR, they were quite ropey at PT but fucking awesome yesterday! Overall his voice was a lot better than PT. Does he sound like 2010? No. Does he look and sound like 76 years old? At times yes. But to power through a mammoth set like this at 76 is nothing short of incredible and he definitely gave all he got yesterday. Nothing but respect for the man! Also he seemed to have less issues with his in ears. Setlist was awesome, I really had my doubts they’d do 24 songs like at PT, but they fucking did it. Still having a hard time imagining, that Brian can pull this off for 24 shows, but we’ll see, he surprised me yesterday, I’m sure he’ll do it again. The only song I’d really like to replace is GTDAB. Brian struggles and it’s not like it’s one of their biggest hits and has to be played. The crowd was alright i‘d say, nothing more nothing less, standard German crowd. Lots of clapping, loud cheers for the hits but I think I was only one fucking screaming along to SUL around me. Bottom line: fantastic show and an even greater comeback than PT was imo. If you get chance to see them, do it! Usually they improve as the tour goes on but after yesterdays performance, it’s hard to imagine them topping that at this point of their career. I can’t even point out any highlights because the whole show was nothing short of incredible, what a performance at this point in their career! Also nice to meet you @Jet1984 even though it was only from distance. Hope to meet more of you guys in Hannover GC! Everybody who’s got tickets for this tour, enjoy the shows, you’re in for a treat! Can’t wait for Hannover (and maybe for more legs of this tour? Certainly possible I’d say)!“
  9. 48 hours to go
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